Unicorn Seattle – The Best Carnival-Themed Bar

Seattle is quite famous for bars like Unicorn Seattlewith an all-inclusive environment for people to have fun. Moreover, this carnival-themed bar has everything, from cocktails and drop shots to happy hour and brunch. So, if you are in the city for the weekend and want a good time, check out this fantastic bar. 

Furthermore, there are so many amazing things at the Unicorn bar in Seattle that you’re sure to have a blast. So let’s delve into the details and learn what this place has to offer.

Unicorn Seattle – Best Bar in the City

Address: 1118 E. Pike Street, Seattle WA

Phone: 206-325-6492


Unicorn Seattle is one such bar with unique qualities that set it apart from other Seattle staples. Moreover, it is known for its Giant Unicorn Mural, Whimsical Food, Arcade Games, and Weekly Events.

In addition, this bar is a fun place in Seattle that offers a variety of specialty cocktails and an inviting atmosphere. The interior design works around the concept of carnival and circus: reclaimed wood, big animal heads, leather booths, and walls painted in bright hues. Known for its unusual style, Unicorn in Seattle has been attracting people from all around the world.

Nostalgic Ambiance

As you enter, you will notice vibrant colors with lots of bold strips and high ceilings. Further, the place is decorated with bits and pieces that remind you of a carnival. The artifacts used to decorate the place are restorations from different locations.

Unicorn Seattle Ambiance

Furthermore, there are beautiful candelabra hanging from the ceiling, an old roller coaster car with a very striking table, two mirrors behind the bar, colossal animal heads above the bar, and different bar stools. Additionally, you will notice worn-out period furniture at Unicorn Seattle that will make you feel nostalgic for your childhood days of visiting a carnival.

Additionally, Narwhal is an arcade at Unicorn bar with video games, a photo booth, a stage, a wheel of fortune, and a vast bar. The lower level is more spacious, and you can enjoy games, karaoke, and drag shows.

Creative Food & Drinks at Unicorn Seattle

Seattle’s Unicorn is a hip and modern cocktail bar offering a small but well-curated menu with four food options sure to delight any palate, Favorites, Corn Dogs, Burgers, and Sweets. The Unicorn Bar offers drink options that will leave you feeling refreshed and happy. Whether you want something savory or sweet, the Unicorn Bar in Seattle has something for everyone. Moreover, they also have a rotating selection of canned beer and wine. 

Creative Food & Drinks at Unicorn Seattle

The drinks are delicious, and the best thing about the drinks menu is their super fun names, like Crocodile Tear, Capri Sun, Americorn, Snickerdoodle, Chocobelle, and so on. For those who love a little bit of magic, Unicorn Seattle is the perfect place. Further, they serve up the best cocktails for you to rejoice. 

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Enduring Entertainment

Unicorn Seattle is your one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs! You’ll find everything from live music and drag shows to karaoke and gaming nights. Furthermore, they always have something fun going on.

But what sets Seattle’s Unicorn Bar apart is its events calendar. Throughout the week, there are plenty of exciting things going on that you can take advantage of. From Karaoke night to Gayme night, something fun always happens at Unicorn Bar.

You must check out the Bedazzled ATM and the Claw Machine games. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, be sure to check out the Mimosa Cabaret! Their talented bartenders are always on hand to mix you up a fresh drink or snack, so go on and enjoy your time at Unicorn Seattle.

Wrapping Up

When in Seattle, stop by the Unicorn Seattle to add a layer of magic to your life. Moreover, it is a fun place to hang late-night. In addition, the high ceilings, great music, and creative drinks will surely alleviate your mood. After visiting all the touristy spots and sights in Seattle, this will be a welcomed change. 

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