9 Promising CDL Classes in Chicago to Help You Drive Like A Professional

If you’re looking for a career that’s always interesting, never dull, and always in demand, look no further than becoming a commercial driver. Getting your CDL (commercial driver’s license) is the first step on this exciting path. There are plenty of great CDL classes in Chicago to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

Driving a truck is no easy task. Many people underestimate the skill and knowledge required to drive one of these large vehicles. Even if you have experience driving smaller trucks, there’s still so much you need to know before getting behind the wheel of a big rig. That’s why CDL classes are often essential for those looking to become truck drivers. Here are some of the best CDL classes Chicago has to offer that’ll help you drive like a professional.

Best CDL Classes Chicago

Below mentioned are the best CDL classes Chicago offers. You can register yourself and start your training for driving. Once you get perfect in operating commercial vehicles, other two/four-wheelers will be easier to handle.


Juarez Truck – CDL Classes In Chicago


Juarez Truck Driving School has been teaching driving for decades. It trains the students for their driver job opportunities and offers classes with flexible schedules. Before driving in open traffic areas, it provides training with a personalized one-on-one driving experience inside the private training grounds.

Training is given on different vehicles like day cab, conventional truck, tanker equipment, and dump-equipped trucks. Also, depending on your current skills, you may enroll in advanced courses, accelerated professional practices, and elite program introductory courses.

Location: 1151 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608, United States

Contact: +1 312-243-1841

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Progressive Truck Driving School

Progressive Truck Driving School is one of the best CDL classes in Chicago. It utilizes a variety of late-model conventional and cab-over tractors, day cabs, and sleepers, with single and double axles and various transmissions. The training on different types of vehicles ensures that you get an all-around training experience. 

Progressive Truck Driving School trains students one on one, which means complete personal attention. It offers a wide variety of truck driving programs to meet your needs. Their courses are a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training.

Location: 5538 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60641, United States

Contact: +1 773-736-5522

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Expert Driving – CDL Classes Chicago


Expert Driving School is another great driving institute that offers CDL classes in Chicago. Its mission is to provide the knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience needed for driving. Expert Driving School’s new student-driver cars are equipped with dual brakes for an added safety advantage. 

Behind-the-wheel instructions consist of city driving, expressway practice, and parking techniques. It also includes proper visual methods to anticipate and respond to dangerous road situations. They provide driving classes for both adults and kids. The school also offers the Secretary of State, a required 6 Hour Adult Driver Education Course for Adults aged 18 to 21. 

Location: 5420 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60644, United States

Contact: +1 312-829-2400

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Columbia Driving School CO

At the Columbia Driving School CO, you will receive classroom instruction and computerized testing to prepare for written exams. You will also practice driving skills using their trucks on the lot. Their “A Tractor Operator Program” is designed for entry-level driver preparation of the Illinois CDL test and successful employment through a 4-week program. 

The field training consists of driving in training areas that include a combination of highway, city, and heavy traffic driving. Drivers graduating from these courses will be ready to work locally, regionally, and nationwide for the nation’s largest truckload carriers. The kind of proper driving training Columbia Driving School provides makes it one of the leading CDL classes Chicago has.

Location: 5028 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632, United States

Contact: +1 773-735-1775

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Blue Horizon Truck Driving School


Blue Horizon Truck Driving School’s goal is to instill the necessary steering skills and professional attitude in the drivers. Every class has dedicated, multilingual, experienced instructors and offers a personal experience to each student tailored to their needs on Chicago’s most considerable driving lot. 

Blue Horizon Truck Driving School exposes its students to many different situations they may experience while on the road. The students prepare for the pre-trip inspection and how to manage problems that may occur. You’ll also learn to effectively couple and uncouple a tractor-trailer. It is one of the top training CDL classes Chicago offers.

Location: 6814 W Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, United States

Contact: +1 773-788-1199

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160 Driving Academy – CDL Classes Chicago

160 Driving Academy of Chicago helps students cover their costs with government-sponsored training assistance or complete tuition reimbursement from trucking company partners. It makes sure that you’re ready for the written portion of the exam on how to safely and expertly drive a truck. 

Their truck driver class is unique as it gives the individual instruction you need at a highly affordable price. With one instructor for every 4 students, you’ll have all your questions answered with someone who cares to help you pass your test. 160 Driving Academy of Chicago allows students across the USA to obtain a commercial driver’s license with their world-class instructors.

Location: 1741 E 75th St, Chicago, IL 60649, United States

Contact: +1 773-570-1210

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All-Pro Truck Driving School


All-Pro Truck Driving School aims to provide hands-on CDL Training Programs at a competitive price. It enables the customers to start a career in the transportation industry. They also mentor the students in job searches and development in their careers. 

All-Pro Truck Driving Schools provide access to the network of drivers, owner-operators, and maintenance shops so that the school remains a resource for its graduates at present and in the future. The driving tutors are certified and ensure that you learn all the skills and techniques of driving a truck. Apart from training the adults, teens are also welcome to learn how to drive a car. This multi-faceted driving school, that caters to the needs of beginners and professionals,  is considered one of the best CDL classes in Chicago.

Location: 7601 S Kostner Ave #203, Chicago, IL 60652, United States

Contact: +1 773-581-9376

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Bulldog CDL Truck Driving School

Bulldog CDL Truck Driving School is among the top CDL classes in Chicago. This is the only CDL driving school that works with most of the communities. It provides a job placement guarantee. The instructors are fluent in native languages and deliver lessons in the language of your choice. They have state-of-the-art equipment in the classrooms to get in-depth knowledge of the trucks and it’s parts.

Bulldog CDL Truck Driving School prepares you for the test by offering affordable, individualized instruction required to pass the exam with flying colors. It will also introduce you to the top commercial freight company for jobs.

Location: 7711 W Belmont Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707, United States

Contact: +1 708-456-0007

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Alamo Truck Driving School


Alamo Truck Driving School specializes in preparing truck drivers for one of the most demanded jobs in the US. Classes are taken in their computerized room with the option of practicing on the state-of-the-art computer-guided driving simulator. Alamo Truck Driving School helps individuals reach their goal of a more secure, productive future by becoming quality-trained professional truck drivers.

They provide different courses like a 45-hour brush-up course 160 hours course that includes driving all commercial vehicles. The school also provides driving instructors as well as a semi-truck and the trailer for behind-the-wheel. Their updated and Hitech approach towards driving learning makes them one of the most popular CDL classes in Chicago.

Location: 5264 W 47th St, Chicago, IL 60638, United States

Contact: +1 708-793-5511

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Driving is not a difficult task. You can train yourselves with the help of the driving schools. The above mentioned are the best CDL classes Chicago offers. Once you pass the driving test, you will get a certificate and license for commercial vehicles. Whether you are an adult or in your teens, you are welcome to drive with expert drivers.

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