Westward Seattle: Waterfront Dining

Hey there, fellow foodies and explorers! Let me spill the beans on a hidden gem that’s about to take your taste buds on a wild ride – Westward Seattle. Imagine this: you’re chilling in a comfy beachside chair, toes in the sand, and right in front of you, Lake Union spreads its arms wide, reflecting the sun’s warm embrace. Welcome to Westward, where dining is all about the vibes!

The Enchanting Setting: Westward Seattle

Address: 2501 N Northlake Way, Seattle WA 98103

Phone: +1 (206)-552-8215 


Now, let’s talk about the view. Westward snags a prime spot on the north shore of Lake Union, so you’re basically dining with Mother Nature herself. The outdoor seating area is like your personal front-row seat to the grand symphony of water and mountains. And as dusk sets in, the outdoor fire pit joins the party, casting a warm glow that makes your dinner feel like a fancy beach bonfire.

Sustainable Seafood: A Commitment to Responsible Dining

Sustainable Seafood at Westward Seattle

But hold on, there’s more to this place than just Seattle’s stunning view. Westward isn’t just about serving up amazing food; they’re on a mission to do it right. They’re all about sustainable seafood – that means they’re besties with local suppliers who know how to fish responsibly. And oh boy, does that philosophy translate to their menu. From salmon that’s so tender it practically melts on your tongue to crab cakes that are basically art on a plate, they’re all about bringing you the freshest catches of the Pacific Coast.

A Celebration of Pacific Coast Flavors

Celebration of Pacific Coast Flavors

Let’s dive into the culinary playground that is their menu. Start off with a zingy Ceviche – fish marinated in a tangy citrus dance, teamed up with fresh herbs and veggies that are practically doing the tango. Feeling a bit fancy? Give their Dungeness Crab Cakes a whirl – they’re like a flavor explosion in your mouth, especially when you dip ’em in that zesty aioli sauce.

Now, the main event. The Alaskan Halibut deserves a standing ovation – it’s like a magic trick in your mouth. Cooked to perfection, it’s so tender you’ll think you’re dreaming. And then there’s the Pacific Northwest Bouillabaisse – think of it as a seafood party in a bowl, starring locally caught fish and shellfish, spiced up with some aromatic herbs.

Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause we’re about to hit Oyster Central. Westward has the best oysters in Seattle – from the classic Hama Hamas that gives you a taste of the ocean breeze, to the sweet and crisp Shigokus that practically dance on your taste buds. And the best part? They’ve got these amazing pairings that turn your oyster adventure into a full-blown experience. Wine or beer, take your pick!

Westward Seattle’s Nearby Attractions

Museum of History

Once you’ve had your fill (if that’s even possible), there’s a whole world waiting for you nearby. Take a leisurely walk to Gas Works Park and let the stunning views sweep you off your feet. Or step back in time at the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) to unravel Seattle’s fascinating story. And for all you sea-loving souls, the Center for Wooden Boats is a must-visit, where you can get up close and personal with some beautifully crafted wooden boats.

Knowledgeable Staff

Oh, and let’s not forget about the real stars of the show – the awesome folks at Westward. They’re not your regular waitstaff; they’re your partners in culinary crime, ready to guide you through the maze of flavors and help you find your perfect match.

Private Events: Celebrating Special Occasions at Westward Seattle

Westward Seattle Private Events

Got a special occasion on the horizon? Westward has got your back. They’re all about hosting private events that’ll make your celebrations unforgettable. Whether it’s a birthday bash, an anniversary extravaganza, or a corporate shindig, the waterfront view and scrumptious food will make it a memory for the books.


So, there you have it, folks. Westward Seattle isn’t just a restaurant – it’s a love letter to the natural beauty of the Pacific Coast, a commitment to eco-friendly munching, and a rollercoaster of flavors that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance. Whether you’re a seafood fanatic, an oyster whisperer, or just a hungry soul craving a darn good meal in a jaw-dropping setting, Westward is your golden ticket to Seattle’s coastal culinary paradise. Hungry yet?

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