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Bringing to you directly from the Coastal town of Busan, South Korea. The mastery of cooking by Chef Sangtae’s dedication at Omakase Yume Chicago. He began to learn and cook at a very tender age, which made him and his restaurant bloom quickly.

Address: 651 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, Illinois 60661

Phone: +1 (312) 265 1610


A Coastal Start Embracing the Japanese Cuisine 

Since he grew up in a coastal town, he was always close and naturally drawn to Japanese cuisine’s rich flavors and fresh ingredients. Inspired by the techniques of food making in Japan, he began his journey to become a skilled practitioner of this art form. 

Japanese Cuisine

The enchanting world of Omakase Yume Chicago, a treasure of a restaurant. A gem among Chicago’s best Omakase restaurants. Let’s see what makes this Michelin-star restaurant an acclaimed and celebrated one. 

An Edomae- style Affair at Omakase Yume Chicago

The Omakase Yume Chicago is a minimalist design restaurant with elegant spaces for food and to upgrade the overall dining experience. The place brings to life the time-honored traditions of Edomae-style sushi. The sushi bar comprises only 8 seats, and guests experience and witness Chef Sangtae’s mastery up close. 

Next, let’s discuss the 16-course journey that takes you through myriad exquisite flavors. There is a limited seating of only six guests per seating at 5 Pm, 7 Pm, and 9 Pm, ensuring an intimate and personalized dining experience. 

The Omakase menu is changed every day because they only use the freshest ingredients and, of course, their creative inspirations. To put a metaphor, think of Chef Sangtae as the master orchestrator, and he takes you on a voyage through a symphony of flavors. 

Reservation and Policies at Omakase Yume Chicago

Omakase Yume reservation

It’s better to reserve a seat at Omakase Yume Chicago to cherish the tasting experiences. But also remember to make any cancellations at least 48 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee per person. 

Beyond the Menu: Gift Cards

Omakase Yume Chicago has covered you even if you are looking for a perfect gift. They have these yummy gift cards, a thoughtful gesture that makes your loved one savor the magic of the unique creations of Chef Sangtae’s creations. 

Beyond Omakase: A La Carte Delights

While Omakase steals the spotlight at Omakase Yume Chicago, they also have a la carte options. Some dishes are a choice of freedom for additional exploration of guests, but they are inserted smartly into the menu as they complement the main course menu. 

Toast to Your Favorites at Omakase Yume Chicago with the BYOB Policy

At Omakase Yume Chicago, guests can bring in their favorite beverages and sip with their choice of dish. The BYOB policy allows the guests to create a perfect pairing, to enhance the overall sushi experience. 

Food Rundown: A Lyric of Flavors

Monkfish Liver Appetizer

The rundown wonders of grace at Omakase Yume Chicago melts down to Omakase tasting. The menu favorites of all times are.

  • Monkfish Liver Appetizer: A small, firm disk of monkfish liver crowned with the subtle tang of ponzu sauce, balancing ponzu’s funky and sweet flavors.
  • Nigri Courses: The precisely cut nigiri adds to its charm when Chef Sangtae’s knife skills make this an artful presentation. 
  • Grilled Black Cod: The grilled miso black cod is served atop a bed of rice. The mingling flavors come out in a whoosh.
  • Miso Soup: The comforting flavors of miso soup are sweet flavors that follow. 
  • Tamago: The sweetness of tamago is a classic sushi staple. A palate that never displeases.
  • Matcha Panna Cotta: The conclusion masterpiece is the wondrous dessert, a smooth and creamy flavored matcha panna cotta with added little crunchies. 

Towards the End

The coastal root flavors at Omakase Yume Chicago, presented by Chef Sangtae, bring out the actual art and skills in every dish. Every roll is made with utmost love and using only the freshest ingredients. Blending two cultures into one sushi is a promise that makes you go again and again and try new things. Be sure to try the place on your next visit to Chicago. 

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