Sushi By Bou Chicago: Letting the Chef take you on an Adventure

Sushi By Bou Chicago is an omakase experience inside the Emily Hotel on Morgan Street Chicago. The restaurant has two locations in Chicago. The spread of places makes this gem of a place a must-try while you are in Chicago. 

Sushi Counter Serenity at Sushi By Bou Chicago

Location Address
Inside The Emily Hotel 311 N. Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607
Inside The Claridge House 1244 N Dearborn Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: +1 312-818-1156


Meal Discussions at Sushi by Bou Chicago

The rollercoaster ride that takes you on sushi express is expertly differentiated into parts by course meals. For example, The 30-minute 12-course meal is priced at $60, and the 60-minute 17-course meal is priced at $100. The textures and flavors always will leave you craving for more. 

Meal Discussions at Sushi By Bou Chicago

When we talk about timings, one must not worry because Sushi By Bou Chicago has its doors open from Monday to Sunday but at different times. Hence the timings are limited, but everyone can surely experience it once. 

  • Monday to Thursday:  5pm to 11pm
  • Friday Lunch: 12 pm to 3 pm
  • Friday Dinner: 5 pm to 11 pm 
  • Saturday Lunch: 12pm to 3 pm
  • Saturday Dinner: 5pm to 11pm
  • Sunday Lunch: 12 pm to 3 pm
  • Sunday Dinner: 5 pm to 11 pm

The speakeasy ambiance and the excellent capture of the 90s hip-hop era, the walls covered in graffiti art, and the murals of Chicago’s hip-hop legends make it a different yet exquisite location to have food. 

The Finest Ingredients in Sushi By Bou Chicago

Finest Ingredients in Sushi

The show’s real stars, the sushi chefs, make you go home with the accuracy that you’ve never seen sushi made like this before. The omakase experience is where you leave it to the chef’s choice, and that’s the best decision you can make here. They start with a selection of sashimi because it’s fresh and tender and melts immediately in your mouth.

But the Nigiri is a tiny work of art. The fish is so beautifully sliced and placed on a perfectly seasoned bed of rice. From silky toro to sweet, creamy uni- something you can eat all day. Next is the grilled fish and tempura, which fall under the creative small plates menu.

The Charm and Perfection of the Place

Perfection of the Place

Sushi By Bou Chicago has earned its reputation today for its unique and memorable dining experiences centered around its signature omakase offerings. Their philosophy revolves around offering high-quality sushi without compromising on a fun and approachable atmosphere. Each location is meticulously designed to evoke a distinct ambiance, making every visit a one-of-a-kind adventure. 

Some Rules and Regulations 

At Sushi By Bou Chicago, they take care of every guest and have an exceptional experience while dining with them. To maintain the quality of service and respect the culinary team’s efforts to make sure everything is problem-free and seamless. In addition to that, they have a thoughtful cancellation policy in place:

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy of Sushi By Bou Chicago

For reservations made within 24 hours of the reservation time, a 50 % per person fee applies to cancellations and no-shows.

No Same Day Rescheduling

Please note that rescheduling on the same as the reservation is not allowed. 

Late Arrival

To ensure the best possible experience for all the guests, parties arriving at most 10 minutes cannot be accommodated and will be subjected to a show fee. 

To ensure everything falls into place efficiently, customer understanding and cooperation are equally necessary; it creates an exceptional dining experience for both parties.

All in All

Sushi By Bou Chicago is an impressive sushi place if we have to talk about it in a nutshell. The setting, the food, the people, everything makes it shine through. The extra touch is the addition of charm while having the omakase experience. This place serves the best Omakase in Chicago. Add this place to your bucket list, and you’ll thank me later because fine craftsmanship goes a long way in thought. 

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