9 Best Bakeries in Chicago to Drool Over

It can get tedious to visit the same old bakery always. Everyone needs to switch things up a bit and try something new, especially; when there is a list full of the best Bakeries in Chicago. Cookies, pies, croissants, pastries, loaves of bread, baked goods, and whatnot, Chicago has it all. All that needs to be done is, try a couple of bakeries to find your new favorite. The sign of a good bakery is the aroma that makes its way down the street.

Finest Bakeries in Chicago

My dear sweet tooths, damn the calories and dig into your favorite confection at some of the finest bakeries in Chicago. We get so comfortable in our trusty old bakery that trying out a new bakery almost feels like a hassle. And one wants to experience the disappointment of a mediocre-tasting loaf. Well, to save you from that, this list will provide you with the best Bakeries in Chicago because they serve top-notch bakes and ensure customer happiness.


Brown Sugar Bakery


If you wish to try southern-style bakes, then head out to Brown Sugar Bakery. They do southern-style desserts, like caramel cake or a German chocolate cake, and even upside-down pineapple cake. Brown Sugar Bakery also makes some incredible custom cakes for all your special occasions.

The founder, Stephanie Hart, puts her heart and soul into pleasing her customers with the utmost creativity in her cakes. And so far, all she has are happy customers. Also, if you stop by the bakery, don’t forget to taste the peach cobbler and sweet potato pie. They have the most adorable and catchy tagline that says, ‘life is sweeter with a little brown sugar.’ 

Address: 328 E 75th St, Chicago, 60619

Contact: 773.224.6262 




If you desire to try the freshest and airiest loaves of bread, look no further. At Hewn’s, they specialize in bread baking and are considered the best bread-centric bakery in the city. Hewn has a fascinating story behind it. A few years back, Ellen was a historic preservationist who discovered a hand-hewn beam found inside the walls of a cave.

That means the person used an axe to shape the beam. Later, Ellen’s career ended when she started to follow her passion for food. However, the word ‘hewn’ was glued in her mind. the word ‘hewn’ means to shape or form things by hand. Therefore the bakery is a personification of the word as everything is made from scratch and by hand daily. 

Address: 1733 Central St., Evanston, IL., 60201 

Contact: 847-869-4396 



Alliance Bakery


Alliance Bakery is best known for its cakes which are flaunted in the window. And I can assure you, they look delicious. Apart from its famous cakes, they also feature European pastries and desserts, and therefore, it is considered the best Bakery in Chicago. Also, sit back and sip on a coffee with their freshly baked and customizable cookies and macarons. 

However, you may notice something peculiar at Alliance Bakery at the entrance; a note says, ‘this isn’t a library. Chef Peter Rios’ ideology for his bakery is that it is a place for fun, enjoyment, and spending quality time. If you are planning on bringing your work along, you might want to rethink the venue or put a pause on your work. Despite that, Alliance Bakery welcomes all. 

Address: 1736 W Division St, Chicago, 60622 

Contact: 773-278-0366 


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Aya Pastry

Aya Pastry is located in West Town Chicago and is trying to spread more joy as they are now open for drive-thru for quick bites from 7 AM to 12 PM. Aya Pastry is highly recommended for breakfast pastries and sweets. Chef Aya Fukai bakes some of the best loaves of bread, cakes, tarts, and pastries. In fact, the chef, Aya, won the Easter National Pastry Chef of the Year in 2016.

 In addition, she was nominated for the James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef in 2017, and the following year, Aya won the Chicago Tribune’s Pastry Chef of the Year. With so many achievements and awards, the bakery indeed puts a smile on its customer’s faces. 

Address: 1332 W Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

Contact: 312.846.6186 


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Dinkel’s Bakery


Dinkel’s bakery has been stealing the hearts of Chicagoans since 1922. Since 1922, their quality and taste have remained consistent. Dinkel’s has stores not just in Chicago but across the country and overseas. Dinkel’s is also considered one of the oldest German bakeries in the city. The bakery has an extensive history and an equally extensive menu for customers to choose from. 

However, we have sorted out the cult classics for you to choose from. The bakery offers the most decadent cinnamon raisin stollen, German chocolate, and butter cookies. In addition, their signature sip’n whisky cake is a moist cake made with sour mash whiskey. It sounds tempting, right?! So head out or get some take-out because you won’t regret eating at one of the best bakeries in Chicago. 

Address: 3329 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Contact: 773.281.7300 


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Baker Miller

Baker Miller quickly became one of the most famous names and one of the best bakeries in Chicago. They are highly praised for serving delicious pies, cinnamon rolls, and savory breakfasts to get you going for the day. On that note, Baker-Miller also serves lunches that are definitely at par with their breakfast menu. Apart from lunch options, they are also known for serving coffee, brunches, sandwiches, and salads. So Baker Miller is the go-to when you are craving something sweet or even something healthy. 

They bake their biscuits daily from scratch using organic grains and serve them with seasonal jams. Moreover, Baker-Miller also has its own merchandise, including bandanas, snapback hats, and hand sanitizer. So get in your car and grab a bunch of food and some of that Baker-Miller swag.

Address: 4655 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60625

Contact: +1 773-654-3610


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Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter


Hendrickx’s is an authentic Belgian bakery in Chicago, serving some of the best Belgian pastries. Moreover, try their 13 different types of buttery and flakey croissants, colorful macarons, and artisan bread loaves. Everything at Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter is prepared from scratch every day by chef Renaud Hendrickx. The bakery’s specialty is Belgian country bread and coffee, which is brewed using a Belgian-style filter.

Also, the bakery has exquisite interiors that complement its bakery aesthetic. They also have an outdoor seating area that flaunts the fragrant flowers that surround all the tables. Hopefully, these reasons are enough for you to be tempted to visit Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter.

Address: 100 E Walton Street – Chicago – IL 60611  

Contact: 312.649.6717 


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Lost Larson

Baking is not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure. Hence, it is an art and a science that requires a lot of effort to have consistent results. Well, without a doubt, Lost Larson has achieved the craftsmanship for baked goods. The founder and chef of Lost Larson, Bobby Schaffer, believe in traditional methods of baking. Like a long fermentation process to develop the gluten and flavor. Instead of using a roller machine for cinnamon rolls, he rolls with bare hands to maintain the fluffiness of the dough. He prefers to use seasonal fruits for pastries too. 

With his traditional methods of baking, they always dish out the best cardamom-scented chocolate croissants. Moreover, aside from baking, Lost Larson has a wide range of sandwiches, freshly made with quality meats and ingredients. Once you pay a visit, let’s just say you will definitely be back for more. 

Location 1: Wicker Park, 2140. Division St, Chicago, Il 60622 

Location2: Andersonville, 5318 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640

Contact: 773 770-9015 


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