Sarah Kahn Hair Seattle: Your Favorite Organic and Green Salon

A sustainable and green beauty apothecary situated in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA. It serves as a full-service hair salon and offers makeup advice and applications. The Salon experts not only specialize in cuts and colors but also keep you up to date with the current natural beauty trends. They also sell a full list of beauty products online from some of the carefully edited collections. Let us read further and find more information on them.

A Great Place to Relax While Getting Glammed

Sarah Kahn salon

Address: 600 Queen Ann N. Suite #105

Contact Number: +1 3604217112


A clean, bright natural light pouring in through the windows brightens the place. The combination of light and dark shades in the interiors, mostly black and white, gives a classic chic look. This place gives a modern vibe, and the framed sketches hung on the walls add a touch of glam to it. The salon is so thoughtfully designed that the products are displayed on the shelves, making it easy for customers to know more about them. It becomes more inviting as they welcome their clients with open arms, irrespective of gender.

They offer Specialized Services

The expert owners provide various hair services and sell organic beauty products. They work in salon according to their booked appointments, so they prefer to book them in advance over a phone call or via email. Below is a brief guide to the services they offer.

Hair Cut

Since it is a gender-neutral salon, the cost of a haircut is determined by the length and density of hair. Before haircuts, there is a one-on-one consultation ensuring that each client receives a flattering cut that fits their unique face, way of life, and personal style. It also includes a custom blowout and a sumptuous scalp massage. 

Blow Dry Lesson

Hair dry lesson

A tutorial service for those who need a little assistance with blowing dry or waves technique. The experts demonstrate some tricks and strategies to achieve the desired look, and for that, you can bring your own equipment or use the equipment at the salon. They teach you to practice and become proficient at it. 

Hair Color

Davines Vibrachrom Color is used for better color retention because its creamy formula is rich in amino acid composition. It is also high in Omega-9 and Quinoa protein extract, minimizing oxidative stress, improving hair shine, and compacting the cuticle. Free of PPD and parabens. It can be applied semi-permanently or as a tone-on-tone and covers white hair flawlessly. The variety of subtleties leaves the hair incredibly shiny and produces predictable results. 

Hair and Scalp Treatment

They practice

  • Shaz & Kiks Ayurvedic Plant-Based Treatment
  • Davines Natural Tech Treatments
  • Leonor Greyl Scalp And Hair Treatments

to get your hair and scalp treated with a complete program that targets your needs while bridging sustainable beauty practices.

In their makeup service, you have to bring in all the conventional makeup that you are looking to switch over to natural/organic products, and they will help you make the switch. These niche products are from Vintner’s Daughter, Olverum, Rahua, Reverie, Herbivore Botanicals, and Leonor Greyl, to name a few beloved brands. 

Little-known Facts About its Ownership 

The owner, Sarah, has extensive experience both as a stylist and as an entrepreneur, which led her to launch Sarah Kahn Hair in Lower Queen Anne at the historic Marqueen Hotel in 2011. Then, about half a decade passed, and in 2016, Taylor Miller joined SKH to make a fantastic team. 

Sarah enjoys working with all types and lengths of hair, including both men and women. She considers natural hair texture and color to create a style that is customized for each client, viewing hair as an extension of the personality and sense of style of each individual. She has been doing it consistently for more than ten years. Even so, Taylor Miller is a color specialist who enjoys experimenting with the newest hair and color trends.

Moreover, Sarah was raised on an organic farm, which instilled in her a natural awareness of the environment. Since then, she has developed a deep love for clean products and makes a concerted effort to minimize the use of dangerous or dubious chemicals in the salon. And that led to her search for organic beauty products she sells.

Last Words

Blow Dry Hair

Treat yourself at Sarah Kahn Hair. The salon offers tailored cuts, blow-dry lessons, Davines Vibrachrom color, and other revitalizing hair and scalp treatments—a great place to get your hair done. Explore niche products online and exchange conventional makeup with organic beauty products. They are very friendly and accommodating to their clients for a personalized, eco-friendly beauty experience.

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