7 Finest Places to Enjoy High Tea in Chicago

The below-listed places offer the best high tea in Chicago. High tea or afternoon tea is a British tradition for drinking tea. High teas are accompanied by a quarter plate full of meat, baked goods, teacakes, or pies. This tradition was basically started for the royals or aristocrats to sip tea in the afternoon to relax. But later, by the 18th century, when things began to change, workers who were far away from home, earning money, needed a break between the day. After that, however, the concept of ‘High Tea’ became a general thing for workers and everyone else. Well, this long back tradition goes on till today, and Chicago has some finest places to enjoy your high Tea afternoon tea. 

High teas can answer you when you have a lot of work or just want to take a break. The break should be relaxing and calming so that when you go back, you are fresh.

Best High Tea Chicago

Afternoon tea or high tea is perfect as it refreshes you from the strenuous day. So here’s a checklist for you so that you can enjoy your high tea at a fantastic place. Check out the finest high tea spots in Chicago.


Pavilion – High Tea in Chicago


With an elegant space and marvelous city view, enjoy your high tea at Pavilion Tea Time Restaurants. Chef Daminon Henry has created some of the most refined flavors of tea. Along with it, enjoy an array of sweet and savory bites. However, if you want to enjoy your best afternoon tea here, you need to head in between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. 

As soon as you walk through the Pavilion restaurant, you will feel more like a royal person. The interiors are in tones of brown and cream and have the most pleasing decor in the space. You’ll find the best holiday tea in Chicago at Pavilion. It is at this location that, apart from the tea, one can truly enjoy the hotel’s services.

Address: 330 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 

Contact: 1 (312) 923 9988

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Russian Tea Time Restaurant

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere at Russian Tea Time, which offers high tea in Chicago. It was opened in 1933 and instantly earned people’s attention. In fact, the space and decor of the restaurant are way classy with a warm vibe which attracted the public a lot. 

Russian Tea Time offers exceptional dishes with tea-like, savory desserts, Russian pancakes, and many more. Apart from the quality of tea and food, enjoy the vibe with heartwarming balalaika music to make your day more classy. Russian Tea’s signature dishes should be a must-try which are Pelmeni, Caviar, and Borscht.  

Address: 77 E Adams Street Chicago, IL 60603

Contact: (312) 360-0000

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The Drake


People who are very much specific about their afternoon teas should definitely visit Palm Court at The Drake. They serve fresh, colorful, fragrant teas. You will be surprised to know that Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana have made their royal presence here. Speaking of their teas, they offer seventeen different tea blends from the Palais de Thes menu. 

Everything here is perfect and regal, from English Breakfast and Earl Grey to delightful modern twists like the Mélange du Cap. Moreover, they have a wide variety of dishes to offer. The Palm Court at the Drake is open for afternoon tea from Wednesday to Sunday, 12 pm- 4 pm. This is one of the best places for high tea downtown Chicago. 

Address: 140 East Walton Place, Chicago, IL 60611

Contact: 312.787.2200

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Primark Chicago is another coolplace worth exploring


London House Chicago

London House was opened in 2016, and now it is recognized as one of the amazing restaurants to serve the best high tea in Chicago. While you visit London House Chicago, you will be able to witness the eye-pleasing scenery of the city. With a beautiful view, they serve high tea along with traditional treats, including tea sandwiches, croissants and scones. 

Apart from the traditional dishes, they also have kept options for other flavourful bites like duck pastrami or scallions on rye bread. So bet you won’t go with a disappointed heart. Instead, London House’s tea will gear up your afternoon. 

Address: 85 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, 60601

Contact: 312-357-1200

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These places serve the best Croissants in Chicago


Vanille Patisserie (High Tea in Chicago)


Vanille Patisseries was founded in 2001 by Sophie Evanoff, who specializes in making French pastries, desserts, and cakes. This bakery is known for its high-quality taste and presentation. Apart from being specialized in French sweet stuff, Vanille Patisseries also offers afternoon tea with a choice of your treats from the menu. However, the local crowd comes in for the cakes and authentic french macarons. 

To be noted, traditional afternoon tea here is as amazing as baked goods at reasonable prices. Also, Vanille Patisseries offers four tea samplers and benjamin tea, also known as dark Tea. So head into the cafe and take a sip of afternoon tea. 

Address: 2108 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614 

Contact: 773.868.4574

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The Lobby at the Peninsula Hotel

The Lobby at the Peninsula Hotel serves the best high Tea in Chicago. If you wish to celebrate any special occasion or have a leisure time with yourself, this is ideal for you. The holiday afternoon tea is accompanied by live music, which you don’t want to miss at any cost. 

Moreover, they offer a wide selection of pastries, chocolate orange pound cake, brown butter chai scones, smoked salmon finger sandwiches, and butternut squash quiche. Well, these options will definitely make your afternoon tea time worthwhile. Also, the serene ambiance and the services are one of the reasons to visit again. Take note that the Lobby offers high tea from 2 pm to 6 pm only. 

Address: 108 E Superior St, Chicago, 60611

Contact: 3125736695

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We hope these finest places that serve high tea in Chicago have convinced you to visit them. Next time you take a break or want to spend your afternoon nicely, head out to these places and sip the goodness of tea that they offer. 

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