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Coffee shops are fantastic places to work and test out new autumn fashions. They provide a dynamic, engaging atmosphere.

Coffee shops have a different way of life than restaurants or other establishments. It’s a sensation unlike any other to be ordering lattes in the fall and having conversations in such a serene setting.

The most recent organic coffee beans got introduced by Black Coffee ATL in 2018. If you want to start your day with the perfect cup of coffee or celebrate a special event, the coffee shop offers the appropriate ambience. Moreover, there is the product as a means of providing the communities with resources and opportunities.

Located in: ALI At Lakewood
Address: 131 Walker St SW STE 106, Atlanta, GA 30313, United States
Phone: +1 404-482-1098

The History of Black Coffee Atlanta

Black Coffee Atlanta has a rich history. The journey began in 2015 when they visited the Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan, where they discovered how Berry Gordy’s parents collaborated to establish a self-sustaining family investment fund. This fund not only supplied initial financing for all family members’ businesses, but it also gave Berry Gordy the money he needed to create the Motown record company. This was a divinely inspired time for them.

After investing many hours in conference calls and meetings, expanding their investment fund, and combining our professional and financial resources, they eventually founded “The Black Coffee Company.”

The Black Coffee ATL Experience

black coffee atlanta

The hippest coffee shop in Atlanta, Black Coffee, serves speciality coffee, loose-leaf tea, and freshly baked pastries. At Black Coffee Atlanta, they hold several carefully chosen events.

They can supply your coffee, tea, and pastry requirements for that crucial meeting or carefully curated conference you’ve been preparing all year.

Here are some of Black Coffee Atlanta’s highlights:

  • The Dirty South
  • Big ol’ Drip
  • Cole World 
  • Pour it Up

They also have quite a collection of espresso:

  • Light Skin Keisha
  • Brown Skin Keisha
  • Killer Mike
  • Afrocano

When it comes to non-coffee drinks, Big Lady, Andre, and The Aunty always steal the beverage show. And when it comes to food, Bagel &Boujee, Young Cheesy, Cookies, Muffins, and Brownies are some of the major highlights of Black Coffee Atlanta.

The Perfect Black Coffee of ATL

Many connoisseurs of fine coffee prefer black coffee because they believe it allows them to better detect and appreciate taste subtleties. Sometimes, choosing black coffee is only an issue of flavour purity! Those who appreciate strong, bitter coffee genuinely think it’s shameful to mask the flavour of the coffee.

Before putting milk or sugar in their coffee, Black Coffee Atlanta always advises customers to try it black. They want you to taste the distinctive flavours that each of their coffees has to offer.

Do not feel terrible if you do not enjoy your coffee BLACK. They occasionally sneak cream and sweets into their coffee.

The Events of Black Coffee ATL

black coffee atlanta

Events are necessary for any flourishing coffee community. They allow individuals to interact, communicate, and work together. They offer a foundation for creativity. Professionals might develop their skill sets thanks to them by competing or learning new things. They engendered fervour and enthusiasm. And guess what? It’s enjoyable whether you see it from the perspective of the consumers or the employees.

Black Coffee Atlanta is aware of this. In addition to serving delectable food and drinks and creating the ideal coffee atmosphere, they also offer a variety of events. Among the well-known occasions that Black Coffee Atlanta has hosted are:

  • Game Night
  • 3-Day Coffee Ownership Quick Course
  • For the Love of Coffee – It’s a Vibe! Music, Coffee, Learning, and Creating
  • Coffee Shop / Tea Cafe Ownership Seminar
  • 2 Day Barista Training Certification
  • Sip & Paint

The Commitment to Community Power

Black Coffee Atlanta’s defining quality and attitude have always been its commitment to culture and community. They were born out of a strong friendship between friends, and they value forming alliances and bonds with others in order to grow something far more than coffee. The walkway is made up of people! History has repeatedly demonstrated that “people” involvement is necessary for change to succeed.


The ideal place to bring out your laptop, get some work done, and sip on your preferred beverage made by the Black Coffee Atlanta staff is at 1800 Jonesboro Rd. SE, Atlanta, GA 30315.


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