Best Sushi in Chicago – Here’s Where You Should Go

Sushi is not just a craze; it is a way of life, particularly in a city as eclectic and different as Chicago. Chicago has an excellent seafood culture, which our diverse Asian restaurants often complement. The city is home to various incredible restaurants influenced by Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and many other Asian countries. Nowadays, several places offer the best sushi in Chicago. 

Furthermore, Diners in Chicago have become more experimental and willing to try various sushi formats such as omakase. If you search for melt-in-mouth fat-marbled tangy uni, otoro, or simply grab n’ go rolls on your way home from work. The mentioned restaurants deliver the freshest and most delicious raw fish in the city. We know that it can be a bit difficult to find the best place to eat; worry not, we’ve discovered the best sushi in Chicago restaurants to make it easy for you. So prepare your Chopsticks, and let’s roll!

Grub The Best Sushi In Chicago

When your sushi cravings hit, head to the below restaurants for an exquisite sushi experience. Now, enjoy and eat up.


Kai Zan Sushi


Kai Zan will provide you with a sushi experience unlike any other in the city. It is run by two sushi experts that will prepare customized sushi for you. The omakase-style meal will indeed serve to your taste. Exceptionally affordable and elegant Kai Zan Sushi restaurant is one of River West’s best sushi in Chicago.

Apart from this, you would be unwise if you will miss ordering the scallops or oyster shooters, the escolar or Magura pearls. Additionally, the green monster roll or the fiesta maki made from salmon, jalapeno, and hot chili oil is worth trying from the menu. While these all are unique and utterly delicious must-haves of Japanese cuisine, the richness doesn’t overwhelm the fish in the maki and sashimi. Eating sushi here will give you a party of different flavours in your mouth. 

Location:  2557 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Contact: (773) 278-5776



Juno Sushi

Are you looking for the best sushi deal in Chicago? It is at Juno, where BK Park (the chef ) is doing miracles with raw fish. The sashimi, the chef’s personal choice, is neatly sliced, spread over ice, and embellished with shells and flowers. It costs $42 for 18 pieces of fish with two each of nine different kinds. This is absolutely an excellent deal; while it is acceptable for a solo diner, there are plenty more things to try.

In addition to this, you should not miss the smoked hamachi Juno; it comes under a glass dome with two spoons holding lightly smoked pieces of fish. Apart from this, the Juno King dish is made of two single bites of tuna, muffled around rice and topped with chili crab, which is scrumptious. Even the spicy tuna roll is enhanced with a thick chunk of tuna and scallions and a little bit of sriracha and chili oil. So many people in Chicago reviewed this Lincoln Park sushi place to be their favourite, and now we totally get why.

Location: 2638 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Contact: 773-935-2000



Arami (Best Sushi in Chicago)


Arami is an up-to-date Japanese restaurant based in West Town, Chicago, with a casual and inviting atmosphere. This cozy and welcoming restaurant will encourage you to relax for hours. Simply sip sake or drinks like the matcha sour, made with lemon, matcha green tea, and egg white. Besides, the most common sushi rolls of Arami restaurants include Spicy Sake, Kyuri, Aomi, and Futo Maki. 

The Spicy Sake roll is made with fresh salmon, scallions, and a dash of chilli oil just to give a spicy kick. If you don’t like spicy meals, we suggest you try the Aomi sushi roll. It is made up of blue skin fish filled with sesame, ginger, shiso, and scallions. But, if you want to taste a mixture of spicy and savory, then Futo Maki is a perfect choice for you. It is made of spicy mayo, cucumbers, avocados, cilantro, and jalapenos. This diner provides delivery, reservations, and takeaways. If you are looking for omakase-style sushi, we suggest you visit Arami in the city.

Location: 1829 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Contact: 312-243-1535


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best sushi in chicago

There are so many delicious items at the Momotaro that it would be a mistake to eat the entire food without even looking at the sushi menu. So instead, you can try the nigiri or sashimi pieces, or you may go all out with sushi rolls such as zuke salmon with citrus soy, salmon skin, ginger, and smoke ikura. Apart from this, many vegetarian options are also available at Momotaro, like rolls filled with shiitake mushrooms and gourd. 

