7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago (With All Details)

The best vegan restaurants in Chicago are not difficult to find. Since the city is booming with the best of food, great lunch places, nightlife, cocktail bars, and so much more, it can be considered the right place to be for food lovers. But if you’re looking for some great vegan food options, these vegan restaurants will come to your rescue.

With so many choices, how can you narrow it down? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This article will shed light on our top picks. 

Best Vegan Restaurants In Chicago

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or a sit-down lunch or dinner, we’ve got something for everyone. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Soul Veg City

Soul Veg City- best vegan restaurants in chicago

Soul Veg City has been an outstanding vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Chicago’s South Side since 1982. For nearly 40 years, they have served healthy, plant-based food options to the neighborhood that did not have a lot of variation before. Further, it is one of the oldest vegan restaurants in Chicago, it remains a popular spot among vegans.

Moreover, their menu has also been getting a facelift with entrees like the Zesty Cauliflower Wingz and the Vegan Shrimp Boat. No matter what your taste buds are chasing, this vegan restaurant in Chicago will find something here at this distinguished hub of plant-based soul food.

Address: 201-209 East 75th Street, Chicago, 60619

Contact: +1 773-443-0033



The Chicago Diner – Among Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

The Chicago Diner - Among Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, it’s hard to deny that The Chicago Diner is one of the best spots in the city. Their motto says they have had a meat-free kitchen since 1983, and their reputation hasn’t let them down. Whether you like meat or not, vegetarians and vegans would also love to visit this popular spot.

At this one of the best vegan restaurants in Chicago, the huge menu offers a wide variety of options from pancakes to black bean veggie burgers – and everything in between. A few of their most popular menu items include the Reuben sandwich, Cuban sandwich, loaded hot dog, spinach artichoke dip, and Caesar salad. You won’t believe just how amazing this place is.

Address: 3411 N Halsted Street and 2333 N Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square, Chicago

Contact: +1 (773) 935-6696 and +1 (773) 252-3211



Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen

Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen for best vegan restaurants in chicago

Alice & Friends is another vegan restaurant in Chicago popular for its menu, featuring dishes from different cultures around the world. They proudly celebrate the diversity of this cuisine and also focus on being able to deliver quality food to non-vegans as well.

Alice & Friends, founded in 2001, is a casual dining and diner spot that offers Asian-style dishes and American favorites like burgers and fries. Their dishes are made with fresh ingredients for elevated taste, including organic vegetables and spices. Dessert fans won’t be disappointed by Chicago’s best vegan restaurant either. Furthermore, their vegan soy ice cream is some of the best in the city.

Address: 5812 N Broadway, Chicago

Contact: +1 (773) 275-8797



Althea – Out of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

Althea - Out of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

Althea, one of Chicago’s youngest establishments, offers a wide variety of globally-inspired vegan dishes. Opened in 2018, it sits atop the seventh floor of Saks Fifth Avenue and offers natural light flooding the room and breathtaking views of the city skyline. The sunsets are captivating, but with the city views and colorfully plated vegan food, you may have difficulty looking away.

After running a successful restaurant in Chicago with their older brother, Bill and his family lived on the city’s north side. They served dishes to vegetarians, such as Korean Bi Bim Bop made out of vegetables that monks would bring from the family’s Buddhist temple. The dish was such a hit that the brothers set up their vegan restaurant in Chicago, serving vegan versions of traditional Korean dishes free of animal products, oils, and salt.

Address: 6207 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Contact: +1 773.774.0276



Kale My Name

Kale My Name

Kale My name is an innovative, 100% plant-based restaurant and bar serving eclectic dishes for lunch and dinner. It was also nominated for the best brunch in the country by Vegg Out magazine and featured mouth-watering vegan burgers, tacos, wraps, soups, and salads.

From health-conscious offerings like “Organic Hand Crafted Local Kombucha” and “Chaider, Spiced Chai Apple Cider” to a range of 16 oz vegan smoothies named after different countries around the world, there are some excellent drink options on the menu this vegan restaurant in Chicago. 

Address: 3300 W Montrose Avenue, Chicago

Contact: +1 8722087125



Urban Vegan

Urban Vegan

Urban Vegan is a plant-based restaurant in the heart of Chicago. Additionally, they believe in making delicious, healthy food that is accessible to everyone. Among the best vegan restaurants in Chicago, it strives to create positive, memorable experiences for all its customers. They believe in treating them with dignity and respect by creating a friendly environment that brings joy to the community.

Furthermore, the restaurant offers a fantastic menu of 100% vegan Thai and Asian food – many traditional dishes are often vegan, but not all. It’s considered one of the best Thai restaurants in town that gives people outstanding vegan options for any meal of the day.


Contact: +1 (773) 334-8787


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Handlebar - best vegan restaurants in chicago

Having vegan dishes for lunch or dinner can be challenging for some, but Handlebar in Wicker Park offers a friendly, casual environment with made-from-scratch comfort food. Since 2003, this small neighborhood vegan restaurant in Chicago has been satisfying customer expectations with uniquely delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.

In addition to providing vegan options, Handlebar has teamed up with the popular Wicker Park bakery – Pie Pie My Darling for tantalizing vegan desserts. Sounds tempting, right? 

Address: 2311 W North Avenue, Chicago

Contact: +1 7733849546


Wrapping Up

Moreover, Chicago offers a multitude of vegan restaurants to choose from, some with healthier and crave-worthy menu options than others. Luckily, these 7 excellent and best vegan restaurants in Chicago will satisfy your urge for a hearty bowl of lentil soup or a light and refreshing salad, whichever you find more tempting. Next time you’re in Chicago, be sure to visit any one of these wonderfully diverse vegan establishments!


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