7 Places to Have The Best Birria Tacos in Chicago

Birria tacos Chicago can never go out of style. We all like them wrapped in warm, packed with topping and proteins, and handmade tortillas. Besides, do not forget the salsa, which works as a cherry on the cake. Chicagoans are famous for knowing everything about great tacos. Additionally, in almost every neighborhood, Tacos are available, from classical pastor shaved off a trompo to QuesaBirria served from mobile kitchens. 

Furthermore, the traditional slow-roasted Birria de res dish has been recreated into QuesaBirria tacos with roots in Tijuana and Jalisco. These tacos are juicy, crispy, and cheesy all at the same time. And, if that is not enough, there is also a soup made from stewed meat that becomes a dip for cheesy tacos. So, whether it is the cheesiness or the crunchiness that is inviting you, we have searched for the best Birria tacos in Chicago to satiate your tacos cravings. The list will cover all types of tacos, including classic carne asada taco steak, trendy Birria, crispy fish, and vegetarian-friendly options. So, check out the list and enjoy a tasty tacos meal.

Where To Find The Delicious Birria Tacos Chicago?

Here you will find outstanding options to taste some of the best Birria tacos in Chicago. Let’s check out!


Birrieria Zaragoza


No other place like Birrieria Zaragoza in Chicago lavishes attention on goats and serves a plated variation of the dish sans tortillas. Rather than bathing in a wide bowl of broth, the hand-pulled meat and roasted are offered with a ladleful of fragrant Consomme. Along with this, you will also get to taste some of the delicious handmade tortillas in the city. 

Furthermore, you can get everything at this place, from handmade tortillas to chips fresh salsa, and cinnamon-laced coffee. The primary purpose of Birrieria Zaragoza is to accompany the restaurant’s signature dishes of diced goat meat. Unlike other barriers, this goat will not touch the consomme until it is plated and some of the tomato-based broth is wooed over it.

At that point, a generous slathering of the restaurant’s intricate hot green sauce, along with a squeeze of onions and some lime, is all that’s required for one of the city’s great goat tacos. So, if you are hungry, take the platter and sip some fresh lime drink along with Birria tacos in Chicago.

Address: 4852 S Pulaski Rd Chicago 60632

Contact: 773-523-3700



El Asador

El Asador is a lively Mexican restaurant in Gage Park. It is one of the local’s favorite places to eat the best Birria tacos Chicago. Do not forget to taste El Asador’s unique QuesaBirria tacos served with grilled white onions whenever you visit this place. The combination of the crunchy onions and juicy goat Birria tacos will make your food experience heavenly. 

Apart from this, you can also taste their four taco birria quesadillas dinner that comes with a plate of rice and beans accompanying cilantro, consomme, and onion. It may be called QuesaBirria, but the cheesy Birria makings are practically tacos, and you will need to make a decision fast if you want to taste them. Besides, the chef at El Asador prepares sought-after stewed beef every day, and once it’s sold, it is sold. You may also opt for birria quesadilla, birria torta or birria la unica.

So, it would be best if you reach on time to taste their cheese quesatacos. The tortillas get all soaked in consomme before they are loaded with melted or grilled cheese and Birria. Then, they get topped with onions and cilantro. We suggest you dip the tacos in the bowl of consomme and make yourself prepared for a flavorful, authentic meal.

Address: 4117 W 47th St #102, Chicago, IL 60632

Contact: 773-254-9983



Taqueria Chingon – Birria Tacos Chicago


If you are searching – “Mexican tacos dipped in broth near me”, the Western Avenue in Bucktown is home to the hottest and undeniably best Birria tacos in Chicago. The chef Oliver Poilevey of Le Bouchon and companions Sotero Gallego and Marcos Ascenio opened this Mexican City-inspired restaurant Taqueria Chingon, finished with al pastor trompos. This newcomer between Logan Square and Bucktown serves everything from morcilla, also called blood sausage, to fried artichoke on tortillas. However, their tacos al pastor are the star of the menu, apart from their amazing salsa and chips dip. 

