Urban Vegan Chicago: Fantastic Vegan Menu

Hey there! If you’re in Chicago and love plant-based food, you’ve got to check out Urban Vegan. It’s right in the heart of the city and is known for being both famous and budget-friendly. The best part? They’re all about creating a welcoming neighborhood vibe that captures the essence of the area. Now, let’s talk about the food. Urban Vegan serves up a fantastic menu filled with Thai and Asian dishes, and here’s the kicker – it’s all vegan! 

The chef here really knows their stuff, and whether you’re into classic favorites or more unique creations, there’s something for everyone. They take traditional flavors and give them a modern vegan twist, making them a hidden gem in the world of Thai cuisine. From breakfast to dinner, you’ve got a wide range of delicious options. Plus, they’re all about compassionate, healthy eating, so every visit is special.

Reservations at Urban Vegan Chicago


Contact: +1 (773) 334-8787


And here’s the scoop on reservations. Urban Vegan has both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your meal. If your plans change, don’t worry – just give them a call or shoot them a message, and they’ll help you out. They’re pretty nice about it, too, giving you a 10-minute grace period for reservations. 

But here’s the deal: if your whole group doesn’t show up within those 10 minutes, they might give your table to someone on the waiting list. It’s all about making sure everyone gets to enjoy their meal without any hiccups. They really care about giving every guest a great experience, so they’re all about good communication and being on time.

Deep-Fried Spring Rolls:

You have to try these! They’re like flavor explosions in your mouth. Picture this: they’re super crispy on the outside, but inside, it’s a party of cabbage, tofu, carrots, these fancy-sounding mung bean noodles, and those cool shiitake mushrooms. 

deep fried spring rolls at Urban Vegan Chicago

But wait, here’s the best part – you dunk them in this sweet and sour sauce, and bam! Your taste buds are doing a little happy dance. Seriously, it’s like a rollercoaster for your taste buds, in a good way. So, do yourself a favor and take a bite. You won’t regret it.

Freshy Rolls at Chicago’s Urban Vegan

These rice paper wraps are a real taste sensation! Imagine this: soft rice paper hugging some tasty soy chicken, crisp lettuce, fresh bean sprouts, and fragrant basil leaves. And guess what steals the spotlight? It’s that amazing hoisin sauce adding both sweet and savory goodness to the mix. Picture yourself taking a bite, and you’ve got all these flavors and textures bursting in your mouth. It’s like a little party happening right on your taste buds! 

The soy chicken brings that savory kick, while the lettuce and bean sprouts give it some crunch. And oh, the basil leaves? They add a delightful freshness. But hold on tight because when that hoisin sauce gets in on the action, it’s like a flavor explosion you won’t forget. Sweet and savory vibes mingle together, making every bite a delicious adventure. So, if you want a taste experience that’ll make your taste buds dance, these rice paper wraps are the way to go!

Seaweed Soup:

Picture an amazing vegan restaurant in Chicago with mouthwatering food. Think of a tasty bowl filled with veggie broth, seaweed, creamy tofu, green onions, cilantro, Napa cabbage, mung bean noodles, and crispy roasted garlic. It’s like a warm, friendly chat with your favorite flavors. 

seaweed soup at Urban Vegan Chicago

You’ve got the comforting warmth of the broth, the richness of the tofu, and the freshness of the veggies. The seaweed adds a hint of the sea, and the crispy garlic gives it a little crunch. This dish is a veggie lover’s dream come true, and it’s a symphony of flavors that’ll make your mouth happy. So, if you’re looking for a tasty, feel-good meal, this one’s a winner!

Glass Noodle Salad:

Imagine a plate filled with freshness and flavor! We’ve got crisp lettuce, silky mung bean noodles, juicy tomatoes, crunchy carrots, earthy mushrooms, fragrant cilantro, and zingy red onions. And the best part? It’s all coated in a tangy, spicy chili lime dressing that’s like a burst of sunshine in your mouth!

glass noodle salad at Urban Vegan Chicago

This dish is a delightful blend of Asian goodness. It’s light enough to leave you feeling refreshed but hearty enough to keep your hunger at bay. The way these ingredients come together is like a tasty Asian dance party on your taste buds. So, if you’re in the mood for something delicious and satisfying, give this dish a try. You won’t be disappointed!

End Note:

If you’re in Chicago and looking for a delightful vegan dining experience, Urban Vegan is the place to be. With its inviting ambiance and a menu bursting with Thai and Asian flavors, it’s a hidden gem for plant-based food lovers. Every dish is a culinary adventure, from deep-fried spring rolls to freshy rolls and more. Take advantage of this vibrant and compassionate dining destination!

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