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The mac and cheese is a special treat at Uncommon Ground Chicago. It’s a simple dish that tastes extremely good. Imagine pasta shells coated in a rich, creamy cheese sauce. They even sprinkle some crispy potato chips on top, adding that satisfying crunch. Its velvety and tangy cheese sauce sets this mac and cheese apart. 

They mix cheddar, Swiss, and the often-forgotten but super melty buttery kale into it. And if you want a twist, you can swap out the usual breadcrumbs for some salty, crispy chips. It’s all about keeping it simple and hitting those comfort food cravings right on the mark. If you’re in Chicago, you absolutely have to give this mac and cheese a shot. 

Beginning of Uncommon Grounds Chicago

Address: 3800 North Clark Street, Chicago

Contact Number: 773-929-3680


Back in ’91, on July 1st, Michael and the author excitedly launched Uncommon Ground Coffeehouse & Café at 1214 West Grace St. The cozy 850-square-foot spot warmly welcomed 25 folks indoors and 20 more outside. It featured a tempting pastry case, an espresso machine, and a basic kitchen where they skillfully cooked everything from scratch. Initially, it was just Mike and the author, serving up gourmet lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and hot chocolates, along with tasty dishes like Eggs Espresso, French toast, Uncommon Hummus, Helen’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and their famous veggie chili. Their days started at 7 AM and wrapped up at 10 PM daily. 

Uncommon Ground Chicago the man behind

As time passed, they faced challenges but steadily expanded, doubling their space in ’96, obtaining a liquor license in ’97, and venturing into a new Edgewater location in ’07. Uncommon Ground remained loyal to its commitment to providing excellent food and beverages, establishing a smoke-free oasis, and promoting sustainability. The author appreciates their family, friends, coworkers, artists, musicians, and loyal patrons who helped them carry out their aim of nourishing the neighborhood while preserving nature. They also want to express their sincere gratitude to their partner, Michael, for steadfastly accompanying them on this amazing journey to bring Uncommon Ground to life.

Book Your Private Events

Uncommon Ground Lakeview offers two amazing party rooms that are just perfect for your needs. The first room is super cozy and even has a covered place where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy some tasty cocktails. The second room is all set up with a fantastic sound system and cool LED stage lights, so you can have a DJ come in and really get the party going. This music party room can easily fit up to 47 people for a nice sit-down dinner.

It’s just a block away from Wrigley Field, so it’s the ultimate spot to have a blast before or after a Cubs game. To kick off your party plans, all you must do is fill out the event booking form below. 

Live Music at Chicago’s Uncommon Ground

Every week, they hold fascinating events and live music in their quaint little venue. It’s a cozy, welcoming setting where you can take in a wide variety of acts. Each one guarantees a distinct and special dining experience. Check out their forthcoming performances; they’re definitely worth it! They frequently host events and live music in this welcome space, fostering a warm environment for all of their visitors. 

Uncommon Ground Chicago live music

You won’t want to miss out, so be sure to look at their calendar of forthcoming performances! In their intimate setting, you can count on live music and thrilling events happening regularly. Each one guarantees an absolutely unique dining experience. Remember to check out their forthcoming performances; they’re well worth your time.

Greenstar Brewing:

They’re super excited to share the news that Illinois now boasts its very first certified organic brewery! You’ll discover a fantastic seven-barrel brewing setup right next to their cozy little storefront micro-brewery. What’s really neat is that they’ve connected serving tanks directly to Uncommon Ground’s tap system, so you can’t find fresher beer anywhere else!

Uncommon Ground Chicago greenstar brewing

Imagine savoring a tasty, freshly brewed pint right there or grabbing some to take home and enjoy later. It’s all about quality and natural goodness at this special place. So, if you’re a fan of fantastic beer and supporting local, organic goodness, this is the place for you. Raise a glass to fresh brews and good times! Cheers!

End Note

In a nutshell, since 1991, Uncommon Ground Chicago has been preparing mouthwatering farm-to-table meals and providing a cozy ambiance and live music for an unforgettable dining experience. You must taste Chicago’s amazing mac and cheese, which is created with a silky cheese sauce and salty chips. The first brewery in Illinois to be certified organic has been added to the mix. So stop by, have some tasty comfort food and fresh beer, and take in the warm ambiance. It’s all about having fun and enjoying wonderful food!

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