Vegan Restaurants Seattle – 5 Best Picks!

The vegan restaurants Seattle has to offer are some of the top places that vegans kike to explore. Furthermore, vegan food has gone from being a niche interest to a lifestyle that many people follow, whether it be for health reasons or environmental concerns. There are now amazing vegan restaurants popping up in the city to provide food and excellent service and ambiance. Everywhere you go, new plant-based dishes are waiting for you to try out. Explore Seattle’s special world of delicious vegan cuisine in this article. 

Vegan Restaurants Seattle

Here are our top 5 contenders of the best vegan restaurants in Seattle. Let’s explore them up close with brief details ahead.


Plum Bistro

Plum Bistro

You want to take your date to the best vegan restaurant in Seattle, right? Will an elegant, candle-lit, herbivorous little slice of heaven work? If you find yourself nodding, head straight to Plum Bistro. You are sure to enjoy lunch in this quaint dining room. Moreover, the interiors are somber and romantic when it’s cloudy but brilliantly lit up by sunlight when it’s sunny.

The menu at Plum offers a wide range of inventive, elevated vegan dishes influenced by Cajun cuisine. Moreover, its renowned Spicy Mac & Yease is why the restaurant is on nearly every website. Another good option is the magnificent mound of noodles. 

Additionally, if you go for Happy Hour, try the Garlic Ginger Cauliflower Bites. Because real cheese is so good, it can be difficult for a non-vegan to find a plant-based restaurant they want to frequent repeatedly. Moreover, this vegan restaurant in Seattle is one of those places you intend to find. Here, vegan cuisine reaches its full potential.

Location- 1429 12th Ave

Contact- +1 206-838-5333



Harvest Beat – Vegan Restaurants Seattle

Harvest Beat - Vegan Restaurants Seattle

Looking for sophistication in your vegan food? Check out the offerings at Harvest Beat. This is one of the top vegan restaurants Seattle has for us to explore. Further, this place aims to utilize local farmers’ harvests to offer the healthiest vegan cuisine. Moreover, the fixed menu is a highlight to cut out food waste. In addition, you have to try the beet poke served with sprinklings of seaweed and pepitas. Additionally, try out the tender melt-in-your-moth Rivoli and carrot cake with huckleberry frosting.

Saffron lobster mushroom bisque and curried cashew paneer are just two inventive vegan dishes served as part of five-course dinners that also feature deft wine pairings.

Location- 1429 12th Ave

Contact- +1 206-838-5333



Pi Vegan Pizzeria

Pi Vegan Pizzeria

This little, eccentric bistro has zero frills, but who cares because the cuisine is quite good here. Pizza Pi offers a variety of made-to-order options, from traditional combos like mac ‘n cheese or pepperoni to more creative ones like mac ‘n cheese or Thai chicken.

And there’s just one word that can describe their White Garlic Breadstix: Obsession. When you’re ready to place an order, take a menu and ring the bell at the counter. Pizza Pi consistently proves why it belongs on our list of the finest vegan restaurants in Seattle with everything that comes out of the oven.

Location- 5301 Roosevelt Way NE

Contact- +1 206-343-1415


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Wayward Vegan Café

Wayward Vegan Café

Sometimes all you desire is a massive platter of vegan comfort food. Fortunately, we are aware of its location. One of Seattle’s top 10 vegan restaurants is the family-run, plant-based local diner Wayward Vegan Cafe. Everything about this restaurant screams “traditional American diner,” from the generous servings and unlimited coffee to the welcoming staff.

Moreover, Wayward serves its renowned vegan breakfast all day long. Whether you’re an early bird, staggering out of bed at two in the afternoon, or in need of a late-night snack, a hot plate of hash browns is just a phone call away. We adored the homemade cinnamon rolls and the Griddle Combo, which includes french toast, a specially seasoned tofu scramble, sausage links, and tempeh bacon. Additionally, many other delicious dishes at this vegan restaurant in Seattle are a must-try.

Location- 801 NE 65th St Suite C

Contact- +1 206-524-0204


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Araya’s Place – Vegan Restaurants Seattle

Araya's Place - Vegan Restaurants Seattle

One of the top vegan restaurants in Seattle and the first of its kind. Furthermore, it serves delicious, genuine Thai food produced entirely from plants. Every day from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., their renowned all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is the stuff of vegan fantasies and will undoubtedly be what you will enjoy. 

Fill your plate to the brim with spring rolls, Cashew Delight, Panang Curry, and their famous Drunken Mushroom dish prepared with wide noodles, seitan, fresh vegetables, and stir-fried in garlic and chili. You’ll appreciate eating like a vegan at one of the best vegan restaurants Seattle. Further, you can opt for the lunch buffet, which is quite a popular choice. Do not forget to appreciate the relaxed vibe you get here while dining.

Location-  5240 University Way NE

Contact- +1 206-524-4332



Vegan restaurants Seattle aim to serve the best vegan food in the city. These restaurants have more to offer than just delicious and healthy food. Moreover, they attract a broader range of customers than those who strictly follow vegetarian or vegan diets. Whether you’re looking for a new favorite restaurant or want to try something new the next time you go out to eat, check out these 5 vegan restaurants.

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