7 Most Visited Movie Theaters In Chicago

Are you planning your Big Saturday Night and looking for the best movie theater in Chicago? If so, you cannot miss watching a movie in the luxurious theaters of Chicago. Those who love this city cannot simply overlook the glamor of the movie theaters here. Whether you are somebody who likes to watch the first-day first show or prefers watching a crowd-pleasing indie, there are a number of multiplexes and art houses to spice up your movie experience.

Well, there are indeed many good movie theaters in the city. But finding the best one is quite challenging, especially with so many options. But don’t worry! In this blog, we have listed the best movie theaters in Chicago with their plus and minus. Go through the list and choose the best fit for you.

Best Movie Theater in Chicago

Let’s have a look at some of the greatest movie theaters in the city of Chicago!


AMC River East 21 – Best Movie Theater in Chicago

AMC River East 21

If you are among those who never miss a chance to watch a new movie, this movie theater in Chicago is definitely for you. With 21 screens available, the theater can show numerous titles at once. It has become a flourishing movie destination – the luxury reclining seats and lavish food add to the overall experience River East 21 offers to movie lovers. 

Besides showing blockbusters, it also hosts the very famous Chicago International Film Festival. So, the multiple screens in River East 21 maintain a balance between regular movie shows and art events. What’s more? The MacGuffin’s bar at the theater offers specialty cocktails, craft beers, and wine.

Address:  322 E Illinois St, Chicago, 60611



Music Box Theater

Music Box Theater -Best Movie Theater in Chicago

With Spanish architecture, majestic organ, intimate ambiance, and enchanting ceilings, the Music Box Theater is a gorgeous gem. A heritage movie hall built in 1929, it was once smaller than most movie halls at the time of its opening. 

The theater offers a perfect blend of cult, art houses, foreign, and classic films. The music preceding every movie show is genuinely mesmerizing and sets the mood of the audience. It is one of the nicest movie theaters in Chicago, and travelers from neighboring cities and towns come flocking to it. 

The screenings at the Music Box have gained cult status and are considered among some of the most popular events in Chicago. 

Address: 3733 North Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States, 60613



Gene Siskel Fim Center – Out of the Best Movie Theater in ChicagoGene Siskel Fim Center

The theater was once known as the Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has been the mecca for cinephiles across the globe. Currently, this theater in Chicago is run by the School of the Art Institute and is bustling as ever. The theater shows a variety of movies, including first-run Hollywood hits, low-budget independents, forgotten and revered classics, and a range of special programs and festivals. 

The night screenings make it possible for movie lovers to watch their favorites after a long day at the office. The cafe that serves some of Chicago’s best delicacies and art gallery make Gene Siskel Film Center one of the best Chicago movie theaters. 

Address: 164 North State Street, Chicago, IL


Also, explore Carmine’s Chicago, which is famous for its good food and drinks.


The Vic Theater

The Vic Theater

Once a five-story vaudeville house, the Vic theater today has lost its appearance. It has now become somewhat dreary, dank, dilapidated, and falling apart, but still stands tall in the list of top movie theaters in Chicago. Its current condition is part of the charm. Audience flock to this theater to enjoy various rock acts including Skinny Puppy, Jackson Browne, and the Black Keys. 

The Vic also hosts non-concert nights three to four days a week and is home to “Brew & View,” a series of second-run and cult films. Moviegoers can smoke, pack and drink cheap booze in the loop during screenings of these cult films. Watching a show at the Vic is like enjoying your favorite concert in your own living room on a bigger screen and with better acoustics. 

Address: 3145 North Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL



Showplace ICON Theatre at Roosevelt Collection

Showplace ICON Theatre at Roosevelt Collection

Located in the South Loop neighborhood, this beautiful contemporary theater features luxury recliner seats and mouthwatering eats. The gourmet flatbread pizza and the bacon popcorn is a must-try. This is Chicago’s best theater and has new releases and features a cocktail lounge and an adult area. The lounge offers wine, cocktails, and beer. Showplace is the perfect bet for those interested in a date night. 

Address: 1011 S Delano Ct, Chicago, IL 60605



Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema

Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema

Another on the list of the best movie theater in Chicago is the small quaint Century Center Cinema. You can watch many independent and hard-to-find films here. The theater is also known for its great food and amazing beer options. The concessions counter here is one of the best in the city and serves vegan cookies and popcorn seasoning on offer. 

Address: 12828 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657



Davis Theater – Among Best Movie Theater in Chicago

Davis Theater - best movie theater in chicago

Affordable tickets, polite staff, and a luxurious ambiance! The Davis Theater is one of the best movie theaters in Chicago that offers a cozy and unpretentious film experience. This theater is located in the neighborhood of Lincoln Square and was recently reopened in December 2016 after huge renovations.

Now the theater features first-run films on three mega screens. The newly reconditioned Davis theater comprises an attached bar and restaurant, Carbon Arc Bar & Board, 26 beers on tap, and a huge wine list All this can come with you into your movie.

Address: 4614 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, 60625


Wrapping Up

Honestly, the list of the best movie theater in Chicago is endless. And we hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as we did. So, the next time you are wondering where to go for a movie, this list will come in handy.

So when planning your next movie night, do consider these options. And if you want to try something unique and exciting, check out Drive-in Movie Theatres in Chicago.


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