Twisted Spoke Chicago: Drinks, Dinner & More!

Twisted Spoke Chicago is a popular biker bar and restaurant that is quite popular in the city, thanks to its delicious burgers, pub grub, and an impressive selection of drinks, including its famous Bloody Marys. Explore this restaurant in detail in this article. 

Explore Twisted Spoke Chicago

Location- 501 N Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Contact- +1 312-666-1500



Twisted Spoke in Chicago is a laid-back place with an airy vibe. It is essentially a biker bar and a restaurant that serves burgers and pub grubs. The restaurant currently offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options. Catering to bikers, brunch is served with menu specialties and other delicacies every weekend. 

The Ambiance

Ambiance of Twisted Spoke Chicago

Twisted Spoke Chicago has a façade covered with rusty metal plating and a small, summer-opening plate glass window wall. Additionally, this is the outcome of the most recent “remodeling” at the Twisted Spoke. The new Twisted Spoke is far more hospitable and less frightful than the previous version, which resembled the farmhouse in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. They did, however, retain their skeletal Hells Angel mascot, a wheelie-poppin’, a vintage motorcycle-riding skeleton that can be seen rotating from a tall black pole at the bar’s entrance. The bar’s “garden” comprises four motorcycles that are partially buried inside a “planter” lined with the same corroded metal as the bar itself.

The Vibe of Twisted Spoke Chicago

Twisted Spoke Chicago is a pub with a wide selection of Bloodies, food, and bourbon to suit any taste. On your first visit, you may feel ecstatic on your first visit here. Furthermore, the spinning statue of a biker riding a motorbike perched over the eatery is quite a welcoming feature. And yes, don’t forget that you may observe half of Chicago go by while sitting at one of the roof’s umbrella-shaded tables throughout the summer.

There aren’t many tables inside, and the layout is straightforward, but there are plenty of seats at the bar. Breakfast burritos and scrambles are a traditional American selection on the brunch menu. Many guests order the Wisconsin Scramble, a very traditional Wisco dish consisting of eggs, bratwurst, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. Another favorite is the Road Rash Mary, a variation of Twisted Spoke Chicago’s traditional Bloody Mary. Going to the Twisted Spoke for a delicious Bloody Mary, and a greasy breakfast can be fun if you’re in the West Loop. 

The Food

You know you’re in the right location for a Bloody Mary when you show your ID at the door to start brunch. It’s virtually a meal in and of itself. Spicy and sweet, topped with salami and finished with a lager back. But don’t allow that to make you lose focus on the food. You may spice up your egg intake by eating breakfast tacos. Additionally, Twisted Spoke in Chicago’s famous “Fatboy” burgers are exceptionally thick, juicy, and soft. You’ll be live proof that what you eat determines who you are if you take it down with a big heaping of those delicious fries.

Explore Twisted Spoke Chicago drinks

The more menu you explore, the more interesting the dishes get. You will find some of the city’s best burgers. Juicy and substantial, the burgers go best with a meal-size Road Rash Mary, filled with toppings that come with a beer chaser. A huge fried egg sandwich on thick-cut rye, a BBQ pork shoulder sandwich, and deep-fried bacon round out the other excellent discoveries. 


Overall, Twisted Spoke Chicago is a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique dining and drinking experience in the city. This restaurant and biker bar offers amazing burgers, pub grub, Bloody Marys, and a sweet neighborhood vibe. 


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