5 Awesome Dog Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

Our furry friends are more than the animals who eat, play, and sleep. Their presence adds to the liveliness of our mood in a way that we feel a spark of happiness striking us. This is one of the many reasons why we would want our dogs to accompany us to places where being on our own or with friends doesn’t suffice. The dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago don’t seem good enough of a place to dine out at, without our beloved dogs being allowed to stay on our side. Such soaring demands of the pet owners wanting their dogs to be allowed into the restaurants have led to many eating houses opening up patios that are dog friendly.

It seems convenient on the part of pet parents to have to bring along their pups to restaurants where the customers will go “aww” at the sight of the cuteness that they bring along with them, making the revenue for these restaurants rise up even more. Gladly, many restaurants in Chicago are welcoming of pups where some of them provide dog menus to not let our fur babies feel like they are missing out on a treat.

There are around 575 dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago that are dog friendly. Whether you’ve got a dog that you want to be eating out with or fancy watching the pups gorge into their specialised foods, we’ll list just the best of the restaurants in Chicago that you’re looking for, to go on a date with your dog.

Dog Friendly Restaurants In Chicago


Big Star (Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago)


This is Situated in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park, its menu is inspired by authentic Mexican street food. This taqueria is contained in a discontinued 1940’s gas station and has been around for over 10 years. Initially, it was planned to be made as more of a bar with little food to serve on the side. Big star serves mouth-watering tacos in an ambience where dogs are seen at almost every table. It is undoubtedly known to have one of the best patios in the whole of Chicago.

It isn’t only visited because of the delicious food that they give the servings of, but also for the fact of being a fun place to go to. The Big Star claimed its place to be one of the most sought-after dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago where inexpensive, quality drinks and food, gained popularity among the passionate diners. Dogs are treated with much love and care and are made to feel at home. There’s always some kind of country music playing in the background which compliments the choice of food that they have available there. It is a must for dog owners to see the beauty that this place lends in terms of food and friendliness.

Address- 1531 N Damen Ave. Chicago


Harry Caray’s Tavern Navy Pier

The complexity in its name shouldn’t scare you off from experiencing one of the most welcoming restaurants in Chicago. It’s a licensed dog-friendly patio on Navy Pier. Harry’s was the first patio to allow dogs inside on Navy Pier. Your canine friend will be attended to, in the most hospitable manner. There is always a complimentary water bowl served to your dog to help him test the waters both literally and figuratively.

Following such royal treatment, comes a treat that is given to the dog to know that he’s welcomed with great enthusiasm and passion. While your dog is engrossed in pleasing his appetite, you can enjoy a Holy Cow burger, house-smoked barbecue or one of their signature pizzas. Harry’s patio offers entertainment to its customers by the beauty of Lake Michigan. It comes highly recommended in the list for all those looking for a warm place to eat and enjoy the company of their canine companions.

Address- 700 E Grand Ave, Navy Pier, Chicago


312 Chicago


This restaurant is the right fit for those who have a liking for northern Italian cuisine which has an aura of dining places from the 1930s. On weekends, dogs are given a separate menu to choose their favourite food from and for the rest of the days, they welcome dogs to their sidewalk patio. This is one such dog-friendly restaurant in Chicago that goes out of its way to make the dogs feel welcomed during their waggin’ weekends. Their food is amazingly tasty and the service is up to the mark.

Pay a visit to this restaurant that lures its customers with their food and space that’s dog friendly.

Address- 136 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago


Waterfront Cafe (Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago)

Being just minutes away from downtown, this cafe is located in a historic coach house attached to one of the only few mansions that once lined Chicago’s lakefront. The beauty of this restaurant is unmatched and has a view that makes one want to stay there longer than one can. The staff is very friendly and the serving portions of food are large with dogs being allowed to enjoy the scenic beauty as well.

Waterfront cafe presents musicians that ease the tone of the environment while also taking care of being too mellow to interrupt the dinner conversations. Privacy is taken care of by the staff who proceed to come to the table only when asked for. There’s enough space for dogs to breathe and feel the fresh air brushing against their fluffy fur.

Address- 6019 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago


Pierrot Gourmet


Last on the list is the fanciest restaurant that has a French touch to it, which may come off as a little pricey. But worry not, because the price that you pay is worth every bit of experience you get. The outdoor area is equally pleasant and has dogs getting satiated by the food that their menu offers.

Various pet owners are seen enjoying the comfort of having their pets alongside when eating food, the taste of which is said to be inexplicable.

Address- 108 E Superior St, Chicago

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Dogs show their loyalty by making us feel special in every walk of our life and now, it’s time for us to reciprocate the love in whatever bits we can. Letting your dog go to these dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago is a way of describing a love that remains engraved in our hearts. We need an action in place to make our dogs feel as loved as they make us feel.

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