Arami Chicago: A Sushi + Japanese kitchen in town

Did your homework, but the dog ate it? I took the trash out, but Mom was still upset. There are a lot of buts in life. For example, you like Omakase and will like it at Arami Chicago, “but” let me explain. 

West Town’s Arami Chicago is a contemporary Japanese restaurant run by the Fujimura brothers of Small Bar,  thoughtful creators of Omakase and specialty Nigiri. It’s easy to miss Arami at Chicago Avenue, but once inside, you’ll find it an excellent space. 

Wanna taste amazing Japanese food in Chicago, this is it!

What Makes Arami Chicago the Hero 

Address: 1829 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Phone: +1 312-243-1535


Arami Chicago is renowned for its superhero-like food. At the same time, the dining room features a partial glass ceiling with an unfinished atrium, where the music echoes off the brick walls. They serve sushi, simple nigiri, and complex rolls. At Arami, the menu also has a variety of small plates, appetizers, rice dishes, grilled robata meats, and comforting ramen. 

Notable Highlights from the Menu from Arami Chicago

Menu from Arami Chicago

A few things on this planet are more satisfying than a pristine raw fish. Some of the practical stuff that melts immediately in your mouth is served at the west town place owned by the Fujimura brothers. 

They stand out from other sushi-centric places because their seafood is wrapped in warm, toothsome rice and crunchy, toasted nori. It creates the perfect melange of texture as well as temperature. 

Here’s a brief list for what to try while you are at Arami.

Arami Ramen: Presenting a delectable bowl of ramen starring succulent pork belly, a tender soft-boiled egg, grilled mushrooms, and house-made preserved vegetables.

Chef’s Choice Sashimi and Nigiri: A selection of fish served with love and a personalized chef experience. 

Specialty Maki: These are rolls like the Unagi Kani Tobiko but with freshwater eel and spicy Alaskan king crab. 

Aramis Temaki Hand Rolls: A blend of fish and hand-rolled seaweed seasoned to perfection sushi rice. Chefs of Arami delicately assemble the rolls. 

The Artful Chirashi bowl: A visually appealing masterpiece, a colorful feature of sashimi, fresh vegetables, and fragrant toppings arranged over a bed of sushi rice. 

Gyu-Katsu: It’s a Japanese variation of traditional European schnitzel. In which tender beef cutlets are breaded and fried until they are crispy brown and served with tangy tonkatsu sauce. 

Time Out Market Collaboration: Aramis chef, Ty Fujimara, collaborates with Time Out the Market to offer an all-star lineup of fish-filled rolls. 

Other than Sushi

Food at Arami Chicago

There are other options to get into, beyond sushi, for example, the Tuna Tartare and Zuke Maguro Kani, as well as the standard maki rolls and robata grilled meats. 

They serve the best sushi in Chicago. The run-of-a-mill Americanized spot is affordable and offers more than just a fine dining omakase experience because everything is of the highest quality and beautifully made. But not just that, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten and shellfish intolerants can also have some specially prepared dishes at Arami Chicago. 

Coming Towards an End

In conclusion, Arami Chicago is an excellent place for a tourist in Chicago or a Chicagoan himself. Chef Fujimara’s vision and passion have elevated Arami to the forefront of Chicago’s food market. It’s also an upliftment of Japanese culture and food. Next time you take a trip to the windy city, book a seat at Arami and find yourself in the beauty of Japanese cultural traditions. 

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