Frontier Chicago: Sizzling Hot Dishes

If you haven’t tried the five-cheese mac and cheese from Frontier in Chicago, you’ve got to go for it. Imagine it comes to your table sizzling hot, all golden, and almost spilling out of this rectangular cast-iron dish covered in cheese. When you dig in, you’ll discover twisted fusilli noodles smothered in a tangy and creamy cheese sauce. How tempting does that sound?

Frontier actually forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and gives you a taste of what it’s like to eat and drink at the farthest frontier of society. It’s like Mother Nature herself is deciding what’s on the menu. They whip up the best mac and cheese in Chicago in the most creative and mouthwatering ways, just like those brave pioneers who headed out West for new beginnings. So, if you’re up for an adventure in flavor, Frontier’s got your back!

All-Weather Beer Garden at Frontier Chicago

Address: 1072 North Milwaukee Avenue

Contact number: (773) 772-4323.


Frontier’s heated and outdoor Beer Garden is a terrific location to eat and drink whatever the weather. On warm days, you can enjoy being outside, and on chilly evenings, the stone fireplace will keep you warm. The location for Frontier’s famous whole animal meals is the Beer Garden. If you have more than 75 people, you can rent out the communal Beer Garden. 

Frontier Chicago outside sitting

On the main floor, smaller groups will be accommodated at various tables. For groups of six or more, preordered meals from the large party menu are necessary; food and beverage minimums apply to all reservations. The extensive party menu offers a wide range of choices to suit every preference, including per-person packages, appetizer platters, and whole-animal feasts. Please get in touch with the restaurant at least 72 hours in advance to arrange an order. 

Second Floor Lounge

Your next special occasion will be the perfect fit in our upstairs lounge on the second story. The room has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere thanks to its exposed wood and natural brick accents. A stone fireplace gives comfort in the cold while floor-to-ceiling windows let in a lot of natural light. A 20-foot bar can be used to split the lounge into two distinct areas, or the entire area can be booked. 

second floor lounge at Frontier Chicago

For your event, we provide a range of pre-ordered meal alternatives, such as per-person packages, appetizer spreads, and whole-animal dinners. Additionally, they have a complete bar with a large selection of beverages. They need a minimum of 25 attendees for a semi-private event. There will be minimums for food and drinks. Frontiers love to plan and make your event more special for you.

Off-Site Catering at Frontier Chicago

In the tradition of the intrepid settlers who braved the American West, Frontier takes great pleasure in preparing and cooking our food in inventive and delicious ways. Frontier gladly welcomes you to try the modern take on these delicacies from their menu, which pays respect to the full meals the brave travelers ate while on the road. Like the early settlers, the best way to eat is in a communal setting. 

off site catering at Frontier Chicago

Most of their dishes are made with the veggies and herbs grown or harvested nearby to make sure they are healthy to eat. They always make sure that you get food that is both delicious and healthy and you enjoy while eating. Whether you are searching for a casual meal or party with family or friends, they have everything you need. So come on in and enjoy the best flavors of the American West.

End Note

The cuisine at Frontier is guaranteed to delight, with dishes like their famous five-cheese mac & cheese and whole animal feasts. Whether you are searching for a casual meal or an event, they have everything you need. Additionally, no matter the weather, you can savor their delectable food in their heated outside Beer Garden. Therefore, Frontier Chicago should be on your list of options if you’re seeking a really distinctive eating experience. 

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