7 Chicago Candy Stores to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Did you know that Chicago has a candy history? Lemonheads, Juicy Fruit, Cracker Jacks, and Tootsie Rolls all originated in Chicago, which was once called the Candy Capital of the World. Luckily, the town is still home to some of the huge, most unique, and coolest Chicago candy stores. Doesn’t it sound sweet? Even now, many local candy makers and companies identically create and sell their own sweet confections throughout the city. 

Apart from this, many of us cannot resist when it comes to candies and sweets as we are born with a sweet tooth. Best of all, it is a type of dessert that is appropriate for any season. Whether you are flicking a lollipop from the trick-or-treating pile, walking around the summer carnivals with a heap of cotton candy, or ordering piles of dark chocolate for Christmas. Indulge your inner kid or might be your actual kids in life at some best candy shops. Below we have recited a list of a few of the great Chicago candy stores to satisfy your sweet tooth taste buds.

Some of the finest Chicago Candy Stores

Either you are a fan of chocolate, sours, gummies, or vintage treats, you will definitely find a perfect candy shop for you somewhere in Chicago. Here, we have listed the seven best Chicago candy stores.


Margie’s Candies


Margie’s Candies, a well-known Logan Square confectionery, has been in business since 1921. Undoubtedly, it is the family-run candy store in Chicago and ice cream shop that has remained virtually consistent over the years. It still has many vintage furniture, jukeboxes, and decor. However, it is home to the enormous ice cream sundae in the United States, besides Margie’s is also well-known for its confectionaries.

Moreover, as the name signifies, Margie’s Candies holds a wide variety of homemade chocolates and candies. Though their flavors are not as fancy or unique as some latest chocolates, sometimes you only need a big dollop of milk chocolate to scarf down. Besides, they still have the same old-school vibes and classic chocolates made in-house. At Margie’s, you must order extra-thick shakes, their speciality topped with cookies and whipped cream. Additionally, save some room for Margie’s Terrapins, a shop version of the old-school chocolate-covered with gooey caramel and pecan turtle. So, get your sugar fix at Margie’s Candies today. 

Location: 1960 N Western Ave Chicago 60647

Contact: 773-384-1035

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Katherine Anne Confections

The Katherine Anne Confections not only sell fancy truffles, but they have also got a full line of the incredible selection of caramels and marshmallows. This cozy Logan Square cafe and workshop also produces what is possibly Chicago’s most decadent hot chocolate, a rotating roster of extremely truffles. You can even look for fall-appropriate options such as green apple, peanut butter, and fig balsamic. 

Apart from this, Katherine Duncan, the chocolatier-in-chief is a big fan of using locally sourced ingredients, so you can enjoy your hot chocolate fudge and also feel a little bit virtuous at the same time. They are also renowned for using premium quality ingredients such as cream gathered from Illinois cows and local wildflower honey. Moreover, it would be great if you do not forget to taste their hand-dipped truffles available in different flavours such as passion fruit, caramel latte, Manhattan cocktail, and ginger created with Michigan cherries and distilled bourbon. 

Location: 2745 W Armitage Ave Chicago 60647

Contact: 773- 245 – 1630

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Candyality (Best Candy Store in Chicago)


Candyality is located in Lakeview and a place to kick up a explode of childhood nostalgia. This Chicago candy store also has various locations throughout the city. They sell every type of candy that you could ever imagine, including imported candies and retro ones—looking for something a little more sophisticated? Check out the shop’s wide-ranging licorice bar, which is packed full of adorable black Scottie dogs, classic red vines, and Scandinavian unique salted licorice.

Apart from this, you will also find candy-themed accessories and clothing at this place. Lately, Candyality has also voted as the best Chicago candy store. Besides, everything is in bulk here so that you can fill your bag with almost everything, such as chewy, crunchy, sour, chocolaty, sugary, and more. You are still confused about where to begin? Candyality’s CandyScope will determine your candy personality, allowing you to discover your sweet soulmate. Sounds adorable.

