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Handlebar Chicago, a bustling restaurant and cafe, is also one of the top vegan restaurants in Chicago. With a wide selection of vegetarian delights, seafood, wines, craft cocktails, and an extensive menu full of options to choose from, Handle Bar promises to be a great addition to your night out on the town. Explore more about this restaurant in this article!

All About Handlebar Chicago

Location- 2311 W North Ave, Chicago

Contact-  +1 773-384-9546



Handlebar Chicago is a popular neighborhood restaurant known for its range of seafood and drinks. Also, it is famous for a wider range of vegan options that are hard to find anywhere else. The restaurant offers dine-in, delivery, and takeaway services. 

Handlebar Chicago Specialty

Handlebar Chicago ambience

Handlebar remains one rare eater joint that offers made-from-scratch vegan and vegetarian comfort food. Furthermore, you can get these from the menu during breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, all days of the week. The restaurant is a small and casual property that features a full-service bar. Even a beer garden will interest you to visit this spot repeatedly. As a part of their sustainable service, Handlebar in Chicago recycles brews fair-trade coffee from the start. The restaurant also serves completely organic eggs. All ingredients are sourced locally, helping farmers in their lives. Handlebar has been serving food and drinks in Wicker Park since 2003. 

The Menu

While there are many items, the specials need attention the most. Here is the rundown of the most exciting menu specials at Handlebar Chicago:

  • English muffin
  • Fried mushroom chicken
  • Collard greens
  • Maple bourbon plant-based butter
  • Organic poached eggs OR blackened tofu
  • Tabasco spiked vegan hollandaise
  • A side of breakfast potatoes!

Here are the daily specials that are available at the restaurant and you can check the availability before you make your plans for dining at Handlebar Chicago.

All About Handlebar Chicago food

Sunday Specials:

  • FRIED AVOCADO TACOS, TECATE & TEQUILA SHOT – two fried avocado tacos, a can of Tecate & a shot of silver tequila
  • CAULIFLOWER WINGZ – chile & garlic spiced panko breaded cauliflower, vegan ranch & wing dipping sauces, carrots & celery. vegan. 

Monday Specials:

  • CHIMICHANGAS – seitan chorizo, tofu, queso OR vegan queso, peppers, flour tortilla, black beans, rice, guajillo sauce, pico de gallo, guacamole

Tuesday, Wednesday:

  • HANDLESMASH BURGER & FRIES that comes with two house-made black bean patties, cheddar OR vegan Chao cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce, pickles, special sauce, brioche bun (no substitutions)

Throwback Thursdays: 

  • CHILI QUESADILLA – flour tortilla, ancho spiced chili, jack cheese (vegan cheese available), and avocado with chips & pico on the side to seal the deal! 

Drinks at Handlebar Chicago

The restaurant also offers a variety of craft beers and cocktails to complement its food menu. The beverage menu of Handlebar Chicago features local beers from Chicago breweries and seasonal cocktails made with fresh, organic ingredients. And while you are at it, try their signature cocktails like Gragula, Bloody Marry, Bloody hammer, and so much more


Handlebar Chicago is the ideal spot to grab a bite and enjoy lively vibes while enjoying the street views. Moreover, it is also a must-visit spot for vegans and anyone looking to try plant-based cuisine in Chicago. With its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and great cocktails, this is an excellent spot for you to try. 


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