The Best Chicago Style Hotdogs – 6 Must Try Places

Chicago is home to infinite options for dining and drinking, from high-end restaurants to dive bars from the city’s heyday. In contrast, when we think of something that would present itself nicely in public, we can think of nothing but a Chicago style hotdog. Significantly, foodies in Chicago are unanimous in their belief that real Chicago style hotdogs are the best in the city.

Some of the best hotdogs in the country are sold in Chicago, and you shouldn’t miss them. Need help picturing in your mind what a real Chicago hotdog looks like? This is the only list you’ll ever need if you’re on the hunt for locally sourced cuisine- the Chicago-style hotdog that doesn’t sacrifice quality for authenticity.

Best Places for Chicago Style Hotdogs

There are some of the best hotdogs in the country that you will find in Chicago, and you shouldn’t miss them. Indeed, you have found the right place. Enjoy one of these Chicago landmarks with a glass of wine, a pint of locally brewed beer, or an old-fashioned at a neighborhood bar. 


Red Hot Ranch

Red Hot Ranch chicago style hotdogs

Red Hot Ranch‘s rise to the top of the Chicago style hotdog stand industry has been nothing short of spectacular. The consistency of its quality, the relative ease with which it can be obtained, and the surprisingly low prices, which seem to be from another era, have all contributed to its high prestige. It has the feel of a typical roadside stop, with outside picnic tables serving as the primary seating area and the menu has items like pizza puffs and mozzarella sticks. 

This, combined with the fact that no shortcuts were taken, ensures that every one of the twelve products for sale is top-notch: The Chicago style hotdog, topped with mustard, relish, sport peppers, and onions, has a price tag of $3.62 and tastes sour and meaty. This rendition of a Chicago-style number is more sparse than the full-fledged original. Tender hand-cut and double-fried fries encase the wiener; leave a few fries on for textural contrast.


Address: 2449 W Armitage Ave and 3057 N Ashland Ave

Contact Number: (773) 661-9377, (773) 772-6020


Gene and Jude’s Chicago Style Hotdogs

Gene and Jude's Chicago Style Hotdogs

People from Chicago will tell you that you must make the short trip to Gene & Jude’s in River Grove, which serves the best hotdogs in the world. Here you’ll find the “depression dog.” The hotdogs come in a regular bun, not topped with poppy seeds. After that, a handful of hand-cut fries are put on top, with layers of mustard, brown relish, onions, and sports peppers.

Unlike other Chicago style hotdog joints, the plain hotdog vendor in North River Grove doesn’t have any of the gimmicks, characters, or decorations you would find elsewhere. Truthful and unpretentious, the hotdog experience at Gene and Jude’s is preferred by a large percentage of Chicagoans.


Address: 2720 N. River Road, River Grove, IL

Contact Number: 708-452-7634


Fixin Franks

Fixin Franks chicago style hotdogs

Everyone in the city who works as a handyman or contractor has passed by this Chicago style hotdog stand that sits outside Home Depots at every turn. You may find them in a select number of retail locations in and around Chicago under the name brand Fixin’ Franks.

Although the quality may surprise some, those who know these Chicago style hotdogs are made using ingredients from Bridgeport’s Makowski’s Real Sausage shouldn’t be surprised. Polish sausages with J.P. Graziano giardiniera and wagyu beef dogs made by Michigan’s Vander Farmers are just two examples of the more delicious options available.

Address: 3500 N Kimball Ave, Chicago

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Chicago Style Hotdogs at Hotdog Box

Chicago Style Hotdogs at Hotdog Box

Moreover, even if you don’t think Chicago style hotdogs could give a unique eating experience, let Bobby and Brooklyn, who manage The Hotdog Box, surprise you with a high-end gourmet supper. Further, this is the canonical location for the fillet mignon steak dog. 

The “Portage House Filet Mignon Steak” is a fillet mignon dog with housemade root beer sauce, onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers and it comes with chips. Grab Bailey’s brownie on the way out if you want something sweet to complement your sausage. They’re delicious and have a chewy center. 


Address: 4020 N. Milwaukee Ave

Contact Number: (847) 999-3228

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Fat Johnnie’s

Fat Johnnie's chicago style hotdogs

Fat Johnnie’s Chicago style hotdogs, on Western Avenue between 72nd and 73rd Streets, is undeniably one of the city’s most well-known hotdog stands. Furthermore, you can’t tell from the unassuming shack on Western Avenue that this establishment is anything like the luxurious establishments that surround it. Despite this, any Chicagoan or Chicago style hotdog fan must visit, and the establishment will forever have a unique position in Chicago lore.

You can have a Red Hot for $2.50 or a Might Dog for $5 at this roadside shack.

Address: 7242 S Western Ave, Chicago

Contact Number: +1 773-633-8196


Jimmy’s Red Hots

Jimmy's Red Hots chicago style hotdogs

Jimmy’s has the real deal when it comes to Chicago style hotdogs. Moreover, there are only Vienna beef hotdogs and Polishes on steamed buns wrapped in paper and accompanied by greasy hand-cut fries.  Additionally, if you’re one of the many people who appreciate ketchup despite its terrible image, Jimmy’s sells a decent housemade habanero hot sauce that you can use to dip your fries in or pour over your supreme tamale.

For over 65 years, they’ve done everything we can to uphold our reputation as Chicago’s best source for Depression-era-style polish sausage and Chicago style hotdogs. The Vienna meat dishes have a lot of different sauces. Kick up with some of their homemade, award-winning Habanero Hot Sauce.


Address: 4000 W. Grand Avenue

Contact Number: (773) 384-9513


Chicago style hotdogs are famous throughout the world. Just like Chicago’s deep dish pizza, there is hype around these hotdogs which are probably worth a try. Style Pickers, the city’s devoted hotdog vendors, are famous for their hand-crafted all-beef dogs and generous use of grilled onions. Significantly, Chicago has some of the country’s most incredible street food for locals and tourists. 

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