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If you are in love with Asian food, Hmart Chicago is the place to find your love. All you need to do is come to the Chicago downtown neighborhood to find this reign of Asian gourmet. In case you live close to the downtown area and are looking for Asian food ingredients, you’ll find H-Mart supermarket in the west loop area of the city. 

However, H mart in Chicago is not any regular Asian grocery place, nor is it anything like Asian grocers found in Argyle or Chinatown. Hmart Chicago is a chain of quality Korean Supermarkets originating from Texas, which has a large Asian population. Furthermore, you will find 3 food court eateries, 1 bakery, and a large range of Asian ingredients, especially Chinese, Korean, and Japanese ingredients. You can easily pick up foreign snacks at this west loop outlet.

This blog will provide some information about all the good things you’ll find inside H mart Chicago – a favorite Asian store. 

Hmart Chicago

Address: 711 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago IL 60661, United States

City area: West Loop, downtown Chicago IL

Phone: +1 312-966-4666


The Food Court @ H mart Chicago

There are three different kinds of food courts in Hmart Chicago, and they offer different kinds of meals and snacks. 

  • You can visit So Gong Dong Tofu House & BBQ if you are looking for Bibimbap, Korean Tofu Soup, Bento Boxes, and Korean BBQ. 
  • If you are craving Poke Bowl, Ramen, and Sushi, then Izakaya Yume is the place for you. 
  • And if you want to try healthy rice, fried chicken, along with Korean fusion, you should visit Baru.

Hmart Chicago - For The Best Korean Food

The first thing you should try here is So Gong Dong’s bibimbap and tofu soup. The service at Hmart Chicago is quick and simple. You first have to select the dish, then decide on the protein, and lastly, decide on the spice level. You will find drinks like juice and soda pop here. If you are ordering a set, it will come along with a bowl of rice and banchan. Additionally, there is sesame oil, along with fresh kimchi, was the banchan of the day. The other great thing about the food court is that all the ingredients are fresh, with a simple and clean presentation.

Hmart Chicago IL Bakery

The Cafe L’Ami Bakery is perhaps one of the best places to eat at H mart West Loop, Chicago. It is a french themed patisserie and boulangerie, displaying an amazing range of glossy cakes and fresh produce. If you have tried the Pastry House Hippo at Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace, the bread here might give you a reminiscence of that place. The bakery has amazing options like Korean Hot Dogs, Blueberry Danish, and milk bread (a perfect option for Shibuya honey toast). They also serve some of the best coffee, ice cream, Korean tea, and baked goods.

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The best thing about the location of the Hmart Chicago bakery is that it is situated separately from the marketplace in the downtown Chicago area. Thus, you must complete your groceries first and then visit the bakery on your way out to treat your taste buds. Fortunately, a Royce Chocolate pop-up store is located just next to the Cafe L’Ami. However, you can visit their permanent store at Nordstorm Northbridge if you love Chocolates at Royce Chocolate. 

Royce is also famous for serving amazing snacks and chocolate options. Our personal favourite is their white chocolate, along with cheese-covered potato chips. However, the place is also hugely famous for serving some of the best Nama Chocolate squares. All and all, if you are a chocolate lover, this place is a must-try.

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Market at Hmart West Loop, Chicago

Market at Hmart Chicago

The market at Hmart Chicago is definitely the showstopper of the place. Although the H-mart in Chicago is limited in space, it has easily managed to maximize the inventory and space effectively. As they have opened a number of branches all over America, they have certainly done their market research to help people in grocery shopping. 

The Market store at h mart gives a huge variety of choices, and almost everything here is relevant to the latest consumer. In case you are looking for stuff to cook, the place also has a large section of marinated meat, frozen food, instant noodle, and Banchan that you can easily binge on. The place could also attract amateur chefs, as it offers unique ingredients that can easily help you in your cooking experiments. 

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Wrapping Up

Hmart at West loop in Chicago is the right option to explore for all your needs. This place is a blessing for Asian food enthusiasts living in Chicago, especially for the ones living close to the downtown area. Here you will have all kinds of Asian food ingredients as well as dishes. But you can also visit and enjoy this place if you have a thing for Korean cuisine. By now, you should know that h mart is not your typical grocery store. It is much more than that.

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