Where to Munch on the Best Desserts in Chicago?

Chicagoans know that the best way to end a meal is with dessert. Whether it’s pie, cake, or ice cream- there are plenty of options for those looking for something sweet. This great American city has something for everyone–from the sweet tooth to the health nut. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or just need a little pick-me-up after dinner, here is the list of the best dessert in Chicago that will change your life!

Best Desserts in Chicago

It’s hard to find a good bakery or a shop that serves terrific desserts. So to make your hunt hassle-free, here’s the list of best mouthwatering desserts in Chicago to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Molly’s Cupcake


Molly’s Cupcake has the cutest story behind it. John Nicolaides, the founder of Molly’s Cupcake, shared that his third-grade teacher Molly, used to bake amazing cupcakes whenever there was a birthday in class. One can not just forget the Cupcake’s taste in a single bite. So John opened a cupcake shop in honor of his third-grade teacher and to help children. 

Every time they make a profit, Molly’s Cupcake donates some portion of their profits to children. Today Molly cupcakes serve mouthwatering, irresistible desserts at reasonable prices. With such a cute story behind it, they bake out love, and you can taste it in their desserts. 

However, Molly’s Cupcakes have too many bestsellers, but out of them, chocolate peanut butter is their super best seller. It is a chocolate cake filled with peanut butter, topped with chocolate ganache, and with Butterfinger topping. If you are not a chocolate lover, this will help you fall in love with chocolates. 

Address: 2536 North Clark street

Chicago Illinois 60614

Contact: 773.883.7220

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Sweet Mandy B’s (Best Dessert in Chicago)

Sweet Mandy B’s is one of the shops that serve the best dessert in Chicago. Their sweet journey started in a home kitchen, baking pies and cupcakes for friends and family on different occasions. However, by 2002 they opened a shop for everyone to share joy and happiness with old-fashioned ambiance. 

Tasting a pie or cake or some bar can give you a mesmerizing feeling, and you can’t just get enough. Their award-winning cupcakes came in a variety of flavors and were splattered with buttercream frosting and some colorful sprinklings on the top. With quality in taste, the price is reasonable for everyone who likes to have dessert every day. 

Their menu is so large that you can’t decide what to have. So here is the bestseller item from their menu. Yellow Cupcake with chocolate. It is all customer’s favorite, filled with buttercream chocolate on the yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles on the top. Sounds delicious, right.  

Address: 1208 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Contact: (773) 244-1174

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Windy City Sweets


Another best sweet shop in Chicago that you can’t miss. Their handmade bestseller is chocolate-covered s’mores that are one of the satisfying items to end your cravings. Without a doubt, it is a delicious combination of hand-whipped marshmallows and their signature chocolate and graham crackers, making the dessert even more yum. Also, you can choose between milk chocolate or peanut butter flavors; any of them are pretty delicious. 

Apart from s’more, they are also world-class in making gummy candies, fudge, chocolate-covered fruits which is the second best selling of Windy City Sweets. 

Address: 3308 N. Broadway St,

Chicago, IL 60657

Contact: (773) 477-6100

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Dessert Dealer

Some crunchy cookies, ice creams, or desserts tacos can be an uplift your mood. Well for that you have to visit Dessert Dealer to try the delicious items on their menu. Dessert Dealer is just beside Parlor Pizza Bar, and you want to save some room for desserts after you have a big-sized pizza. 

Their desserts will make you enter into a sugar coma, but their bestseller is more satisfying than any other thing on their menu. Go Nuts is the bestseller that comes with chocolate gelato, Nutella in the middle, and hazelnuts. Also, topping it with Ferrero Rocher whipped cream and, in the end, a double chocolate shell. 

As amazing as it sounds, it tastes more delicious than you can ever imagine. You can never get enough of it. Also, Dessert Dealer is in three different locations, so you can choose which is nearby to you. 

Address, Location 1: West Loop, 108 N Green St | Chicago

Location 2: Wicker Park, 1824 W. Division St| Chicago

Location 3: River North, 405 N Dearborn | Chicago

Contact: (312) 600-6090

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Taiyaki Chicago


For starters, taiyaki is a well-known dessert from Japan that means ‘fried fish.’ It was from the 1600s period when fish was the most prized item in the country. On that note, it was also taken as a sign of luck and prosperity. Well, Taiyaki Chicago serves unique and best treats in the city. Moreover, they carry a sense of legacy in their desserts. 

You can also customize your order as per your needs. All you have to do is choose your filling from three options: Nutella, red bean, and peanut butter. Step two takes you to choose a soft serve from different flavors of ice cream. Then you have to select toppings with various sauces, wafers, sprinkles, or crackers. There you go; your traditional Japanese taiyaki is ready.    

Location: 2468 N Clark St. Chicago, IL


Contact: 7733601785 

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Magnolia Bakery (Best Dessert in Chicago)

Magnolia Bakery in Chicago is one of the favorite places of locals. This bakery was opened back in 1996 with vintage decor. They serve so many tasty desserts that one can be in a dilemma as to what to have. From freshly baked cookies to bars and brownies, they have everything on their menu. Well, they have two bestsellers, and both are the best in Chicago. 

The first one is Pride Banana Pudding which is a rich buttery old-fashioned cake with a colorful mix of confetti sprinkles. Also, it is topped with vanilla buttercream and more confetti sprinkles, and rainbow decon. It is considered the best dessert in Chicago.

The next bestseller is classic party-sized banana pudding. It is made from scratch with rich vanilla, layered with lots of fresh bananas and wafers. Then, at last, the dessert is topped with whipped cream.

If you didn’t try these bestsellers of Magnolia, then you are missing a lot from the desert land. 

Address: 108 N. State Street at Block 37

Chicago, IL

Contact: 312.346.7777

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Katherine Anne Confections


Katherine Anne Confections was opened in 2012, and in a few years, they have made the list of the best dessert in Chicago. Besides, they are highly appreciated for not using artificial colors, syrup, or flavors. KAC makes everything from scratch. However, every item on the menu is tempting, but they are best known for their truffles. 

Just to keep things fun, Katherine Anne Confections launches six new sweets every month and a new truffle each week. Let’s just say, people, keep rolling on truffles. Since they are known for truffles in the market, they have at least ten different flavors of truffles, and each one of them is loved by customers. Maybe you should try one truffle every day.  

Address: 2745 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647-4244

Contact: (773) 245 -1630

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Jennivee’s Bakery 

This bakery is owned by an LGBTQ+ trans woman who is passionate about traditional American and Filipino cakes and pastries. Jenni Vee is the founder, and she has successfully made her shop a beloved spot for everyone. The welcoming and cozy environment will make you fall in love. Apart from the ambiance and the vibe, Jenni serves some of the best cupcakes ever. 

The bakery’s best seller is strawberries and cream cupcakes. It is a vanilla cake that is filled with strawberry preserves. Also, the Cupcake is frosted with vanilla mousse and, in the end, topped with fresh strawberry. Well, all the customers love the strawberry cupcake. Also, Jennifer’s Bakery is known for serving dark coffee. Do visit the bakery and enjoy the welcoming vibe for every community. 

Address: 3301 N Sheffield Ave

Chicago, IL 60657

Contact: (773) 697-3341

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Here you read about the best desserts in Chicago served by different bakeries and shops. If you are not a sweet tooth, then these desserts will make you one. So try these delicious desserts in Chicago and seize your day by satisfying your heart.

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