Rangeela Dance Company Seattle: Bridging Cultures

A place where passion derives from creativity, visionary dancer and choreographer Priyanka Jain Vora founded Rangeela Dance Company. She is a Bollywood fusion dance choreographer who trained as a classical Indian dancer. Priyanka also completed the prestigious dance graduation, Arangetram, at the age of 16. She has gained immense experience following her passion, which encouraged her to embark on this venture. 

RDC was the first Bollywood dance group in Seattle and has received acknowledgment from esteemed organizations like the Smithsonian Institute.

An ideal place to Learn Traditional and Contemporary Dance Forms 

Contemporary dance form

Address1414 Spruce St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States 

Phone: +1 781-738-1008 


Anyone can come here to learn a variety of styles ranging from Bollywood, Bhangra, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Kuthu, Semi-Classical, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Garba, and more. The passionate instructors are professional experts who have a zeal to learn and have developed their interest in other dance forms as well. As instructors, they welcome kids and adults alike and train them in group or private dance classes. Therefore, this place is fun to be at and get inspired.  

Rangeela Dance Company Seattle’s Vision

Its foundation was laid on the vision to make dance accessible to all individuals through virtual classes or by organizing dance sessions in the studio. They are continually spreading joy and the cultural richness of dance. Moreover, the aim is to spread awareness about the vibrant South Asian culture through the form of Indian dance. Everyone appointed here is passionate about dance, whether they are teaching, choreographing, or performing at events. 

Team behind-the-scenes

Rangeela Dance Company team

They have a team of instructors and choreographers. The successful running of the dance company requires not only passionate dancers but also instructors with professional expertise. This expertise helps them teach dance forms that need patience, energy, a positive mindset, determination, and continuous practice of the art. What is the harm in meeting a few members of RDC’s team?

  • Natasha Parekh is a kids’ workshops instructor.
  • Katy Spada is a Choreographer trained in tap, ballet, jazz, and cheerleading.
  • Sarim Zaidi is a choreographer skilled in hip-hop and Bollywood styles.
  • Ahalya Rajagopalan Garba, the instructor, loves teaching and even spends her leisure time teaching dance. 
  • Bhargavi Venkataraman Bharatanatyam, the instructor, emphasizes physical fitness, constant learning, and overall well-being, even with her students. 

They believe that dancing is no doubt a great way to stay fit, but along with this, they are aware of what breath control, body lightening, and flexibility are. That is why they have been infused into everyday dance sessions. 

For some people, dance is just a hobby; some pursue it to earn money, but for others, it is a way of way of life. The instructors and choreographers at RDC foster a deeper appreciation for the artistic heritage of dance among their students. 

Attend their upcoming workshops

The company is not limited to only providing classes but performing & visual arts for special events and private choreography services. Along with all of that, they spare time to engage in other activities as well. They conduct workshops as well; some upcoming ones are listed below.

  • A Rangeela fall session is a workshop, especially for kids aged 4 to 6 years. It is an eight-class series that will cover the basics of Bollywood dancing.
  • The next is a Summer Session for 7 to 11-year-old kids.
  • Feel free to attend Bhavana’s fun Tollyfusion dance class that’s perfect for all levels of dance experience.
  • Have a blast doing Bolly-Cardio with Supriya. It is a fun workout session.
  • Or attend an in-person bollycardio session with Kajal.
  • Join Maheetha Bhardwaj for an In-Studio KuthuHop Dance workshop. 

They keep organizing such fun dance classes, which is a great way to exercise and stay fit. The venue for these sessions varies; sometimes, it is their studio or any other place of community gathering, depending on various factors.

All things considered

Rangeela Dance Company Seattle

Rangeela Dance Company Seattle is gracefully blending tradition with modernity under the guidance of Priyanka Jain Vora. They give performances, do choreographies, and teach students as well, along with their dance workshops. It is the epitome of magic that happens when passion, talent, and cultural heritage come together on stage and continue to enchant audiences.

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