5 Places For The Best Croissants in Chicago

The best croissant in Chicago will transport you to France with restaurants that serve authentic and flavorful tweaks. Not just that, the top bakeries in the city aim to provide a variety of treats, whether you’re craving cakes or carbohydrates. Even while the best ice cream stores and tempting dessert menus can always satisfy your sweet tooth, the urge for the ideal croissant will strike every once in a while. Indulgent pies, tempting cookies, flaky croissants, and just about every other kind of baked product you can think of are delightfully served in these places. 

Chicago croissants are in their heyday right now. So much so that you can eat a different flaky, buttery pastry every day; you would never be able to try them all. Due to their consistency in excellence, stalwarts like Alliance Bakery and Roeser’s Bakery have endured for decades, but newcomers like lost Larson are pushing the boundaries with innovative and fascinating creations. So, let’s have a look! 

 Best Croissant in Chicago

Chicago is home to some excellent patisseries where you can buy a freshly baked croissant with your morning cappuccino or afternoon tea. Here is a list of bakeries where pastry lovers can try croissants, danish, and pastries that contain ingredients like cheese and scallions, sausage, and smoked salmon.


Aya Pastry

Aya Pastry best croissant chicago

Aya Pastry, run by pastry chef Aya Fukai, has earned a Michelin star and is a must-stop in West Town for both sweet and savory delicacies. Further, they have the best croissants in Chicago with an extensive menu. It includes fluffy Shokupan, a traditional Japanese milk bread, with overstuffed Apple Pies and French Galettes created with seasonal ingredients.

You will be drawn to the bakery’s more imaginative, whimsical cakes; the Paris-Brest, a 9-inch masterpiece made of cream puffs filled with praline mousse and topped with hazelnut crunch, is appropriate for a tea party, while the matcha mochi cake’s rice flour gives it an alluring chewiness.

Address: 1332 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: (312) 846-6186



Lost Larson

Lost Larson

This Andersonville bakery and cafe pays scrumptious homage to the Scandinavian roots of the area. A mouthwatering dessert menu with lingonberry almond cakes, calamansi meringue tarts, and chocolate croissants flavored with cardamom is the brainchild of chef and owner Bobby Schaffer. They grind their own flour in a vintage stone mill and use a lengthy fermenting process to enhance the flavor of natural ingredients in their loaves of bread and pastries. This bakery for the best croissants in Chicago has Tebirkes croissant that has been cooked twice, has strawberry rhubarb jam within and is topped with poppy seeds and chocolate shards.

Both locations have a large selection of baked products, including rotating specialties like seasonal tarts and bread only sold on particular days of the week (don’t miss Friday’s Challah), as well as cafe specials like quiches and sandwiches at the Andersonville site. The assortment of open-face sandwiches from Lost Larson, which are topped with high-quality meats and fresh fruit, offers something for savory aficionados as well.

Address: 5318 N. Clark St.,

Contact Number:  ‭773-944-0587‬ 



Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter

Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter best croissant chicago

Belgians are most renowned for their beers, chocolate, and cone-shaped fries, but they also appear to have a specialization in bread. This Gold Coast bakery is known for its freshly baked muffins, croissants, and bread, some of which contain chocolate. Pour a cup of robust Belgian coffee to go with your pastries.  This place offers the best Croissant Chicago.

This small-scale retail business makes up for its size with experience. Belgian chef Renaud Hendrickx created different buttery croissants, pastel-hued macarons, and a variety of cakes and bread never wanted to give up carbs. Visitors are welcome to peek into the kitchen to see what Hendrickx is baking, even though the front room is teeny-tiny. And if it’s your day, they might even offer you a taste.

Address: 100 E Walton St, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: (312) 649-6717


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Floriole Cafe & Bakery

Floriole Cafe & Bakery

This light-filled Lincoln Park bakery-cafe boasts a wide variety of bread, delectable sandwiches, extremely scrumptious sweets and some of Chicago’s best croissants on its menu. But the French pastries that owner Sandra Holl executes expertly are what give Floriole a soul. 

The tiny fluted cakes with caramelized exteriors and custardy interiors perfumed with vanilla and rum are among our favorite selections. A butter croissant is baked twice, split, and soaked in rum syrup. Further, it is filled and garnished with almond cream, sliced almonds, and powdered sugar.

This cafe opened in the Sheffield Neighbors neighborhood nine years ago. Furthermore, it has a group of bakers who present a variety of sweet and savory items, including five different croissants. These croissants in Chicago include butter, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, ham, cheese, and an exceptionally alluring almond. Usually, the almond cream is tucked inside, but in this case, it overflows, making it more tempting. 

Address: 1220 W. Webster Ave.,

Contact Number: 773-883-1313, 


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Alliance Bakery

Alliance Bakery

The Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park has established itself as a staple on the Northwest side. Chef Peter Rios of Alliance spent several years studying in Paris and specializes in French pastries. The magnificent celebration cakes and best croissants in Chicago make a perfect window display for passersby to admire. However, this bakery also sells other pastries. There are some delights including croissants, macarons, and tarts for you to take home. Save the bespoke cake design for a special occasion, and buy macarons every day of the week. The ham and cheddar croissants are excellent for breakfast. But if you’re only after sweet treats, you should try their traditional but exquisite pastries.

Address: 1736 W Division St, Chicago, IL

Phone: (773) 278-0366



These restaurants serve the best croissant Chicago has to offer, with a variety of flavors to add to your delight. So, the next time you have a sweet tooth craving, you can explore these options. We hope the list of best croissants can help you in getting all your answers.

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