9 Worst Neighborhoods in Chicago with Crime Rates

Chicago is home to some of the tallest and most attractive buildings in the United States. It is a beautiful place with a lot to offer. The cultural richness, diverse job market, and the refreshing view of the Chicago skyline form a significant part of the attraction. But can the same be said about its safety?

Unfortunately, it does not have a very good reputation when it comes to crime and violence records. Several parts of the Windy City are raging with crimes like murder, theft, burglary, forcible rape, robbery, etc.

There are bound to be thorns with the roses, and you can’t get away with them. In this article, we’ll be discussing the places where you will have to deal with the thorns of Chicago, so if you are planning to visit or buy a house in Chicago, these are the areas you need to avoid.

Worst Neighborhoods In Chicago


West Garfield Park

As per the government criminal records and crime reports, West Garfield Park is the worst neighborhood in Chicago, with the highest crime rate. The crime rate in West Garfield Park is 200% higher than the Chicago average and 409% higher than the national average.

It is among the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, with most of the people living below the poverty line leading its way to the highest number of crimes. With the prevalent gang violence and a 1 in 8 chance of becoming a victim of crime, you’ve got to watch your back in this neighborhood.

Population: 17,277

Reported Crimes: 13,135

Violent Crime Per 100K: 3,596

Property Crime Per 100K: 9,539



With a poverty rate of 60%, theft and burglaries are common property crimes in this neighborhood. Englewood has witnessed about 6,360 robberies and burglaries per 100,000 people.

With a 1 in 11 chance of you becoming a victim of violent crime, walking alone on the streets during the night could be extremely dangerous, and it makes Englewood one of the worst places to live in Chicago.

Population: 25,858

Reported Crimes: 9,386

Violent Crime Rate Per 100K: 1,006

Property Crime Per 100K: 3,182

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North Lawndale

Having a crime rate of 176% higher than the Chicago average, North Lawndale does not clear its crime records. Twenty shootings were reported only in the first three months of 2020. This explains why the violent crime rate is 689% higher than the national average.

With about 43% of people living below the poverty line, it makes burglaries, muggings, and assaults a common occurrence even in broad daylight.

Population: 35,417

Reported Crimes: 10,606

Violent Crime Per 1K: 3,003

Property Crime Per 1K: 7,603



worst neighborhoods in chicago

Despite being among the least populated places in Chicago, the crime rate in Riverdale is relatively high. The 35% poverty rate and a 40% unemployment rate indicate the poor financial conditions of the residents.

With a 1 in 39 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime and the dreadful economic conditions, Riverdale is among the worst neighborhoods in Chicago.

Population: 13,205

Reported Crimes: 478

Violent Crime Per 100K: 743

Property Crime Per 1K: 2,830

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Fuller Park

Sitting on the southern side of Chicago, Fuller Park is a small neighborhood covering only 455 acres, but the same can’t be said for its crime rates which are 68% above the Chicago average.

Half of Fuller park is living in poverty, and 34% of people are unemployed. Fuller Park is not the ideal place to live in Chicago, with the poor economy and crime rate.

Population: 2,348

Reported Crimes: 5,918

Violent Crime Per 100K: 1,422

Property Crime Per 10K: 4,496


West Englewood

According to a poll conducted in 2019, about 85% of the people stated that West Englewood is the worst neighborhood to live in. This figure alone is enough to give you a perspective.

Having a crime rate double the local average and triples the national average makes it even more apparent that West Englewood isn’t going to be your ideal neighborhood.

Violent Crime Per 100K: 2,773

Property Crime Per 10K: 6,778

Reported Crimes: 9,551

Population: 30,662


Grand Crossing

worst neighborhoods in chicago

Another frightening Chicago neighborhood, with a crime rate of 317% higher than the national average, is Grand Crossing. The 13.6% unemployment rate and 34.2% of people living in poverty state the poor economy.

Gun violence and shooting cannot be ignored, and the number of murders reported in the area makes it one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago.

Population: 32,217

Reported Crimes: 8,724

Violent Crime Per 100K: 2,858

Property Crime Per 100K: 5,866


South Shore

The most common crimes in South Shore are theft and burglary, but the violent crime rate is 642% higher than the national average, which means there is a 1 in 41 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime.

In a poll conducted in 2019, around 60% of people said that South Shore is not safe to walk alone at night. You wouldn’t want to live here.

Population: 47,197

Reported Crimes: 7,573

Violent Crime Per 100K: 2,454

Property Crime Per 100K: 5,119


Chatham (Worst neighborhood in Chicago)

worst neighborhoods in chicago

Chatham is probably less dangerous among all the places mentioned above, but more than enough crime reports do not consider it a safe neighborhood. The violent crime rate, 548% higher than the national average, is certainly not a good sign either.

You are dealing with a 1 in 47 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime, and locals suggest you’ve got to be careful during the nighttime.

Population: 30,760

Reported Crimes: 7,183

Violent Crime Per 100k: 1,965

Property Crime Per 100k: 5,218


Like most other cities, there are some best and the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. It is a great place with several promising opportunities, but it’s also violent and dangerous. Anyway, you can’t expect any city to be crime-free, and while you should be hoping for the best, it’s always wise to be prepared for the worst as well.

You’ve got to be extra careful in the low-income neighborhoods like Riverdale, Fuller Park, and Englewood, as they are subject to muggings and property crimes. In the end, we hope the information we shared with you will help you make a calculative decision while selecting a neighborhood in Chicago.

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