FTW Chicago For a Great Gastropub Experience

FTW Chicago is a new gastro pub/arcade hybrid in Chicago that brings back the fun of arcades from your youth but with adult fare, a DJ booth, and adult beverages. When a fraternity party seems too reminiscent of your first year and a night out at a club is too pricey for your college student budget, For The Win Chicago (FTW) is the place to be.

This place is a hidden nightclub within an AMC theater that features four private rooms, a six-hole mini golf course, an arcade with jumbo-sized games that will make you feel like a kid again, and a complete bar that makes you feel like a sophisticated adult. After 8 o’clock in the evening, only people above  21 years old can enter this place. You can witness DJ spins until 2 a.m. (or until the tokens for the arcade games run out).

Address: 322 E Illinois St STE 200, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Contact Number: +1 312-245-8331

FTW Chicago Menu

There are numerous items on their menu that you can go for. But we recommend you try their signature dishes.

Deep-Dish Pizza

Deep-Dish Pizza.

Let’s get things started properly with the most famous Chicago dish ever – Deep-Dish Pizza. The dish will satisfy your craving for a big bite of gooey cheese, favorite toppings, and flavorful tomato sauce.

Several restaurants in Chicago indeed boast they serve the most fantastic deep-dish pizza, but the gold standard is unquestionably FTW Chicago. It stands out in the crowd, all thanks to its distinctive butter coating.

There is always a significant wait at this Chicago institution, but if you go late at night or come for lunch, you can get your hands on some of FTW Chicago’s delicious crust much sooner. Besides FTW, there are also some other places to have Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago.

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

Though there is some contention over who serves the finest deep-dish pizza in Chicago, there is little to no discussion about who serves the best Italian beef. The delicacy of FTW Italian Beef, roasted sirloin pieces simmered in a seasoned broth and wrapped within an Italian-style bun big enough to soak up the meat’s juices, is the best of all Chicago sandwiches.

At FTW Chicago, you can make your sandwich just as you like it. Customers have the option of ordering it “dry” (with a little coating of gravy), “wet” (with a heavier coating), or “dipped” (dripping wet). You can even add some heat with sweet peppers or spicy giardiniera or top it with your favorite cheese.

Fried Chicken Dinner at FTW Chicago

Basic Fried Chicken Dinner by FTW Chicago

The basic fried chicken supper at FTW Chicago consists of two pieces of white bread, two pieces of fried chicken, fries, cole slaw, and chicken prepared to order. Do you believe that FTW Chicago’s bird collection is stocked with uniform specimens? Well, to rethink is to reconsider.

Buttermilk Old-Fashioned Chicago Doughnut

When the city fell in love with doughnuts, the Buttermilk Old Fashioned Donut from FTW Chicago was the king. Guests never fail to leave Gateway to the West Loop Food Tour raving about this particular delight. This doughnut, which has a crunchy outside and a fluffy inside and is glazed with vanilla beans, is best enjoyed when dipped in coffee. It’s a simple spin on a breakfast classic that succeeds on its own merits, and we won’t judge you if you eat it for any meal of the day or night.

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs by FTW Chicago

Hot Dogs in Chicago are a hit! You’ve probably seen them on bumper stickers, posters, or t-shirts. Right now is your opportunity to chow down on a Chicago-style hot dog. This cuisine that has definitely won the hearts of Chicagoans and visitors which makes it a must-try. 

FTW Chicago serves a classic rendition of this Chicago specialty: a steamed poppy seed bun with a frankfurter, relish, celery salt, chopped onions, sliced tomatoes, sport peppers, and a pickle.

If you want to enhance the taste of these hot dogs, put some mustard on it (never ketchup, for the love of God), and you will be set to go.

The Bottom Line

FTW Chicago takes bar cuisine to a new level. With dishes like meatball loaf Parmesan and Portobello mushroom “fries” and delectable desserts like blueberry and ricotta pudding cake. So, enjoy these delicacies and thank us later! 

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