Best Salads in Chicago – Top 6 Picks!

There are so many places to get the best salads in Chicago, but we are on an adventure to explore the best from the rest. Whether you are taking a break from eating something heavy or want to save all the candies for Christmas, salads are always the right choice!

The list below will take you on a ride of the best salads you must try in Chicago. You can combine these beautiful and tasty salads with the main course and sides as you like.

Best Salads Chicago

Here is a list of the top 6 places where you can try some of the most amazing salads!


Wrightwood Salad at Crosby’s Kitchen

Wrightwood Salad at Crosby’s Kitchen

The Crosby Kitchen is located on Southport Ave in Chicago. It is a perfect place for anyone to have lunch or dinner. The menu offers a variety of food options like Lobster deviled eggs, sandwiches, crab toast, burgers, etc. It is a good place for family and friends, with some of the best salads in Chicago on its menu. The salads offered by Crosby Kitchen are one of the things that you should definitely try. Out of all the salads, the Wrightwood salad is the best in Chicago.

This salad has lots of vegetables, and you will feel full after having it. The restaurant makes it with Rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, craisins, almonds, goat cheese, and green onion. Roasted red peppers, avocado, cornbread. Above all the veggies, they use citrus vinaigrette. Thus, this recipe makes it the perfect salad in Chicago.

Address: 3455 N Southport Ave, Chicago


Phone: +17738832525. 


Costa Mesa Salad at Summer House Santa Monica

Costa Mesa Salad at Summer House Santa Monica

The Summer House is located in Halsted. There is sunshine all around the year. The entire restaurant has plants and roses around, making it the perfect place for greenery lovers. They offer breakfast sandwiches, handcrafted deep dish pizzas, chilled shrimp, etc., and make it perfect for a girls’ outing. The Costa Mesa salad is among the best salads Chicago has to offer and is a crowd favorite.

There is charred corn, Pico de Gallo, quinoa, queso fresco, avocado, and tortilla, which is made crispy, and there is lime vinaigrette on top of them. Further, it becomes even more delicious if you are a salmon lover. You can add salmon or grilled chicken to it, making it tastier and mouth-watering. This Costa Mesa salad is the one you need to try whenever you visit the place, as it is one of the best salads in Chicago.  

Address: 2010 N Halsted St, Chicago


Phone:  +17736344100 


Straight ‘A’ Salad by Beatrix – Among Best Salads Chicago

Straight ‘A’ Salad by Beatrix - Among Best Salads Chicago

Beatrix is a very cozy, airy, and comfortable restaurant and bakery. They offer a menu that has burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, bowl meals, and salads. It is a go-to restaurant for many people who have been to the River north in Chicago. The Straight ‘A’ salad offered by Beatrix is everyone’s favorite. 

This is out of the best salads in Chicago and is made with arugula, Asian pear, asiago, almonds, and avocado. Furthermore, it is light and made with the simplest ingredients, but the taste is really good. The ingredients of this salad make it even healthier. You can enjoy it as it is, but many people like to have salmon with this delicious salad. Having salmon with this salad enhances the overall taste. Hence, Straight ‘A’ salad makes it to the top best salads in Chicago, which is preferred by many people.

Address: 519 N Clark St, Chicago 


Phone: 03612667563  


California Salad at Doc B’s for Best Salads Chicago

California Salad at Doc B’s for Best Salads Chicago

Doc B’s is located in multiple locations in the USA. In Chicago, it is located in two areas, i.e., River North and Streeterville. The menu here offers a wide range of the main course as well as sides and salads made with really good quality ingredients. People love to visit this restaurant for lunch and dinner as well as a casual outing with friends or family. The California salad offered by them is one of the best salads in Chicago.

Additionally, it is best for Kale lovers. It is prepared on a roasted garlic base over which there is pistachio, dried cranberries, roasted sweet potato, wasabi peas, and tortilla strips. You can combine it with a burger or a sandwich. This salad is quite delicious, and you might even feel satisfied after having it. 

Address: 55 E Grand Ave, Chicago


Phone: +1 312-999-9300


Antique Taco’s Antique Taco Salad

Antique Taco's Antique Taco Salad

Antique Taco is the not restaurant on the list that offers one of the best salads in Chicago. They aim to serve the best food and have amazing salad options. It is a women-owned restaurant and has been run by them since 2012. They offer top-class tacos with multiple varieties. There is garlic shrimp, sweet as well as spicy fried chicken, poblano and potato, etc.

But the salads here are the main point of attraction. They are unique to any regular taco salad with red pepper, seasonal fruits, spicy peanuts, sesame, cranberries, onion, and a dressing with pomegranate juice. This makes it even tastier. You can have your version of this salad by adding toppings of your own choice. If not, then you can have the salad as it is and savor the taste of this tasty salad. 

Address: 1360 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago


Phone: +1 773-687-8697


Brussels and Kale Salad at Blue Door Farm Stand

Brussels and Kale Salad at Blue Door Farm Stand

This restaurant is situated in Halsted in Lincoln Park. It offers delicious food with super fresh salads. Blue Gold Kitchen is also a partner or subsidiary of Blue Door Farm Stand. This is located on the Gold Coast. The Blue Door Farm Stand offers great lunch and brunch options to the people. While the Blue Gold Kitchen is more of a dining place with fancy dinner options. Both these restaurants offer this Brussels and kale salad which is a must-have if you are searching for the best salads in Chicago.

Check out bars in Lincoln Park.

Furthermore, this salad is one of the simplest and easiest to prepare but is loved when it comes to the taste. It has a maple-tahini base with toasted almonds, bacon, Brussels sprouts, and parmesan cheese with kale. The salad has a salty-sweet kind of taste, and most people love to have it again once they have tried it. It is stomach-filling, and you can add any dish along with it to enhance the serving. 

Address: 2010 N Halsted St, Chicago


Phone: 7739352583

Wrapping Up

This list incorporates the most famous restaurants that offer the best salads Chicago. The salads offered by these places are truly the epitome of great taste combined with fresh and light ingredients. This makes them not only tasty but a healthy choice of meal.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these places that offer some of the best salads in the city of Chicago! 


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