Best Makeup Schools In Seattle

Interested in learning the skills for doing makeup professionally? The best makeup schools in Seattle are waiting just for you.

Whether you want to enroll as a beginner or at an advanced level, our specially curated list of makeup schools will guide you. Below we have mentioned the top makeup schools in Seattle with all the necessary information.

Makeup Schools in Seattle

Here are our top picks for you!


Academy of Makeup Artistry

Academy of Makeup Artistry

For a complete beginner, the Academy of Makeup Artistry provides four-day classes. Moreover, the enrolled candidates receive a kit and a certificate. Furthermore, the trainers teach both simple and complex makeup techniques and the number of learning days vary on the course. Get moving, grab your brushes and embark on your adventure with this makeup school in Seattle.

Address: 17325 139th Ave NE Woodinville

Phone: (425) 949-5083


Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Seattle – Top makeup schools in Seattle

Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Seattle - Top makeup schools in Seattle

Institute of Arts & Sciences Aveda Seattle collaborated with Aveda because of their commitment to the environment, excellence, and education. Furthermore, students will learn how to build long-lasting relationships and manage their creativity to its fullest extent. This is one of the finest makeup schools in Seattle and they aim to provide a deliberate, proper education.

Moreover, the curriculum develops students into competent, self-assured artists while providing them with assistance from a loving teaching staff.

Address: 802 E Pike Street

Phone: +1 206-302-1044



Evergreen Beauty College North Seattle

Evergreen Beauty College North Seattle

Are you interested in cosmetology? Well, check out Evergreen Beauty College. You can learn the small elements of cosmetology here. Furthermore, it is accredited and provides students with the knowledge and confidence to succeed. Not just that, the experts are highly skilled and teach students in the easiest way. Additionally, you get to practice makeup on people, just like professional artists. Hence, they provide the best exposure to participants.

Address: 18336 Aurora Ave North #103 Shoreline

Phone: (425) 336-5120



Expo Beauty Institute

Expo Beauty Institute

Expo Beauty Institute will instruct you on every little detail of cosmetics. So, if you have a passion and love for makeup, register yourself here. Additionally, you will soon start doing makeup like a pro if you learn it from one of the best makeup schools in Seattle.

Furthermore, the institute offers training in Men’s makeup services as well. Moreover, all their experts are very hard-working and dedicated to their work.

Address: 2534 15th Ave S, Seattle

Phone: +1 206-838-3154



Seattle Beauty Academy – Makeup Schools in Seattle

Seattle Beauty Academy - Makeup Schools in Seattle

The Seattle beauty academy teaches students how to pass the state board cosmetics exam. At this makeup school in Seattle, you can benefit from several savings on your courses. Along with practicing makeup techniques, they also teach you how to crack the various exams to get a license or a secure job for your future.

Most importantly, they offer to teach in many languages besides English, like Vietnam, is its most vital feature. For the comfort of other students, they mostly use the English language.

Address 3320 Rainier Ave S

Phone: +1 206-722-3877



Coupe Rokei Hair Salon and Flagship Academy for La Biosthetique

Coupe Rokei Hair Salon and Flagship Academy for La Biosthetique

Consider attending this cosmetic academy and one of the top makeup schools in Seattle. Furthermore, you can master techniques if you want to apply makeup like a professional artist. Moreover, they educate their students on every single makeup-related aspect.

Nonetheless, everything about makeup, from daily to party makeup, is covered here. Well, they have all types of courses, from beginner to advanced. Mainly they will reach you to draw a radiant, smooth base on the customer’s face. Along with the makeup classes, you can also go for a hair styling course. That is also available here at the most affordable prices.

Address: 600 west McGraw

Phone: 206.443.4646



Vuu’s Beauty School – One of the Best Makeup Schools in Seattle

Vuu's beauty school - One of the best makeup schools in Seattle

With expert makeup techniques, you can learn makeup artistry from Vuu’s beauty school. However, it is always better to learn the craft before you could start working. Learn it from Vuu’s beauty school with the most affordable price and the best teachers. Furthermore, they will allow students to practice makeup on a others for practice. So it’s an excellent opportunity for participants to learn the depth of makeup skills.

Address: 807 King Street, Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: +1206-340-2655



Anne Timss

Anne Timss

Anne Timss is a very experienced makeup artist in Seattle who has worked in the industry for the last twenty years. Moreover, she is a brilliant makeup artist and a teacher too. So, if you enroll in the course, you will also get a discount of 10 percent.

At this makeup school in Seattle, you have to attend three hours of classes every day. During these hours, you will learn many professional makeup skills and how to implement those on clients. She is a master of doing eye makeup. You can learn HD and matte makeup here.

Address: 14300 Greenwood Ave N Suite D


These are the top eight makeup schools in Seattle beauty schools where you can learn how to apply makeup like a professional. Moreover, analyze and make a wise decision to apply for admission to one of the makeup academies. With the best of schools, you will earn advanced techniques, on-trend looks, and classical looks of doing makeup—each institution practices makeup on live faces.

Whether you want to get training for personal use or professional is your desire. Just enjoy the learning process!

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