The Finest Restaurants With The Best Oysters In Seattle

Oysters are a delicacy enjoyed by foodies all over the world. And Seattle is home to some of the best oysters around. Whether you’re a local looking for a new spot to try or visiting and want to know where to get your seafood fix, You’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most appropriate spots for enjoying this delicacy. There are several great places to get oysters in Seattle, but we’ve put together a list of our favorites. So without further ado, here are the best oysters in Seattle. 

Restaurants With Best Oysters In Seattle 

Have you ever had a plate of oysters? If not, I bet it’s time to try them now. We’re lucky enough in Seattle, where many great places serve up these delicious raw bivalves. If you find “Where to buy oysters in Seattle?” you have come across the ideal list. There are a plethora of luxurious restaurants in Seattle that serve fresh oysters. Here’s the list of the best places to get ’em raw! 


Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar best oysters in seattleIn the state of Washington, many oyster farms produce delicious seafood. One such place to get your fresh shucked shells is at Taylor Shellfish Farms in Skagit Valley, where you can enjoy a beautiful view while slurping up some sweet bivalves. You surely cannot miss out on the chance to enjoy some oysters! Taylor Shellfish Farms offer happy hour at both of its Seattle bars which are highly recommended for coming. 

They taste so fresh, and for an excellent price, you’ll be hard-pressed not to take home an extra bag or two after your meal here. They understand that every eater has different needs and interests. They value each foodie and provide them with high-quality shellfish at competitive prices. With no surprise, one of the best Oysters Ballard.

Address: 410 Occidental Ave Seattle, WA 98104


Contact: (206) 501-4060


Elliott’s Oyster House – Provide with Scrumptious oysters in Seattle

elliott's oyster houseWhen you think of seafood, do thoughts turn to oysters? Elliott’s Oyster House is the perfect place for a romantic dinner on Holidays or an entertaining weekend party with friends. With its excellent wine selection and stunning view, you are actually up for fine dining. For those who love seafood and aren’t afraid to shell out some extra cash, they are a must-try. You’re sure not going to leave without something tasty in your belly.

It will delight any palate with an extensive list ranging from $3-$4 per shell! The staff here knows their stuff when it comes down to flavors profiles, so don’t hesitate to ask them what might work best for you to order something special. With its impeccably fresh seafood and progressive pricing, Elliott’s has delighted Seattleites for years. Now you can enjoy oysters at 50% off during happy hour. 

Address: 1201 Alaskan Way Pier 56 Seattle, WA 98101


Contact: (206)623-4340


The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Walrus and the Carpenter best oysters in seattleThe Walrus and The Carpenter is a welcoming, upbeat restaurant that marries the best of both worlds: fine dining with an emphasis on seafood dishes served in relaxing surroundings. Located in the heart of Old Ballard, The Walrus and Carpenter offer a dining experience with bold flavors that are sure to please any palate. 

When you arrive at this small yet stylish restaurant, your eyes are immediately drawn to the raw bar with baskets of local oysters. The bar stands out as an excellent place from which locals can order their favorite seafood delicacies while tourists enjoy themselves yet still get a taste our proud country has to offer! 

Address: 4743 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, 98107


Contact: (206) 395-9227



RockCreekRockCreek is without a question one of Seattle’s premier seafood restaurants, which means they serve superb oysters. RockCreek Seafood & Spirits is a full-service seafood and spirits restaurant and bar in Seattle’s Fremont area. Their exotic menu offers fresh local seafood from well-managed fisheries, including crab, oysters, and mussels from the Pacific Northwest, as well as more tropical fish like Kona Kampachi or Hawaiian Ono, and East Coast staples like Striped Bass.

Fresh ingredients arrive daily, and bold tastes worldwide are accentuated in their dishes. Even though the raw oysters at the creek are excellent, they are more expensive than others, costing $4 apiece regardless of style. However, it’s absolutely worth every penny you spend as you are welcomed with a unique twist of $9 delicious oyster shooters. Dine-in to try out their special fried oysters’ one of their enticing shellfish.

Address: 4300 Fremont Avenue N Seattle, WA


Contact: (206) 557-7532 


White Swan Public House-Serve the best oysters in Seattle

White Swan Public House best oysters in seattleYou have visited exactly the right place to know why White Swan Public House is one of Seattle’s top oyster restaurants. One of the nicest restaurants in South Lake Union is White Swan Public House. It is directly on Lake Union and offers spectacular views. Raw oyster platters are featured on their menu, which seafood lovers relish. They feature special drinks with oysters, unlike some of the other oyster bars of Seattle.

The restaurant has a view of the lake and boats, which is the main appeal of this place. The drinks are inventive, delicious, and appetizers are stellar. Pull a chair at this fab place to enjoy their five-star rating Happy Hour every Wednesday to have an enjoyable casual dining experience. 

Address: 1001 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle Wa 98109


Contact: (206) 588-2680 



WestwardSeattleites, you are in for a treat with the north bank of Lake Union, which opens for waterfront dining, with an outdoor fire pit, bright beachfront seating, sustainable seafood, including a range of fresh, local oysters. Grab a bite to eat and head to Westward. 

This seafood restaurant offers a wide variety of shellfish dishes. You may get raw fresh oysters individually for market price, a seafood tower with shrimp, the greatest ceviche in Seattle, and more. These are great for a group because they start at $90!

Address: 2501 N Northlake Way, Seattle WA 98103


Contact: (206) 552-8215

Wrapping It Up! 

Oysters are a delicacy that may be found in various locations across the globe. There are plenty of oysters to select from in Seattle. Some people like gentler flavors, while others prefer ones with a stronger flavor. We have compiled a list of the people’s favorite oyster restaurants in Seattle. They are all great and serve different types of oysters.

Read this list the next time you want to impress a date or simply enjoy the scenery and let us know which one is your favorite! We hope we were able to assist you in locating the appropriate oyster restaurant. 

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