Food Tours in Chicago | Here Are The Top 5

Chicago is said to be one of the most prominent foodie destinations in America. Moreover, some of the most amazing Chicago food tours await your arrival. And if you consider yourself a foodie, the quality of food can surely alter your opinions about the city. 

Nevertheless, Chicago is a perfect attraction for dreamers. But today, we will provide you with a peek into Chicago from a foodie’s perspective. If you are in Chicago and consider yourself a foodie, you will enjoy reading about these food tours in Chicago.

Chicago Food Tours

We are here to make sure that you know about the best food tours available in the city at a great price. Food tours can be of diverse types and have a lot of options for people. Let’s start with one of the most interesting and best Chicago food tours.


Bikes, Bites, and Brews

Bikes, Bites and Brews

Touring the city has two parts – the interesting spots for visitors and the food. However, most people try to invest their time doing these two things. This tour comes with some awesome food and drinks with amazing places to visit. Interestingly, they have some of the most affordable plans. Moreover, you get everything that makes your trip memorable. 

It is a four-hour long trip in which you can explore the best parts of Chicago. You can reserve your spots without any advance payments and also cancel them without any charges. Additionally, having the tastiest food in some of the most beautiful spots is exciting. Furthermore, this package will surely contribute to making your trip cherishable. This without a doubt is a package that has to be at the top of food tours in Chicago.

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We’d suggest you be extra careful when you are in one of these worst neighborhoods in Chicago.


Food, History, and Architecture Tour

Architecture is a factor that allows us to distinguish between cities and makes the city unique. If you are interested in a mix of food and architecture, opt for this Chicago food tour. Enjoy great food and also get to know about the history and architecture of the city with this tour. Interestingly, you get to try some of the famous Chicago specials like Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian Beef and the most amazing Pizza. 

Furthermore, it is a five-hour tour with a guide to assist you and help you know and understand things better. Discovering ancient architecture allows you to know about the evolution that has taken place and then eventually judge what good or bad changes you have witnessed. The groups formed are relatively smaller, so that the guide can serve you whenever you want and the program is protected from all the possible chaos. And you have the option to reserve your payments get the option to cancel without any charges provided it is done at least 24 hours prior to the assigned time. 

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Underground Donut Tour – One of the Sweetest Food Tours in Chicago

Underground Donut Tour - One of the Sweetest Food Tours in Chicago

If you are a fan of donuts and live by the flavors and sweet taste, this package is for you. This is one of those Chicago food tours that allow you to just feel the sweet taste to an extent you might not have imagined. You get a live tour guide and as the duration of this tour is not very long, you can afford to go for it even if you are running very short of time. The package also includes wheel chair facility for specially-abled individuals. They make sure that the Covid guidelines are followed and thus help you stay protacted. Donuts are sweets that every foodie wants on their plates and this tour would not fail your expectations. Further, this is one of the most affordable food tours in Chicago that you can have access to.

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Iconic Foods of Chicago Food Tour

Iconic Foods of Chicago Food Tour

This amazing Chicago food tour offers the best of Chicago with iconic dishes. Furthermore, you can get a taste of some ‘Chicago-Style’ brownies, popcorn, deep dish pizzas, mouth-watering hot dogs, Italian beef, and much more in the span of 3 hours. 

Additionally, there will be a local food expert who will guide you throughout the tour and share their knowledge of history, architecture, and culture. This is one of the highly-rated tours in Chicago, with access to some of the most amazing restaurants like Al’s Beef, Lou Malnati’s, and more. 

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Deep Dish Pizza and Local Food Walking Tour

Deep Dish Pizza and Local Food Walking Tour

Well, if we talk about food, we cannot miss the famous deep-dish pizza in Chicago. Moreover, if you find yourself in the Windy City of Chicago, you cannot help but crave the delicious pizza. Furthermore, you might want to go to one of the best Chicago food tours that have a full package where you have the option to taste all the food items. You might also get an arrangement done for private groups. A pizza and local food walking tour is the most interesting kind of tour as it allows you more freedom as compared to other packages. 

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Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing Chicago food tours. The city has a lot to explore, and if you are a foodie, you have all the right to synchronize everything with food to have the best experience eventually. 

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