Try These Chinese Restaurants In Seattle To Relish Chinese Food

Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and for good reason. It’s delicious! If you’re looking for some great Chinese restaurants in Seattle, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the outstanding restaurants in Seattle that serve Chinese food. Seattle is often recognized as a foodie city that will surely satisfy your appetite. 

Craving for Chinese food is common, especially among those who love Asian cuisine. Seattle offers many different types of Chinese restaurants, from the humble to the upscale and luxurious. They come in all kinds of different styles and offer a wide variety of choices for people who like or enjoy Asian food. 

Whether you’re seeking fast food or fine dining, Seattle has something for everyone. But, if you’re looking for an authentic Chinese dining experience, check out these Seattle spots. Each has its own unique menu and delivers some truly delicious dishes. You won’t be disappointed. These are our top picks for the best Chinese restaurants in Seattle. Bon appétit!

 Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Seattle 

Looking for the Best Asian restaurant Seattle? You are at just a place. Here, we’ll share our top five preferences of restaurants that serve up delicious and robust flavors with every bite.


Tai Tung Restaurant

tai tung restaurant chinese restaurants in seattleTai Tung, one of the Chinese restaurants Seattle Chinatown, has been around for 85 years and still manages to provide incredible food with an old-school atmosphere. The third generation of the same family has been running this restaurant now. They offer an experience that is shaped by their principles and memories from when they opened up back in 1935, just like how Chou’s parents did it all those decades ago. Tai Tung is a restaurant that has been loved by many in Seattle.

The L-shaped counter is where you want to be if your taste buds crave some delicious Chinese food. Order up one of their signature dishes like moo shu pork or fried chicken wings, but don’t forget about all the other options available during the season. They also offer abalone and crab (when in stock), so there really isn’t anything that will disappoint you. Plus, indoor dining is available for those who want an aesthetically pleasing experience, while others may enjoy taking their food to go. 

Address: 655 South King Street, Seattle, WA 98104


Phone: (206)-622-7372, (206)-622-7714


Tian Fu- Amazing Chinese Food Bellevue

tian fuLocated in Northgate and Bellevue, Tians Fu is a favorite among Seattleites who love their Sichuan food. The restaurant has become known for its large parties Speaking Mandarin with plates full of delicious cuisine from this region. If you enjoy mouthwatering Sichuan cuisine, then head on over to Tian Fu, which is one of the fabulous Chinese restaurants in Seattle, and indulge in the best foods this diner has to offer. 

This restaurant is devoted to serving up regional classics with a twist. Like, boiled fish in chili and peppercorn sauce or toothpick lamb. The mapo tofu covers the tongue with a spicy kick that makes it buzz every time while Sichuan pepper granules dance on top. This dish also includes twice-cooked pork belly for added flavor before ending with string bean sheets tossed into hot oil just enough to remain crunchy at first bite but soft when chewable. Additionally, creating an irresistible umami experience not found anywhere else. 

Address: 12816 SE 38th St Unit K, Bellevue, WA 98006


Phone: (425) 502-9238


Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House

Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House chinese restaurants in seattleThere is no adequate way to begin your day than with a bowl of noodles and some roasted meat. The friendly staff at Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House will make sure you’re well taken care of, while their menu offers many different choices for any appetite. The first thing you notice about this little shop in the International District is its hanging meats. 

The duck has crackly skin from being roasted until it becomes crisp enough that even eating raw would be too delicate. Still, luckily they serve up some gooey goodness instead with a complimentary ginger sauce or chili garlic paste. The food at this tiny storefront is delectable, and the prices are unbeatable. Served with a side of flavor that will have you coming back for more. Don’t miss out on Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House for those looking to try something new in Seattle. Once you visit them, your mouth will be watering for a taste of their delicious goodies. 

Address: 668 S Weller St, Seattle, Washington, USA

Website: Not available

Phone: (206) 622-3388


Golden City- Serves Authentic Chinese Food Ballard

Golden CityIn Seattle, many restaurants serve Chinese cuisine, but Golden City has no competition when it comes to genuine food. This restaurant is well known for its exemplary service and reasonable prices. They have a nice interior with comfortable booths and fast Wi-Fi, which is always a plus when you’re in the mood for some Chinese grub. 

From the first bite, you will taste fresh ingredients and a perfect balance of flavor. If you’re glancing for some good food in Seattle, then head over to Ballard’s best Chinese Restaurants in Seattle. You can enjoy either dine-in or takeout, with their convenient location in Seattle making them one of the most popular restaurants around. With a friendly atmosphere that will make you feel right at home while also providing excellent service, there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to try this eating house. 

Address: 5518, 20th Ave NW Seattle, Washington State 98107

Phone: (206) 782-6809



Jade Garden Restaurant-Must Visit Chinese Restaurant in Seattle

Jade Garden Restaurant chinese restaurants in seattleThey say that there is no such thing as bad food, but if you’re looking to get your daily dose of food desires, then head over to Jade Garden right away. This dim sum restaurant has been serving up fast and fresh dishes since 2003 with consistently good dumplings. This restaurant has been a favorite for years and is the leading Chinese restaurants in Seattle area because it always delivers good food, whether you’re looking to order some dumplings or noodles with your rice.

The minute you walk into this dim sum restaurant, the smell of siu mai and rice noodle rolls fills your nose. This has been a favorite for years. Not just siu mai and rice noodles, you can also try out their phoenix claws (a type of shrimp); it is sure to find something that will satisfy any appetite here. They have an expert staff with chefs who tirelessly perfect their dishes using only the best ingredients and spices. Jade Garden has been the talk of Seattle for many years because they offer some of the best Chinese food in town with a great environment too.

Address: 424 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, United States


Phone: (206) 622 8181

Wrapping Up

It is clear that you will have a unique experience at each Chinese restaurants in Seattle mentioned above. The food, atmosphere, and service are all different depending on the style of cuisine you prefer or what your budget allows for. These restaurants have been praised by locals and tourists alike. They offer delicious dishes with an authentic flair that can’t be found elsewhere. Whether it’s takeout or dine-in service, these are all great options for anyone who is craving some traditional Asian cuisine. 

We believe this blog post has helped clear up any confusion about where to find the best Chinese food near or in Seattle. The best way for you to find the perfect one is by looking at reviews and ratings before going out. There’s no better feeling than enjoying your favorite dish with friends and family!

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