Plum Bistro Seattle: Seasonal, Sustainable, and Vegan

A restaurant in Capitol Hill that has captured the hearts and palates of vegans is known by the name Plum Bistro Seattle. It functions under the expertise of Chef Makini Howell and has been revolutionizing how everyone perceives vegan cuisine. The restaurant has some artful upscale dishes to innovative and mouth-watering creations for Vegans, foodies, and omnivores. Explore it in the blog and understand Makini’s passion for plant-based meals and sustainable dining experiences. 

Healthy and Flavorful: Nourishing Your Body and Soul at Plum Bistro Seattle

Address: 1429 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Phone:  +1 206-838-5333


The restaurant’s journey began in 2009, intending to prove that vegan food can be as exciting, flavorful, and satisfying as any other feast. Since then, Chef Makini Howell’s culinary brilliance has earned recognition and a spot as a top chef of vegan food in America. 

Plum bistro from inside

The inside of the bistro is elegantly chic, making it a perfect spot for a classy date night, with outstanding service and a menu with an impressive selection of dishes. It has secured its place as Seattle’s go-to Vegan restaurant. Also, they successfully bridge the gap between vegan and non-vegetarian palates. The Vegan journey began when Makini was a child, and her family used to create plant-based dishes. She kept the heritage alive, which shines in every aspect of her restaurant. 

Plum Chopped: A Food Truck with a Restaurant’s Soul 

For a quick, wholesome vegan meal on the go, no worries; Plum Bistro Seattle has a food truck (Plum Chopped), making food on the go easy and accessible. It combines convenience and taste in one place. 

Plum bistro food truck

Whether you are a long-time vegan or looking to explore plant-based options, Plum Bistro offers an array of mouthwatering dishes that captivate you. Now be it their famous Jackfruit Crab cakes served with spicy remoulade to the savory Truffled Mac and Yease, every dish has the charm to elevate the dining experience at this vegan restaurant in Seattle

Sugar Plum at Plum Bistro Seattle

The next step is dessert; sweet treats like the Lavender Cheesecake or the Chocolate Mousse Tower are nothing short of ma mia. All the ingredients used to make the flavorful dishes are fresh, and the sourcing is ethical. They follow eco-friendly practices from the raw material to the final preparation. 

desserts at plum bistro seattle

A part of the Plum Bistro family is the Sugar Plum, which serves the sweetest seasonal treats. From a wide variety of vegan options, they have delicious ice cream flavors for every sweet craving. The homely touch is added because of where you are having it; it feels like someone’s kitchen more than a restaurant. 

Creative Culinary Creations with Positive Reviews

Customers are pleased and optimistic about Plum Bistro Seattle’s review; it speaks about the restaurant’s excellence. People come to eat and praise the imaginative dishes that surprise and delight them; this even applies to nonvegans. Out of so many reviews, people are genuinely happy about the attentive and friendly staff working at Plum Bistro Seattle.


From the first bite to the last, you will be okay with visiting Plum Bistro Seattle. The idea behind a chef’s mastermind dishes is how they are brought in front of you and served. They make your mind blow and your tongue amazed. The vegan wonderland shapes every preference of yours with big smiles and warm welcomes. 

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