Besides, Momotaro restaurant is more than just a sushi joint; it is a Japanese gourmet experience. You can try various dishes ranging from ultra-fresh sashimi to spicy beef curry spaghetti with black garlic oil and chicken oysters with yuzu. Another over-the-top meal is chef Kaze’s Makimono sushi rolls like Momomaki with big-eye tuna, pickled daikon, and spicy tako. Momotaro is one of the best places to enjoy sushi in Chicago.

Location:  820 W LAKE ST CHICAGO, IL 60607

Contact: 312-733-4818


Go to hMart Chicago if you need some great Asian food.




The decoration of Sunda is almost like passing through a Southeast Asian night market. With a giant statement chandelier made of sticks and vibrant, bold lights, this place provides one of the best sushi in Chicago. Though Sunda is best-known for its sushi, it will be more of an Asian fusion if you look at its menu. You can relish the fusion dishes like adobo braised pork belly, Chinese-inspired dim-sum, and garlic crab noodles.

Furthermore, along with the delicious sushi and other meals, you will also find the fun music bumping there with great people watching. Undoubtedly, Sunda is the best spot to visit with your family or even a better place to enjoy a night out in Chicago. Aside from this, do not forget to try their signature sushi called the spicy tail of two tunas. It is made with yellowfin and escolar and hidden lobster, bacon, crunchy pig, and tempura crispies. Also, for an excellent experience, pair the sushi with paired wine made with grey goose vodka and Zipang sparkling sake.

Location: 110 W Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60654

Contact: 312-644-0500


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Roka Akor (Best Sushi in Chicago)

Roka Akor is an award-winning restaurant known for its beautifully presented Japanese cuisines prepared with high-quality ingredients. Although it has other locations in different cities in the U.S, it is a must-visit place when you are in River North. The best thing about Roka Akor is that they change their menu regularly according to seasonal offerings; therefore, whatever meal you will order will be fresh and fantastic. 

Moreover, if we talk about the ambience and decor of Roka Akor restaurant, trendy is the word that comes to mind. The atmosphere perfectly matches the sushi menu, including bites with a touch of glitz and glamour, gold embellishments, and statement decor. You can try the omakase menu, which includes caviar and truffles on some rolls. If you want to order outside the menu, try their popular robata grilled Japanese shishito peppers. Their cocktails complement each other perfectly with bright citrus flavours and lovely embellishments. 

Location: 456 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60654

Contact: 3125790834





At Sushi-san, you are in good hands with sushi expert Kaze Chan, also known by Kaze, Momotaro. He made a menu of hits by using only fresh ingredients and easy techniques. If you want to have a glance at Chan’s skills, you definitely need to splurge on San-Set. The dish comprises some selected collections of nigiri, sashimi, and rolls that are made for sharing. Needless, the possibilities of Instagram pictures are endless.

Therefore, for a completely new experience, do grab a seat at the hand roll bar, where you can enjoy the freshly made pockets of crispy seaweed, pristine fish, and warm rice. And, this will be served to you directly from the chef’s counter. According to chef Chan, this type of sushi should be consumed as soon as it is prepared; even 30 seconds delay in service can ruin the experience. In addition, you will find some creative touches such as shochu, Pamplemousse flavoured sparkling water, and lime served in the LaCroix can on the cocktail counter. 

Location: 63 W Grand Ave Chicago 60654

Contact: 312-828-0575



Macku Sushi

You can spice things up with a dining experience in an omakase style, served in a modern and elevated interior. They use only fresh fish, providing one of the best sushi in Chicago. Macku is a hit place among the locals in Lincoln Park. Besides, if you are from those who value art as much as their food, then Macku Sushi awaits you.

Furthermore, the elaborate garnishings with an onion slice, tomato-mushroom puree, truffle oil, and fried garlic look too delicious to eat in the restaurant. Besides, you can also opt for less extravagant-looking meals that are equally flavorful. You can choose anything from their massive selection of signature rolls, appetizers, sashimi, maki, and ramen; we bet you won’t feel disappointed. If you love beautifully presented food that also tastes delicious, Macku Sushi is the place for you and willingly serves some of the best sushi in Chicago. 

Location: 2239 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Contact:  773-880-8012


Time To Head Out For A Treat.

From affordable restaurants to five-start diners, you will have no reason not to hit up one of the above-mentioned excellent sushi places. Whether you are searching for a casual sushi dinner or a more high-up experience, this list of sushi restaurants that serve the best sushi in Chicago has you covered.

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