5 Places To Go For The Best Bloody Mary in Chicago

The best bloody Mary Chicago is delightfully served at various locations. Since the city is undoubtedly the best when it comes to cocktail bars while also enjoying the privileges of offering the best of brunches. So, whether you’re searching for a light cocktail to help soothe your hangover along with a cup of coffee or a loaded Bloody Mary that goes well with a succulent Italian dinner.

What exactly distinguishes a decent “build your own bloody mary” bar? Toppings. Unrelenting cheese cubes, unusual pickles, and bacon, did we say bacon? It’s difficult to find a pub or restaurant that doesn’t have its own version of the drink on the menu, which is definitely a double-edged sword. Though not all bloody marys are created with the same reference in mind. You’ll be drooling over the bloody mary selection at these Chicago bars.

Best Bloody Mary in Chicago

You can make a wonderful Bloody Mary by combining vodka and tomato juice. This is not the case at these Illinois restaurants where exquisite beverages are painstakingly made using a variety of ingredients. You may find some of the most delectable Bloody Marys in Chicago at these locations:


Dove’s Luncheonette

 Dove's Luncheonette best bloody mary chicago

Dove’s Luncheonette is a popular Tex-Mex restaurant with retro decor and a jukebox. The Mexican restaurant in Wicker Park is well-known for its southern-inspired food and bar with a concentration on tequila and mezcal. Dove’s House Bloody Mix gives Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria a little smoke and spice if you’re looking for the finest places to get the best Bloody Mary Chicago.

Furthermore, the specialty drink is blended with Hacienda Reposado and comes with a Pacifico beer back. Moreover, smoked black pepper and house-made hellfire bitters are also present in this cocktail. One of Chicago’s best Bloody Mary is flavorful, smoky, and a little spicy, much like many of the southern and Mexican menu dishes at Dove’s. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider Bloody Maria, a tequila-infused alternative.

Address: 1545 N. Damen Ave

Contact number: (773) 645-4060



Handlebar – For One of the Best Bloody Mary Chicago

Handlebar - For One of the Best Bloody Mary Chicago

You will find a classic Bloody Mary in this well-known vegetarian restaurant. Furthermore, you can also upgrade to another version of the drink, the Bloody Hammer. Tito’s vodka, smoky bitters, and house mix are used to make this strong beverage. It is garnished with peppers, a fried pickle dipped in boozy tomato juice, and a celery salt rim.

The Bloody Hammer is a fiery concoction that uses the house Bloody Mary mix along with Stoli vodka and a dash of Guinness to upgrade one of Chicago’s best Bloody Mary. Interestingly, cherry peppers are used as a garnish, and the pièce de résistance is a fried pickle that is dipped in flavored tomato juice before it is deep-fried.

Address: 2311 W. North Ave

Contact Number: (773) 384-9546



Smoke Daddy

Smoke Daddy best bloody mary chicago

This BBQ spot lets you top your Bloody Mary with pulled pork and smoked brisket, turning it into a meal. A beer chaser is provided with the drink. Fans of the drink can purchase a bottle of the tomato and BBQ sauce-based Smokin’ Bloody Mary mix.

Locals love Smoke Daddy for traditional BBQ dishes like brisket, pulled pork, and ribs. This place for Bloody Mary in Chicago will also reveal how much you love barbecue! Smoke Daddy’s Famous Bloody Mary uses  “Smokin’ Mary,” the house mix made up of good od’ vodka, tomato, and BBQ sauce. A smoked pork rib and sidecar are placed on top of the cocktail. Ketel One, cucumber vodka, jalapeno tequila, and applewood smoked bacon are among the new additions.

Smoke Daddy never misses an opportunity to include as many menu items as possible with its famous BBQ. A baby back rib and smoked bacon are added as garnishes to the Smokin’ Mary.

Address: 1804 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622

Contact Number: (773) 772-6656


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Twisted Spoke – Among Best Bloody Mary Chicago

Twisted Spoke - Among Best Bloody Mary Chicago

Moreover, the greatest burgers in town can be found at this West Town biker pub, which also boasts a huge selection of beer and whiskey. Furthermore, you can pair three different Bloody Mary selections with your weekend brunch.

With three bloody Mary varieties offered by Twisted Spoke, go on a drunken tour of Flavortown (without Guy Fieri). Keep it traditional with the Road Rash Mary (Genoa salami, parmesan cheese), perk bits up in the morning with the Smoking Salma (smoked chipotle and chorizo), or go all out with the Bloody Maria (jalapeno tequila, cherry pepper, pickled garlic).

This long-running dive’s Road Rash Mary Classic is only one of its many claims to fame. It begins with a handmade mix that is full of beer. You can make the best Bloody Mary Chicago to remember by adding salami, pepperoncini, cocktail onions, and parmesan cheese.

Address: 501 N Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Contact Number: (312) 666-1500



Longman & Eagle

Longman & Eagle best bloody mary chicago

Logan Square is home to the Michelin-starred resort and restaurant Longman & Eagle. Further, the menu is distinctive, understated, and exquisite, just like their design idea. Additionally, enjoy three different Bloody Marys during brunch, each crafted with the house mix that has long been a local favorite. Over the years, the house recipe mix of the cocktail has made it a favorite among many Chicagoans. They offer some of Chicago’s best Bloody Mary. Interestingly, vodka is used in the traditional Bloody Mary, whiskey is used in the Bloody Larry, and tequila is used in the Bloody Maria. Significantly, a lemon, lime, a sharp cheddar cube, and a miniature pickle are also included.

Address: 2657 N. Kedzie Ave. – Logan Square

Contact Number: (773) 276-7110


Bottom Line

Chicago is a fantastic city for various reasons, but they go all out for brunch, deep dish pizzas and Bloody Mary Chicago. Furthermore, only a few things match better with pizzas and brunch like a thick and spicy Bloody Mary. Additionally, the issue with that is that Chicago has just as many restaurants serving dreadful Bloody Marys and choosing one can be difficult.

We hope our list of the 5 best places for Bloody Mary in Chicago tempted you enough to try all these blends! 

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