Vann Studio Salon: Redefining Hair Culture Since 1984

A unisex premiere salon is situated in the Belltown area just around the corner from Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market. It offers a full menu of hair and makeup services.  

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Vann Studio Salon

Address: 2030 1st Ave #120, Seattle

Contact Number: +1 206 441 5511


The team, headed by Lisa Vann, is an award-winning hair design specialist group. If you want to experience a fresh new look, then just imagine yourself at Vann’s. 

Sounds appealing? Right.

They are master experts in hair coloring, hair texturing, and hair styling. A team of makeup artists and aestheticians is also available to assist you with your hairdo makeovers and makeup.

Meet them professionally

First, meet the owner and team director, Lisa Vann. She is great at consultation. As an expert, she guides her team well and supports them when they are stuck. She also works on behalf of her team and engages herself with clients.

Her zeal to experiment has also led her to various hair styling events. She has been mentioned in prestigious publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Essence, Marie Claire, 303, Seattle Magazine, and Northwest Style. She has also won many awards for her hair styling in America and Canada. 

She has hired a super knowledgeable staff, the same as she is.

Jacob – Expert

Generally, clients give instructions as they arrive for a haircut, but he gets them involved in a conversation. This conversation helps him get a better idea of what sort of look the client prefers.

Kylene Valarie – Stylist

She loves to make her clients comfortable before the procedure and is experienced in giving incredible makeover services.

Alex Stevens – Raw Talent

She patiently listens to understand the client. She makes sure the process of hair washing, cutting, and styling goes smoothly. She makes them feel cared for. 

Brooke Harrison – Guest Services

It is her responsibility to handle the client and keep a check on them if they require anything.

Rose Graham, an Esthetician, Hannah Vann, a Makeup Artist, and others on the team work together to create happy experiences for their clients.

Stepping into the Studio

Vann hair salon

The warm, welcoming staff adds charm to the studio. They are super friendly and kind while attending to clients, and even when not, they have a smile on their faces. As you enter, there is a receptionist at the front desk to guide you according to your appointment. Before proceeding further, you are offered a welcome drink to get settled in the environment. 

It is a nice, neat, and clean salon with separate sections for makeup and hairdos or spa and other services. They accommodate their clients at a few inches’ distance. This is how they do not feel disturbed and stay relaxed while availing of the services.

Best Practices at Vann Studio Salon

It is running smoothly, having built up a great reputation in town. Moreover, as a salon, it sets an example for its competitors in town by following some of the best practices that one should ethically abide by.

No Tip Salon

These days, the charges for hair and makeup services are already skyrocketing, and this being a salon with an award-winning team obviously means it charges handsomely from its clients. However, it is an affordable salon where one can get hair consultations, and the experts patiently listen to clients’ hair care concerns and goals while their hair is cut. They are not charged anything extra and are even encouraged not to tip anyone for the kind service.

Hair Recycle Program 

In this program, the cut hair is used to create oil-cleanup products such as booms, pet fur, and fleece. 

No Pushy Sale Tactics

You know what? None of their staff is a sleazy salesperson. No one will convince you to try any particular service at the salon, which is why their customers keep coming back and are now permanent. There is also no random cold-calling.

At last 

Vann Studio Salon

Visit Vann Studio in Seattle and get a delightful hands-on experience of personalized care by experts in a warm, welcoming environment. It is an affordable salon that has been providing services since 1984. Led by Lisa Vann, the salon has many regular clients from all walks of life. 

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