8 Places for Best Omakase in Chicago

Well, it is easy to argue with your friends in Chicago about the best pizzas, burgers, and tacos in this city. But what about the best omakase Chicago? This is a different debate. Omakase is trending in the city, and during this fantastic dining experience, the guests leave the chef in complete control as the chef crafts a menu for the night to match the occasion and customers’ mood. 

Besides, you can experience authentic Japanese dining culture with Chicago’s best omakase. So, are you ready for this? If yes, check out some to enjoy the authentic Omakase dining experience.

Best Omakase Chicago

Go through the list below to choose the best one.


The Omakase Room

The Omakase Room

When it comes to witnessing the true meaning of the best omakase in Chicago, you will never go wrong with The Omakase Room. With Chicago’s well-known Sushi Chefs, Shigeru Kitan and Kaze Chan, you can expect to have the most delicious sushi and Japanese food you have ever tasted. 

This place has a dining room with a 10-person seating capacity, and each person’s experience will be unique. Speaking about the cost, you may need to pay around $200 to $300 for this. Book your table early, as reservations fill up very quickly. 

Address: 63 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

Contact number: +1 312-766-7899



Sushi By Bou

Sushi By Bou best omakase chicago

Another place to try out the best omakase Chicago is Sushi by Bou. Here you will witness a private, luxurious, and intimate omakase dining experience curated by chef Boy. After massive popularity in significant locations such as Lincoln Park, Miami, and New York, the restaurant is now offering its unique Omakase experience in Chicago.

The food item features the finest fresh fish from global and local markets. Talking about chefs, they guide the guests through a personalized dining experience. When you visit Sushi By Bou, try out Ikura, Botan Ebi, Hamachi, Wagyuni, Hotate, and O-Toro. 

Address: 1816 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

Contact number: +1 312-818-1156



Omakase Yume- Best Omakase Chicago

Omakase Yume- Best Omakase Chicago

Omakase Yume is where guests can enjoy a memorable, enjoyable, and delicious dining experience. Chef Sangtae Park believes that to bring an elegant taste, it is crucial to consider the rice’s formation, temperature, quality, and taste, along with the slicing and seasoning of fish. 

He has devoted his outstanding culinary skills to various Japanese foods and brought many new ideas to the restaurant industry of Chicago. The meal will be incredibly delicious, awe-inspiring, and personal. A 16-course meal will cost you around $185. 

Address:651 W Washington Blvd Suite #101, Chicago, IL 60661

Contact number: +1 312-265-1610




Mako best omakase chicago

At Mako, you will find an extensive Omakase menu created by Chef B.K. Park. Here, a 25-course meal may cost you around $180 and above. The delicious omakase menu sprinkled with flavorful pieces of Nigri and Sashimi may change with the seasons. The menu includes king crab with wagyu butter, uni miso, and perfectly cooked potato chips. The omakase counter of the restaurant has 12 seats, and you can spend two hours for your dinner.

You should note that this is a Michelin Star restaurant. Visit the place now and let the chef satisfy your tastebuds with fresh and hand-crafted sushi. The highlight menu is black cod with burned scallion ponzu. With this, you can incorporate your favorite hot food into omakase. 

 Address:731 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL, 60661

Contact number: +1 312-988-0687





Your list of best omakase Chicago will only be complete with Kyoten. Located in the west of Bucktown, at Kyoten, you will witness a perfect combination of purity, discipline, and purity. And the chef’s unique sushi-making style will surely impress. While following the traditional manner, Chef Otto always tries to bend the rules, combining his experience from well-known restaurants like Bar Masa and Nobu with the city.

To enjoy the omakase dining experience, you may need to pay around $400 to $500 per person. The price will vary based on the day. But you will find it worth it if you consider the ingredients’ quality and the delicious flavors of the food.

Address: 2507 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Contact number: +1 312-678-0800


For the best Italian experience, you might wish to know about Provare Chicago.


Kai Zan

Kai Zan best omakase chicago

Well, it is a fact that omakase dining can be a little expensive due to its unique menu. But how will you react when you get to know about an affordable omakase restaurant? Opened in 2012, Kai Zen is an inexpensive restaurant that offers an amazing omakase dining experience. Well-known sushi chefs Carlo Vizconde and Melvin blend fresh ingredients and flavors. The price starts from $90, but the restaurant doesn’t lack freshness, flavor, and atmosphere. 

Apart from the omakase dining, the place has a menu that includes different Japanese delicacies such as short rib skewers, seafood soba, wagyu fried rice, and more. If you are seeking the best place to try veg sushi, then Kai Zan is the place for you. It has a Nigri option that is purely vegetarian. 

Address: 2557 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Contact number: +1 773-278-5776


Here are more options to taste the Best Seafood in Chicago.




Arami is another popular place to enjoy delicious omakase food items. You can find this name mentioned multiple times in the Michelin Guide. At this place, the best omakase Chicago experience will begin from $150 per person, and a 16-course omakase menu will take you to a whole new world. 

While providing the guests with an amazing omakase dining experience, the restaurant offers different hand-crafted handrolls, seasonal appetizers, Nigiri, and more. CBS has mentioned this as the best place in Chicago for Japanese Cuisine.

Address: 1829 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL, 60622

Contact number:  +1 312-243-1535



For picky eaters and control freaks, there may be better options than the best Omakase Chicago, but they should give it a try to witness a unique dining experience. Omakase is now offering multi-course and high-end menus to all adventurous diners.

So, don’t think much; book a table at any of the above-listed restaurants, and let your tastebuds try something new and different. Besides this, you can check out more restaurants that serve the best Sushi in Chicago

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