Chez Moi Chicago: Coziest French Bistro in City

Bonjour, mes amis, are you ready to take a ride on a virtual tour to Chez Moi Chicago? If yes, let’s see how this French bistro steals your heart while you roam around Lincoln Park Street. But wait for once. You can feel like you are in Chicago, and the very next moment of entering, Chez Moi will stroll you right down the Parisian streets. Think of it like Gordon Ramsey has spilled two salts in one dish, a pinch of windy city Chicago and the ever-dreamy France. 

A Taste of Paris in Chicago at Chez Moi Chicago

Address: 2100 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Phone: +1 773-871-2100


Okay, now that you know the basics, let’s take you to the experience of the symphony of flavors that make you dance. Everything is lovingly made by the very talented Chef Dominique Tougne, who knows how to bring out the right French flavors and serve them to you. 

Chez Moi Chicago food menu

For starters Onion Tarts and Wild Escargots en Croute are savory favorite snacks. They undoubtedly will take the Ooh la la out of you with every bite you take. 

Coming to people with a heart for seafood, the menu has Pan Seared crab cake, which can take you to Normandy. For cheese lovers, a selection of Fromage is paired with fresh seasonal fruits. 

Chez Moi’s Signatures to Steal your heart

Next comes the signatures; hold on to your beats because Chez Moi’s signature dishes are ready to sweep you off your feet. The Qualidou is a seductive dance of quail, duck breast, and foie gras made in bordelaise sauce and is a love at first bite. 

But wait, there’s more; brace yourself with the Oven roasted Duck A L’Orange. As almost clear from the name, a juicy duck meets the citrusy dish with tangy flavors. Is that all? Last but not least is the gateau Breton, a fling of buttery and crumbly shortbread that makes your heart skip a beat and tongue dance. 


All the French Bistro Vibes at Chez Moi Chicago

Chez Moi Chicago sittings

The food and all is voila, but the place you’ll be sitting and having that food is more of a discussion. Well, that too isn’t disappointing because as soon as you step inside Chez Moi Chicago, a cozy, French interior with crystal chandeliers casting a warm glow, the still life oil paintings and everything feels like a big cozy French cozy blanket welcoming you to get wrapped and feel the charm. 

Authenticity or Just a French Name?

The secret ingredient at Chez Moi Chicago is undoubtedly their authenticity. Maybe you will be sitting in Chicago while having the food but the taste surely elevates you to France. Chef Dominique’s passion for making every dish shines through in every plate, so it’s not a meal. It’s an experience, a celebration of culture, tradition, and Joi de Vivre. 

Calling in for Friendships?

Chez Moi Chicago parties

To all the foodies and people ready to try something different with their food choices. Well, Chez Moi Chicago is not just a restaurant; it’s a place that brings people together. It promises a perfect romantic date night, enjoying a light night run, sharing a laughter-filled soiree with friends, and ensuring you do not regret your time and money. 

Au Revoir, But Not Goodbye

As this virtual Chez Moi Chicago experience ends, remember that the memories will linger like a sweet apres dinner treat. The magic of this French bistro will stay with you. And one meal here will make you take along the whispers of “Oui, oui, Merci” and little French treats back into the real world with you. 

So, mis amis, next time you are in Chicago but want an incredible French meal, be sure to try Chez Moi Chicago, a rendezvous of deliciousness where every dish is a love letter from the chef to your taste buds.

Bon appetit and cheers to an amazing french food experience in Chicago

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