Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago: All-You-Can-Eat BBQ

On the streets of Chicago’s Chinatown is Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago, a modern space offering some good Korean and contemporary flavors. As you enter, an industrial ambiance and infectious beats of K-pop music videos are projected on the walls. 

The Mix Dining Experience at Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago

Address: 2017 South Wells Street, Square, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

Phone: +1 312-631-3913


Imagine getting settled and arriving at Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago, and a warm smile from their servers instantly puts you in a better mood. The gas grill is trained to sizzle the meat to perfection. Not only grill and BBQs make this place what it is. But it’s the little things that count. The servers refill your banchan (side dishes) that complement the main course. 

The ambiance adds a touch of excitement to your meal. The unmatched energy of the place is so satisfying. It’s perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying a night out with family. Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago is a complete package of laughter and sharing. 

The Menu specialties of Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago

Menu specialties of Daebak Korean BBQ

The masterpiece of Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago is the menu. They offer a range of Korean dishes, some of which are tangy and crunchy kimchi, glass noodles, and the iconic bibimbap. As well as for the Japanese side of dishes which are katsu curry, tempura, and teriyaki. One dish that has stood the test of time is seafood pajeon. Also, the plump prawns and spring onions are packed in a springy golden pancake batter, a mix of an easy yet double-light main course.

The highlight of any Korean barbeque experience is the grilled meat, and Daebak delivers in spades. Their marinated beef bulgogi bursts with savory flavors. While the crunchy chunks of fried chicken coated in a punchy soy and garlic sauce will leave you craving another round. Last but not least is a plateful of greasy dumplings.

Local Love served at Daebak Korean BBQ

It’s no surprise that Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago has quickly garnered a loyal following and is located just over the road from another well-known Korean restaurant, Jihwaja. Daebak stands out with its distinct charm. The restaurant’s history adds to its appeal because it has its charm. Also, it has taken over the site of a long-standing greasy spoon. Daebak maintains a unique character, making it a place you will easily remember. 

Servings at Daebak Korean BBQ

The popularity of Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago has spread through word of mouth. And today, getting a table during lunch hours has become quite a challenge. In addition to that, the place becomes jam-packed towards the end of the week. Daebak translates to excellent in Korean, and the experience they provide you proves that. 

Timings and Parking Facilities at Daebak

Timings for Daebak Korean BBQ Chicago from The operating hours for each day of the week are as follows: Monday to Thursday, from 4:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, the hours extend from 4:00 p.m. until 12:00 a.m. (midnight), while on Sundays, the schedule is from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. There is street parking available alongside the restaurant in the Belmont Central neighborhood. 

Final Thoughts

Daebak Korean BBQ has made its place in Chicago’s best Korean food—the stylish setting of the place coupled with the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

The Non-Smoking place takes you through Korean and Japanese delights, which make you drizzle and sizzle sitting right at Daebak. The place has captured the hearts of inside and outside Chicagoans. 

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