5 Places for The Best Bagels in Chicago

Bagels in Chicago are a perfect find for people with a sweet tooth. Bagels are a traditional breakfast snack adored by many people as the ideal food to start their day with a hot cup of coffee. The inside and outside of bagels are both chewy and crispy. It tastes slightly salty and sweet. When you pile a bagel with bacon, avocado, or cream cheese and the smiles are unquestionably contagious. Chicagoans have long faced New Yorkers’ unfair condemnation of Midwest bagels. But most of it is exaggerated, like a lot of the hot air coming out of the Big Apple. More high-quality bagels are available than ever in the city and its surrounding regions.

Bagels in Chicago

Chicago is home to multiple bagel shops that serve fresh and handmade dough. Nothing matches the flavour of Chicago bagels, whether you eat them with lox, butter, or cream cheese. The city is a food lover’s paradise and has a wide variety of cafés and restaurants where you may find delicious bagels. Finding the best bagel shops in Chicago can be challenging for those accustomed to bagels.  


Tilly Bagel Shop for the Best Bagels in Chicago

Tilly Bagel Shop m- best bagels in Chicago

Chicagoans are incredibly appreciative of Hannah Tillet, who is the driving force behind this recently launched takeout and delivery business. Tillet has worked as a pastry chef in the past and has experience working at prominent eateries like BOKA and Girl & The Goat. She has since turned her attention to refining the bagel. You can find Chicago’s best bagels over here. Her dough is made in small batches and is naturally leavened with a sourdough starter to guarantee the highest level of freshness. These suckers are in high demand, so place an online order in advance.

Key Services Tilly Bagel Shop
Address 14th & Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60605
Phone (321) 223-1250
Operating Hours

Steingold’s of Chicago

Steingold's of Chicago

For Chicago’s best bagels, Steingold is the right place to be. Steingold’s is a Jewish deli at its core, even while it embraces the world while maintaining a strong connection to the traditional delis of New York City’s Lower East Side. This modern Jewish deli in the middle of Chicago promises “New York bagels, the Chicago way,” a tiny piece of New York’s Lower East Side. Daily baked products are produced there, and while they adhere to a tried-and-true recipe, they also occasionally shake it up. Like dipping a fast food fry into a chocolate milkshake, their current bagel of the month is flavoured like a French fry and spread with chocolate malt cream cheese.  Pastrami is chopped thick to order, lox is house-cured, and dough for bagels is fermented overnight before being boiled and baked every day. You will probably find the Best Bagels in Chicago at Steingol’s.

The deli avant-garde, which includes traditional menu items like pastrami, matzoh ball soup, and bagels with a modern twist, has been a leader of Steingold’s in North Center. You can get a pound of pastrami or lox, a cup of matzoh ball soup, or other items at Steingold’s, but the sandwiches—some classic, others unusual—are all made by hand from top-quality ingredients and designed to be memorable—are what keep customers coming back.

Key Services Steingold’s of Chicago
Address 3737 N Southport Ave Chicago, IL 60613
Phone (773) 661-2469
Operating Hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7:30 AM to 2 PM

Friday to Sunday: 7:30 AM to 3 PM

Tuesday: Closed


Chicago Bagel Authority – One of the Best Bagels in Chicago

Chicago Bagel Authority

Chicago Bagel Authority is a well-recognized bagel shop in the heart of Chicago. Steamed bagel sandwiches are available in a variety of flavors, including breakfast, vegetarian, and meatball alternatives. The Ohio-loving, toaster-shunning Chicago Bagel Authority steams each bagel it serves. Their massive bagel sandwiches are topped with a variety of meats, cheeses, eggs, and other ingredients. With premium meats, cheeses, and freshly chopped vegetables heaped in warm, luscious, melted delight, all of their sandwiches are served steamed the CBA way. 

The Chicago Bagel Authority is one of the best bagel shops in Chicago and has earned a name for its melty, steamed sandwiches, it offers its eponymous baked goods in a variety of ways, including a chewy, gooey bagel grilled cheese, the Cookie Monster, a chocolate chip cookie with cream cheese and cinnamon sugar atop a blueberry bagel, and The Swanson Sandwich of Greatness, a heart attack in the making with roast beef, ham, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hardboiled and American and smoked cheddar cheese on an onion bagel. The Chicago Bagel Authority offers catering, takeout, and delivery services. Within Chicago, Chicago Bagel has two locations.

Key Services Chicago Bagel Authority
Address 953 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
Phone (773) 248-9606
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 7 AM – 4 PM

Sunday: 8 AM – 4 PM


The Bagelers Coffeehouse

The Bagelers Coffeehouse - best bagels in Chicago

The Bagelers is one of Chicago’s best bagel shops. A team of husband and wife started it as a wholesale bakery just over five years ago now runs the store. The Bagelers has been honing its house-made spreads and Chicago-style bagels ever since. They hand-roll each croissant and boil their bagels to give them that distinctive chewing skin. The Bagelers sells Chicago-Style Kettle Boiled Bagels, house-made cream cheeses, spreads, different croissants, muffins, and scones, as well as a variety of delectable coffee beverages. One must try their farmer sandwich, a classic bagel sandwich made with freshly chopped oven-roasted turkey breast, muenster cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato slices, red onion, and their house-made chipotle mayo. No doubt they are considered to be among best bagels in Chicago.

Key Services The Bagelers Coffeehouse
Address 2461 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
Phone 872 802-0347
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 7 AM – 3 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 8 AM – 3 PM

Here’s a list of the places that serve the best Croissants in Chicago.


Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli

Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli

Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli has been in the market for over 20 years and delivering delicious Chicago bagels to customers. It is a small, take-out bagel shop in the New York style that serves pizza, enormous sandwiches, and breakfast. The team sells more than 1,000 bagels every day at three metropolitan locations near Chicago. Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli is honoured to have been mentioned on The Profit on CNBC. Client meetings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate gatherings, and graduations can all use their catering service. They sell freshly baked bagels made with high-quality ingredients. Customers at Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli have indoor seating and takeout options. 

Key Services Corey NYC Bagel Deli
Address 515 N Dearborn St Chicago 60654
Phone (312) 923-9999
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 5:30 AM-8 PM, Saturday: 6 AM -8 PM, Sunday: 6 AM-4 PM

Here’s a list of the best take-out restaurants in Chicago. Do explore!

Wrapping Up

Bagels are a terrific choice for a cost-effective, fulfilling meal for adults to children to enjoy the chewy, fresh taste of a freshly baked bagel. Mostly because of their texture, bagels are regarded as the ideal food. Bagels come in a large variety of flavours from sweet to savory, so there are multiple shops where you can find the best bagels in Chicago.

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