Moreover, there are two variants of birria tacos available, one with traditional marinated pork and one with a meatless option to show vegetarians are not forgotten here, including marinated Portobello mushroom and celery root. All served on handmade tortillas, soft bits of pork combined with creamy avocado salsa, flecks of cilantro, and sweet pineapple.

The other few common birria taco choices over here include birria burritos, morcilla, costilla, tacos dorados, and duck carnitas, which are also good alternatives. Besides, their previous creations also include high-end ingredients such as foie gras and truffles. So drop by any weekend at Taqueria for a handful of tortilla dishes. 

Address:  2234 N Western Ave, Chicago-IL 60647

Contact:  773-687-9408


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Green Door Tavern

Green Door Tavern, a vulnerable Chicago watering hole, has launched a new virtual restaurant out of its kitchen. It is a great option to keep the current scenario when many people don’t want to step out of their homes. The restaurant is led by chef Tiny Taqueria, a long-time tavern specializing in shredded beef Birria tacos. Their slow-braised meat is covered in crisped tortillas and topped with some cilantro, onions, and melted chihuahua cheese. 

But cheese is optional; a health-conscious person can order it without the cheese as well. Finally, it is accompanied by the bone marrow consomme for dipping. Apart from this, other delicious meals are cheesy queso Birria tacos, chicharrones, and chilaquiles. You just need to reach their website to order the delicious food; they serve flavorsome QuesaBirria tacos that balance the cheesiness and crispiness. They are preparing the best Birria tacos in Chicago at the moment. Right now, they are offering a 25% discount on the first online order with a minimum of $20, so order now to steal the deal.

Address: 678 North Orleans Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Contact: Not Available


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Tacotlan in Hermosa truly specializes in quality Birria tacos in Chicago, and they have a completely separate menu for it. You will find unlimited options of Birria on the menu; some of them include Birria ramen and bizza made from a combination of Birria and pizza. Apart from this, Jessica Perjes and her co-owner father, Everardo Macias, introduced Quesa Birria Tacos Chicago, and it can be easily identified from their delicious tacos.

In addition, if you regard yourself as a true taco enthusiast, add this low-key taco joint to your list and indulge yourself in bizza, birrieria tijuana and Birria ramen. The Birria ramen is juicy and spicy, served with raw onions and cilantro, poured with chihuahua cheese, and if the tacos are not enough. The part of the consomme is so delicious that it could be a meal by itself. Besides, you can order individual tacos for $4.25, or you can buy three for $13.50. We bet you that you will return to Tacotlan for ramen and bizza.

Address: 4312 W Fullerton, Chicago, Illinois 60639

Contact: 773-666-5259


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Birria Tacos In Chicago at ATX Bodega

No place in Chicago cares about the Birria tortillas as the ATX Bodega; here, you will see why after visiting. Thick yet delicate with a sweet, crunchy fragrance, tortillas are all good enough to grub alone. But, these tacos will flourish once matched with the slices of crisp cecina, which are thin sheets of beef, all salted and dried. 

Furthermore, ATX Bodega has self-described food trucks jammed inside the building. It is one of many restaurants to focus on the Birria craze. However, its stewed beef tacos live up to the expectations. These Birria tacos are served with a large portion of consomme for dipping tacos and are accompanied by pickled red onions and radishes that add a tangy kick to the salty meat. Besides, you can also taste their other meals, such as carne guisada and carne asada.

Also, if you live near the South, you can relish their breakfast tacos, which are popular and favorite among the folks. It is indeed one of the topmost places to smack the luscious Birria tacos in Chicago. Still, waiting? Hurry and seize the day with tasty food.

To Finish

If you are looking for the best birria near me or quesabirria near me, this list of the best places for Birria tacos in Chicago where you can satisfy your taste buds. All these restaurants are worth the visit but do not forget to check their information online. So, we have shared each spot’s website and contact information to save you from this hassle. Hence, do not wait any longer and get your hands on the tasty Birria tacos.

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