7 Best Dance Classes in Seattle To Learn & Enjoy Dance

The best Dance Classes Seattle has are all that you need if you want to hone your dancing skills. Dance is one of the most loved hobbies by people of all ages. Be it, kids or adults, dancing is something one can never deny. ‘Dance classes Seattle’ has become a hot topic to the delight of Seattle’s people inclining towards dancing. 

Some people groove to the music in their free time while others pursue it professionally as a career. In both instances, dancing never disappoints. It relaxes and tones the muscles, which makes one’s body flexible. Further, it improves the mental and physical functioning of the body.

Though dancing is a good exercise, it can cause harm if done excessively or not correctly.

Best Dance Classes In Seattle

The list of contemporary dance classes mentioned below is the best in their genres of dance in Seattle. The list has been curated based on the learning outcomes and reviews. This list of dance classes offers their services for kids and adults at fair prices.




DASSdance is a Seattle-based dance company located in the heart of Seattle. Therefore, they focus entirely on inspiring young dancers, creating a very caring and fun domain for their learners. 

Moreover, the teachers give each individual a chance to explore and perform to their best abilities. Hence, the trainers are known for teaching several techniques required to be a successful dancer. Apart from contemporary dance, they additionally give training for dance styles like tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, and many more. They additionally render dance performances for special events.

Location: 3201 E Republican St unit 118-120, Seattle, WA 98112, United States

Contact: +1 206-860-6020

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Vibe Dance Studio


VBS is a professional contemporary dance class with well-trained and skilled dance teachers in Seattle. In their style of teaching, they include mastery from ballet, lyrical, modern, and jazz. They train students and enhance their skills as well as a wide range of floor work. Further, they prepare their students to master the expressions game despite being the most crucial aspect of contemporary dance.

Every class begins with warm-up and exercise sessions that enhance the flexibility and technical skills of the learner. One can master the center and across the floor combinations while exploring movement qualities like suspension, breath, pathway, and pedestrian movements, including a graceful collapse. Thus, it helps the dancers improve their movement in and out of the floor work. Vibe Dance also teaches the performance piece choreography. 

Location: 13018 39th Ave SE Everett WA 98208

Contact: +(425) 699- 1456

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Best Bollywood Dance Classes In Seattle 

The list of Bollywood dance classes mentioned below is the best Bollywood dance institutions in the city. If you want to learn grooving to Indian beats, these are the best places you will find in Seattle. The list has been curated based on the level of professionalism and priming and pricing.


Rangeela Dance Company


Established in 2016, Rangeela Dance Company (RDC) is Seattle’s first-ever Bollywood Fusion Dance Company. Being the best Bollywood dance class Seattle offers, RDC has got a lot of love from the people. The founder of RDC, Priyanka Jain Vora, is a famous dance choreographer and an expert Indian Classical Dancer. Their motive is to make Indian dance forms available to every Individual in Seattle.

This dance company aims at plowing the seeds of South Asian culture and community through Indian Dance forms. They offer groups as well as private classes to kids and adults and couple dance too. The faculty in the Rangeela Dance Company consists of experts in Bollywood and other Indian dance forms. 

RDC dance classes Seattle offers to its people in the world of modern dance are noteworthy.

 Location: 1414 E Spruce St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States.

Contact: +1 781-738-1008

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Live2Dance is a Seattle-based Bollywood dance company that aims at changing the perspective of dance. Dance at Line2Dance is considered an activity that spreads happiness, reduces stress, and brings together various communities. By offering fun-filled and energetic Bollywood routines in their Indian fused dance classes, they want to spread smiles to the people of Seattle.

While promoting Indian culture, Live2Dance urges people of all ages to get on their feet and groove to the rhythm of Bollywood music. They believe in giving the best to their students and further creating a friendly environment for Bollywood dancers belonging to the western culture. To sum up, Live2Dance classes provide a platform to build a community with the common interest of dancing in Seattle and it makes them one of the best. 

Location: 308 9th Ave N, Seattle, WA, United States. 

Contact:+1 (206) 992-5403

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Best Hip Hop Dance Classes In Seattle

The Hip Hop Dance classes mentioned below are the best places to Hip Hop to the beat. The list has been curated based on the level of professionalism, training, and reviews. The mentioned dance classes offer their services for both kids and adults in Seattle.


American Dance Institution


American Dance Institute (ADI) is a well-known dance institute in Seattle. It was initially opened in Alaska by Elizabeth Chayer, who later moved to Seattle in 1989. She opened the institute in the same year in Seattle. The American Dance Institute has gained a lot of popularity since then. Various news and magazines mention them for their commendable work.

Moreover, it also provides hip-hop dance classes in batches of beginners, intermediate and expert levels in Seattle. People much like ADI because they understand the needs of learners in each set. Every class begins with warm-up sessions, therefore, helps in improving body control and building core strength. Further, students are taught in a step-by-step process to master the choreography. 

Location: 7500 25th Ave NE Suite 1 Seattle WA 98115. 

Contact: (206) 402-6561

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Massive Monkees


Massive Monkees is one of the best Hip Hop Dance classes Seattle has. They specialize in original Hip Hop style and other dance forms like locking and popping, breakdance, and house. Their dance institute partners with top hip hop artists who give training to the learners. Additionally, they provide classes for a diverse range of dance styles moreover for all age groups. 

Massive Monkees offers an after-school program that helps the youth to enhance their creativity as individuals. In this program, the individual can develop their physical, mental, and emotional awareness while mastering their dancing skills. Moreover, they follow a tiered monitoring system that further helps grow the community and inspires the youth. 

 Location: 662 S. King St. Seattle, WA 98104   

Contact: +1 206-251-1524

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Hopefully, now you get to know about the best Dance Classes Seattle offers for budding dancers. Enroll now in one of the dances mentioned above institutes and make yourself physically and mentally relaxed. Sway to the melody, hop to the beat, thrive to the music, and dance away to glory!

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