Best Mac And Cheese in Chicago – Top 5 Restaurants!

If you are a resident of the Chicago metropolitan area and you haven’t had macaroni and cheese, you are missing out on something amazing. Numerous individuals view the meal as a metaphor for the concept of home. It induces feelings of comfort and provides spiritual nourishment. But where exactly can you find the best Mac and Cheese Chicago? 

Because there are so many cafés casual restaurants in Chicago that provide comfort food, we thought it would be useful to assemble a list of our top recommendations for mac and cheese.

Try out these amazing restaurants if you are looking forward to having a scrummy plate of the best Mac and Cheese in Chicago!

Best Mac and Cheese Chicago – Top Places to Try!

It is difficult to find a dish more satisfying than macaroni and cheese. Moreover, it is perfect for every occasion or mood. The appeal of macaroni and cheese is largely attributable to its simplicity of preparation, creating a tasty plate since it does not require a lot of effort or a variety of ingredients. However, if prepared properly and served at the right place, the mac and cheese in Chicago can be more satisfying than any dish you’ve ever tried.


GT Fish and Oyster

GT Fish and Oyster best mac and cheese chicago

When lobster from one of the city’s finest seafood restaurants, GT Fish and Oyster, is added to the mix of mac and cheese in Chicago, the dish becomes even more sumptuous. Adding lobster to macaroni and cheese makes it even more decadent. Lobster mac and cheese made with Orecchiette pasta, luscious bits of crustacean, and English peas is possibly the tastiest in the region. It is clearly less cheesy than the conventional variety, but when the ingredients are considered, it achieves a good balance of flavors.


Address: 531 N. Wells Street

Contact Number: 312-929-3501


Kuma’s Corner – Among Best Mac and Cheese Chicago Restaurants

Kuma's Corner - Among Best Mac and Cheese Chicago Restaurants

We recommend that you visit Kuma’s Corner if you are searching for restaurants in your neighborhood where you may create your own best mac & cheese Chicago meal. Customers may add two extra toppings to a cheese mixture that is already coated with breadcrumbs and onions. There are numerous toppings available, including caramelized onion and roasted red pepper, among others.

The first Kuma restaurant opened in 2005 in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood, and its flagship location is at the junction of Belmont Avenue and Francisco Avenue. They began as a neighborhood tavern offering traditional American bistro fare and have now expanded to five locations, all of which are happy to serve some of the best mac and cheese in Chicago! 


Address: 2900 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

Contact Number: 773-604-8769


Uncommon Ground

Uncommon Ground

There is not much to the macaroni and cheese at Lakeview’s long-running farm-to-table restaurant; it consists of pasta shells and cheese sauce topped with a scattering of crushed potato chips. This one of the best mac and cheese in Chicago dish has been featured on the menu for quite some time. But the sauce, made with cheddar, Swiss, and the all-too-often-overlooked, gloriously meltable butter kale, is just right, velvety and tangy. Interestingly it can also be replaced by salty, crispy chips for the customary breadcrumbs. 

In other words, one of Chicago’s best macaroni and cheese provided at this restaurant are the classic comfort food because of its simplicity and aims to satisfy one’s deepest aspirations.


Address: 3800 North Clark Street, Chicago

Contact Number: 773-929-3680


Frontier for Best Mac and Cheese Chicago

Frontier for Best Mac and Cheese Chicago

If you haven’t had the five-cheese mac and cheese Chicago, served by Frontier, you should do so immediately. It arrives at the table boiling, browned, and nearly overflowing from the rectangular cast-iron casserole dish topped with cheese. When you cut through the beautiful top layer, you will find fusilli coated in a tangy and creamy cheese sauce. Now, isn’t that tempting?

At Frontier, you will be forced out of your comfort zone and given a taste of what it’s like to eat and drink at the Frontier of civilization, where nature controls what humans can consume. They prepare and cook food and the best mac and cheese Chicago, in inventive and delectable ways, much like past generations of pioneers who relocated to the American West in search of new beginnings.


Address: 1072 North Milwaukee Avenue

Contact number: (773) 772-4323.


Chicago Q

Chicago Q

The inventive chefs at Chicago Q have tried to serve the best mac and cheese in Chicago. Furthermore, it is served in a cast-iron skillet in family-style servings. Interestingly, an order is basically big enough to be served to a family of four. Corkscrew pasta is slathered in a sauce made of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses and then seasoned with a smoky-sweet flavor. 

They propose upping the ante by adding one or two additional ingredients; the burnt ends, which have a crispy edge but remain juicy, which make up for Chicago’s best mac and cheese.


Address: 1160 North Dearborn Street

Contact Number: (312) 642-1160


The best mac and cheese Chicago is a classic comfort food that is perfect for low-key gatherings or Saturday afternoons on the couch. You can like it spicy, baked, or served as a side dish. In actuality, there is a lot of variety and that’s one reason we have listed these 5 top restaurants. So, if you think you are a fan of the dish, you should try them all! 

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