Location: 3737 N. Southport Avenue Chicago, IL 60613

Contact: 773-472-7800

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The Fudge Pot

It is impossible to pass The Fudge Pot without wanting to go inside. The front window display, which overlooks the charming wells street in the Old Town neighborhood, is loaded up with freshly made homemade fudge, butter toffee, caramel apples, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Besides, if you are always worried that there is no good place in town to get an oversized chocolate bar, worry not, the Fudge Pot has you covered.

Furthermore, this amazing Chicago candy shop has a broad selection of what can only be described as chocolate tchotchkes, which must be strange but quite charming. However, you can get away with almost any decorative desire when you also can churn out ten flavors of decadent fudge, dynamite caramel apples, pecan-loaded turtles, and many other handcrafted treats. In addition, they are experienced in making molded chocolate in every shape that you desire, such as cars, video game controllers, Eiffel tower, cell phones, dinosaurs, and many more. 

Location: 1532 N Wells St Chicago 60610

Contact:  312 943 1777

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Amy’s Candy Bar (Candy Store in Chicago)


Amy’s Candy Bar, without a doubt, is one of the best Chicago candy stores in the entire city. 

It is not the largest, and it doesn’t have the craziest selection of sweet treats, but it is nicely curated. The candy shop is situated in Lincoln Square and has the most acceptable candy outlet feel, with glass jars infused with candy lining shelves. 

Moreover, they sell several imported and classic candies; they are also best known for their homemade nougat and caramels. In addition to this, you will find a munch for every type of candy lover, from sours to gummies, vintage chocolates to candies. You will be awestruck by looking at their interior, which is appealing. Furthermore, their homemade treats, including the pricey but incredible OMG bar stuffed with hazelnut, sea salt caramel, and chocolate, will keep you coming back for more. Additionally, you will also find a tiny area of chocolate shop ice cream if you crave scooping ice cream.

Location: 4704 N Damen Ave Chicago 60625

Contact: 773-942-6386

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Blommer Chocolate Company

Many Chicagoans recognize the Blommer Chocolate Company as the source of the chocolate aroma that occasionally makes its way throughout the spiral. A small store located inside the factory’s entrance sells candy and chocolate made fresh from the factory. So even if you don’t buy anything, which is nearly impossible, it is worth going inside just for the delicious smell. 

Moreover, the Blommer candy store is known for its delicious aroma and excellent candies, truffles, and chocolate-dipped goodies. The best thing about this sweets store is that everything is very affordable. Besides, the company is ahead in advancing sustainable cocoa farming; therefore, they had a reputation for quality and customer service. So what are you waiting for? If you have any weekend plans, then don’t miss visiting this fantastic candy store in Chicago. 

Location: 600 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Contact: 312 226 7700

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Windy City Sweets


Are you more of a chocolate fudge person or a jelly person? What about licorice, slabs of homemade fudge, or toffee tins? Whatever your candy preferences are, Windy City Sweet’s diverse selection of goodies will indeed have something for you to offer. It is one of the finest Chicago candy stores where you will just feel like a small kid. 

Furthermore, the Lakeview candy shop will provide more than 1200 candies for you to look through, from bracingly sour strips of rainbow gummies to squares of chocolate-covered s’mores. Additionally, you can also taste some tasty and exciting options such as chocolate-dipped twinkies. You will see candies everywhere in this store; some of them are stacked on shelves and tables, and few are pouring from jars. So drop by Windy City Sweets today and pick your favorite classic candies from your childhood and one-of-a-kind creations from the shop that you’ve never tried before. Besides, you can also order scoops of homemade ice cream to relish on their outdoor patio in the back of the store.

Do you know why Chicago is known as the Windy City?

Location: 3308 N Broadway St Chicago 60657

Contact: 773-477-6100

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To Round off

Satisfy your sweet tooth and swing by to the above-mentioned Chicago candy stores any day. You can even learn about making chocolate and other candies by visiting their factories inside the shop, which will be a quite unique and delicious experience. Besides, you can also bring some samples of sweets from there to taste. We also have provided you with the website and contact information of the shops. So, do check them out when you are in the mood for some sweetness in your life.

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