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Started as a great story, just like so many other successful startups; Insomnia Cookies Chicago was no exception. A group of college friends studying late at night, dreaming about satisfying their late-night cravings, took a significant step in that direction. Because it is when the sun goes down, and the crazy insomniacs come out with a marvel like Insomnia Cookies.

The fast-growing cookie brand is serving more than 100 locations at the time. It doesn’t matter why you need to buy cookies, be it late-night study breaks, or sending gifts to a college kid far from home, the outlet provides quality services at your doorstep.

The best part is that Insomnia Cookies are available when you need them the most. They deliver daily from 10 am-3 am in most locations. 

Get to know more about this late-night bakery chain that levels up with brand-new products that ooze chocolatey goodness. Not just it, tap into Insomnia Cookies Chicago’s mouth-watering deals, gift cards, and freebies. So, insomniacs, here you go! Get to know more about Insomnia cookies at the tip of your tap through the brief mentioned below. 

Insomnia Cookies Chicago

Address: 2260 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Phone: +1 313-509-1327

All About Insomnia Cookies Chicago

It started as a specific craving for Seth Berkowitz and got amplified to a dream that today is called Insomnia Cookie. In his dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania, he wanted something to eat that was sweet, warm, and quickly delivered to his doorstep. Well, this was the birth of Insomnia cookies! 

Insomnia Cookies Chicago’s first brick-and-mortar store was opened in Syracuse, NY, which was then taken to the streets with a series of food trucks bringing smiles to many homes. In 2015, they celebrated the first National Cookie Day. Today, they are exponentially expanding their stores worldwide to satisfy global cravings. 

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Menu @ Insomnia Cookies Chicago

Menu At Insomnia Cookie

College kids dash out at any time of the day to eat Chicago’s famous Insomnia Cookies. Their unique menu is one of a kind that takes chocolate indulgence to the next level. A compelling take on their classic Chocolate Chunk illustrates a thirst trap of a cookie stuffed to the brim. It is a classic Insomniac cookie, made with its very-own rich, creamy Chocolate Cookie Butter, loaded with iconic chocolate chunks. Cookie lovers can experience the chocolate drip in every bite. 

The cookie magic lasts beyond ice creams, witches, cakes, and sides. Chunks like that of White Chocolate Macadamia operate on island time. It’s a coconut-y cookie with bits of macadamia nut with creamy white chocolate chips that can make your tooth sweet and take you to sweet heaven. 

Another must-try from Insomnia Cookies Chicago is their Glampire Loaded Brownie which is topped with red velvet cookie butter and spooky fancy sprinkles.

For ice cream lovers, there goes a list of options. One of its very famous ice creams is the Cookie Butter Bomb. It is the creamiest ice cream which lies at the smoother, richer center of chocolate cookie butter. The best part is that you can add a topping of your choice for a mouth-watering treat.

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The Bottom Line 

For dessert lovers, Insomnia Cookies Chicago can be a premier place to relish the taste of sweetness. From cookies to ice creams, cakes to witches, get yourself a bite that goes deep into your blood and craves a delightful experience.

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