The Publican Chicago: The Ultimate Oyster Bar

The Publican Chicago is one of the city’s most exciting restaurants. Not only is their food fresh and delicious, but they also focus on quality in their sourcing and delivery processes. Let’s look at this fantastic eatery and oyster bar in Chicago.

Explore The Publican Chicago

Location – 837 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL

Contact- +1 312-733-9555


If you want a place to grab some delicious seafood and a tasty drink, check out The Publican Chicago! 


The Publican Chicago restaurant has a hip setting and communal tables, offering seafood and pork-oriented dishes. The restaurant offers a relaxed city vibe that allows you to come here and have endless conversations while devouring some of the most delectable dishes. You can get dine-in, kerbside pickup, or delivery options. 

Ambiance and Seating at The Publican Chicago

Seating at The Publican Chicago

The Publican in Chicago is a self-described homage to European beer halls where people may congregate and share food with their friends. Most of the seating is gathered around a huge community table in the shape of a U, appropriate for a medieval feast. The high ceilings echo noise. The heavy wood tables and furnishings will make you think of Game of Thrones. Along with enclosed booths along one wall for more private eating, there are several high tops where patrons can stand while enjoying drinks and small plates.

Food Speciality

Beer, pork, and oysters are The Publican Chicago’s three specialties. The creators of Avec, Big Star, and Dove’s Luncheonette are behind this project. 

They provide a fantastic breakfast on the weekends, and you will enjoy everything from sweet bread and duck hearts to sea urchins and oysters. Moreover, dinners at The Publican should undoubtedly be dominated by meats, but be careful to sample everything on the menu, including a small amount of seafood and some vegetable sides.

Here are some items from the list worth trying:

  • Mussels
  • Oysters
  • Fried Egg and Fries
  • Duck Hearts
  • Porchetta
  • Chicken Whole and Fries
  • Smoked ribs
  • Suckling Pig

Special Oysters

The Publican Chicago Food

The main draw of The Publican Chicago is its extensive selection of oysters. The restaurant’s oyster bar offers a rotating selection of fresh, briny mollusks and a variety of house-made mignonettes and sauces for dipping. In addition to oysters, it also serves various other seafood dishes, including ceviche, shrimp cocktail, and clam chowder.

Beyond the seafood, The Publican Chicago is known for its impressive beer selection, with over 100 different brews. The restaurant has an on-site brewery, and the beer menu features a mix of local and international offerings, including rare and hard-to-find brews.

Wrapping Up

Eating out can sometimes be challenging, especially when you need help figuring out where to go. Fortunately, you have a good option now with The Publican Chicago. Plan a visit to discover what makes this place so unique and why it’s quickly become a “must-visit” spot in the city.


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