9 Wonderful Beaches in Chicago To Go Chilling

Apart from tempting cuisine and drinks, there are some great beaches in Chicago that make this city more magical. Beach fun is not only limited to swimming and sunbathing; you can even enjoy your favorite sports, including volleyball, beach soccer, waterboarding, surfing, and much more. 

There are more than 20 beaches along 28 miles of coastline to select from. Chicago’s east end offers numerous options to enjoy your summer vacation. So, here is a comprehensive guide to the best beaches you can explore in Chicago. 

Best Beaches in Chicago

Apart from following some general beach rules, beaches can be pretty fun. So, let’s have a look at some of the beaches where you can chill while you are in Chicago. 


Foster Beach

Foster Beach

If you are someone who prefers a place with less crowd, then this beach might be the right place for you. However, it still attracts many people with its beauty and location. People visit Foster Beach with their friends and families for reunions, picnics, birthdays, and other celebrations. This can very well come under Best Beaches Chicago has in store. 

The Chicago Full Moon Jam event makes Foster Beach much more popular. The jam attracts renowned musicians, bands, flame dancers, and more. Moreover, if you head towards the hill, you can find a place where you can relax and have a great city view. 

Location: 5200 N. Lake Shore Drive


North Avenue Beach – Amongst Best Beaches in Chicago

North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in Chicago. It is situated in Lincoln Park and has a unique beach house which is over 22,000-sq ft. This beach house has some of the best views in the city and offers various fun activities. 

There is a Castaways Bar and Grill restaurant where all the foodies can have some seaside burgers, beverages, and ice-creams. Interestingly, you can rent a bike, a wakeboard, or a paddleboard on the beach. 

Location: 1600 North Lake Shore Drive, at North Avenue and Lake Michigan


Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

Now, this is what a dog owner would seek: a dog beach. Just like we humans, dogs like to have fun and play around. So, we would strongly recommend that you take your dogs to one of Chicago’s best beach if you don’t want to visit a busy dog beach or a park. 

Belmont Harbor Dog Beach is within walking distance from Wrigley. It is an excellent beach for a walk with your dog and letting him play in the water. In addition to this, if your doggo is not used to being around other dogs, bring him here, and you’ll find it less crowded than any other dog beach.

Location:  Belmont & Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60614


Leone Beach Park 

Leone Beach Park

Leone Beach Park is situated in the Rogers Park Community and is Chicago’s largest beach ever. You can visit this beach anytime between 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. This beach is a perfect spot for lounging and sunbathing. 

People visit this beach not just to swim or sunbathe but also to meditate, do yoga, enjoy picnics, take afternoon naps, and more. One of the top and best beaches in Chicago, Leone was named in 1966 after a park employee, Sam Leone.

Location: 1222 W Touhy Ave, Chicago, IL 60626, USA

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Montrose Beach- One of the Best Beaches in Chicago

Montrose Beach- One of the Best Beaches in Chicago

This one is the only shoreline spot in Chicago where Kiteboarding is permitted. And this is what makes Montrose Beach a perfect place for active adventure seekers and can be a great fit in the best beaches in Chicago list. At the opposite end of the beach, there is a nature area that acts as a migratory bird sanctuary. Not only this, but it is also a dune habitat that’s home to some of the endangered plant life. 

The beach is surrounded by a green field where people play soccer, kayak, paddle board, and even run. Along the northern edge of this spot, there is also a designated dog beach. 

Location:  4400 N. Lake Shore Drive 


Oak Street Beach – Among Chicago’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Oak Street Beach

If you want to feel like you are in the Caribbean, you must mist Oak Street Beach and spend some time here. The crystal clear water and white sand on the beach make it the most beautiful beach in Chicago.

If you are a sunset person, you will love this beach. However, if you visit this place for swimming, make sure you do it between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm. Oak Street Beach is within walking distance of town, so that you can access some good bars, cafes, accommodations, and restaurants. 

Location: 1000 North Lake Shore Drive


Rainbow Beach Park

Rainbow Beach Park

There’s no surprise in knowing that the majority of people these days prefer free WiFi over free food. So, if you are a person who wants to take advantage of free internet while chilling on one of the best beaches in Chicago, then this is the place for you.

This beach is located in the southern part of Chicago and is a perfect place to work and chill at the same time. An ideal go-to location for a family outing but not a pet-friendly spot. People can use a grill for cooking their meals at the beach. Besides this, the beach has a handball court, fitness center, and a gymnasium.

Location: 3111 East 77th St. Chicago, IL 60649


Kathy Osterman Beach

Kathy Osterman Beach

Kathy Osterman Beach, formerly known as Hollywood Beach, is located in northern Chicago. Although this is not an extremely big beach, it is a perfect spot for relaxing and having noon naps. You will majorly see localities at this beach.

This beach is the right choice for people who enjoy cycling as it offers bicycle parking. You can visit the beach between 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. But you can swim only between 11:00 am to 7:00 pm in the presence of lifeguards. So, this one is also one of the best beaches in Chicago.

Location: Situated in the northernmost tip of Lincoln Park.


Ohio Street Beach – Best Beaches in Chicago

Ohio Street Beach - Best beaches in chicago

Ohio Street Beach is an example of natural beauty with man made features. This beach is located in front of skyscrapers and is best suited for kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. The best part of the beach is its location, which is 10 minutes walking distance from the Magnificent Mile. 

When you visit the beach on weekends during the summer, you’ll see it is one of the busiest beaches in Chicago. However, it is big enough to accommodate the crowd and facilitates people with restrooms and restaurants. 

Location: 600 North Lake Shore Drive

The Bottom Line

What a Beachy blog it is! 

If you are a beach person like us, this is something you should definitely go through. In this article, we tried to mention some of the best beaches in Chicago where you can spend your summer days and evenings with family and friends. 

From a perfect spot for humans to the best beaches for dogs, we have covered every beach you must visit in Chicago. So, what are you waiting for? Shortlist the beaches you want to visit and enjoy!

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