7 Interesting Anime Stores in Chicago

Anime Stores in Chicago can be your next best find if you are crazy about anime! Now, is there anything that makes you feel more nostalgic than reading ancient comics? There is no better spot to peruse collections of comic books than Chicago City, which has seen significant advancements in this field over time. When you enter these anime stores, it’s remarkable how they have everything Japanese and instantly take you to Japan. Anything Japanese that comes to mind will most certainly be available. The city is full of undiscovered treasures that are only known to some.

For comic book fans and anime admirers in the Chicago area, there are many anime stores providing a wide variety of comics in every genre and style. So, in order to help you find out the best stores, here are some of Chicago’s anime stores. We have listed the best anime stores in Chicago if you’re wondering where to get anime, manga, figures, gaming gear, and other products. 

Best Anime Stores in Chicago

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Kinokuniya Chicago

Kinokuniya Chicago

Kinokuniya is a large Anime store in Chicago situated at Mitsuwa Marketplace on the city’s outskirts. There are numerous collections in both Japanese and other languages at this anime shop in Chicago. Additionally, this store carries adorable plush toys, stationery, and other items. At this store, you may find art books, popular manga, alleycat comics, and bunko. It is incredibly well-known and undoubtedly the solution to your query about where to find Japanese books in Chicago. Here, you may anticipate finding a wide selection of Japanese books, from the most recent volumes of well-liked manga to the most recent Japanese imported magazines. Kinokuniya is the best literary destination for you if you enjoy everything related to Japanese manga and animation. Check out Kinokuniya Chicago photos, and you’ll be surprised by the variety they have.

Key Services Kinokuniya Chicago
Address 100 E Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone (847) 427-2665
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Nakama Toys – Among Top Anime Stores in Chicago

Nakama Toys - anime stores in Chicago

This is a modest, one-room store in Chicago’s Logan Square, yet nobody is fooled because it provides numerous services for figure collectors. This anime store in Chicago has a reasonable range of figures and blind boxes, but it also lets customers pre-order uncommon and limited Japanese figures, like the brand-new Megahouse Sanji POP. Such a store with a great selection is really hard to come by.

The store is a small mom-and-pop business founded by a couple who share the same passion for anime and manga as their customers, the store has a warm and inviting ambiance. An online-only company that swiftly evolved into a physical store where Chicago residents may satisfy their cravings for a good time.

Key Services Nakama Toys
Address 2504 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone (773) 394-3148
Operating Hours Monday & Tuesday:11 AM to 7 PM, Thursday to Friday: 11 AM to 7 PM, Sunday: 12-6 PM

Wednesday: Closed

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Designer toys from all over the world are shown in Rotofugi, a boutique for Japanese pop culture, art, and designer toys. There are also adorable merchandise and soft toys. This is one of the most liked anime stores in Chicago where you can find your favorite products including anime merch. If you’re unsure of where to find Japanese products for children or teenagers in Chicago, Rotofugi on Lincoln Ave is one of the greatest comic store in Chicago for all anime fans. People who love pop culture, cartoons, and the arts will love this store.

Key Services Rotofugi
Address 2780 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
Phone (773) 868-3308
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

G-Mart Comics – One of the Best Anime Stores in Chicago

G-Mart Comics

You want to start reading comic books but don’t know where to begin if you live in Chicago. Overwhelmed or scared by the abundance of knowledge and resources that are available online? Well, G Mart, an anime store in Chicago, has been a mainstay in the neighborhood for gamers and comic book fans for more than 20 years. Apart from the Japanese imported magazines, the store also offers a selection of board games and areas for playing specialty games like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, etc. In addition to playing other games, gamers can also use the area to demo new games at this store. 

Key Services G-Mart Comics
Address 2641 N Kedzie Ave Chicago 60647
Phone 773-384-0400
Operating Hours Mon 12pm–7pm; Tue 2pm–7pm; Wed 12pm–8pm; Thu 12pm–7pm; Fri 12pm–8pm; Sat 12pm–7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm

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Graham Crackers Comics Loop

Graham Crackers Comics Loop - anime stores in Chicago

Graham Crackers Comics, owned and run by Jamie Graham and John Robinson, has been offering reasonably priced collectibles to comic book collectors for more than 25 years.

With 9 sites across Illinois, GCC, founded in 1982, is the state’s biggest network of comic shops. It is a delight for anime fans who also want to explore the real Japanese culture. It has long offered comic book enthusiasts cheap mementos, and it has a sizable selection of manga and other anime merchandise. This anime store in Chicago offers over 10,000 unique things accessible for online purchase, and they also have access to 100,000 other items through their conventional stores. The store is excellent and spacious—especially when compared to their previous site right next door—and contains the most recent issues of the latest volumes of magazines imaginable in addition to a wide range of past issues.

Key Services Graham Crackers Comics Loop
Address 77 E Madison St Chicago 60602
Phone 312-629-1810
Operating Hours Mon-Fri 10am-8pm; Sat, Sun 11am-6pm

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Chicago Comics – The Most Extensive Anime Store in Chicago

Chicago Comics

Chicago Comics, one of the extensive Chicago’s anime stores, has been operating out of its current Clark Street location. The collection over here is sure to impress the anime fan inside of you. In addition to stocking well-known favorites (such as superheroes), Chicago Comics, which was founded in 1991, focuses on small press and difficult-to-find indie comics publications.

Key Services Chicago Comics
Address 3244 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60657
Phone (773) 528-1983
Operating Hours Mon–Fri noon–8pm; Sat 11am–8pm; Sun noon–7pm.

Wrapping Up

If you love anime, you already know how crucial it is to identify the top shops around so that you may go there to purchase the latest merchandise. After scouting some of the best and most anime stores in Chicago, it will become easy for you to find the top stores in your neighborhood. 

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