5 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

Restaurants are always a great option for those who love good food and want a great experience with their friends and family. However, when we talk about the domain of rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, there are quite a few places that you can go forth with and have a great meal with your folks.

The best thing that we have done is to give you a clear view of the best spots for you to visit, and consequently, you can set up your plan based on the same. Not only that, whenever you visit any restaurant with a rooftop ambiance, the cuisine is equally important.

Atlanta is one of the country’s most happening spots, and the rooftop restaurants here are also quite exquisite. You only need to call the restaurant in advance or go online and book a table because there is quite some rush in the restaurants.

Top Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

When we talk about rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, a crucial thing you must remember is its specification. However, this does not mean that you will compromise on the other factors, which are also very important, like the ambiance, cuisine, and service. Because there are a few famous rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, we will shortlist the best ones you need to try under all circumstances.

So, without any further ado, let’s find out!


SkyLounge Atlanta

SkyLounge Atlanta rooftop restaurants in Altanta

If we are talking about the best restaurants in Atlanta, and that too with a rooftop experience, then we must talk about SkyLounge Atlanta. 

This is one of the better-known rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, and although it is covered, you will have an exquisite view of the skyline. Not only the panoramic view of the city, but another very potent factor of the restaurant is also the ambiance that they offer. 

The SkyLounge has been one of the top picks for those who love to visit Atlanta’s rooftop restaurants, and unlike most other places where the taste seems somewhat compromised, that is not the case with SkyLounge Atlanta. A very important thing that we need to mention in this case is that SkyLounge Atlanta is known to get you the most amazing cocktails, with many unique concepts at bay.

If you want other kinds of specifications like valet parking or good food, this is the best you can get from. And finally, the most important thing about SkyLounge is that the service can also be vouched for. The staff is indeed warm and cordial. 

Address: The Glenn, 110 Marietta St NW

Phone Number: +1 404-521-2250



Virtue Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

Virtue Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

When it comes to the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, nothing comes close to Virtue Rooftop. The unique thing about this place is the ambiance that they offer, and the view is also quite exquisite. 

Although some of the interiors are covered and offer a closed headspace, the other part of the restaurant is under the open sky. If you love modern eclectic art, this place is the perfect spot for you. If you love a few good drinks, this is the ideal location to try them out!

Address: 1197 Peachtree St NE

Phone Number: +1 404-400-3669



The Roof at The Ponce City Market

The Roof at The Ponce City Market

If we talk about Atlanta’s best rooftop restaurants, we cannot skip The Roof and The Ponce City Market. The unique thing about this place is that it offers a one-of-a-kind experience and is the best you can imagine. 

Not only the rooftop garden but an exquisite part of this place is also the beer garden that they have, and it is indeed quite a great spot to visit. For a good dose of American food, along with some yummy cocktails, this is the ideal spot to visit and enjoy with your friends.

Address: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE

Phone Number: +1 770-999-1530



Rooftop LOA – Among Top Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

Rooftop LOA - Among Top Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

This particular place is currently located near the new Interlock Building. Furthermore, it is one of a kind for you to visit if you look at rooftop restaurants in Atlanta. It is spread across 38,000 square feet, giving it a perfect and regal look. The unique thing about this restaurant is that if you enjoy a coastal meal, this is indeed the best for you.

For anyone who loves the view and some great meals, Rooftop LOA is surely one of the most coveted rooftop restaurants in Atlanta that you should try. An added benefit of this place is its great service; hence, it is quite the perfect spot for you to try it out with your family.

Address: 1115 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta

Phone Number: +1 470-922-3700



Hotel Clermont Rooftop

Hotel Clermont rooftop restaurants in Altanta

Speaking of the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta, Hotel Clermont Rooftop is the best that you can look forward to. The terrace is covered with none other than Astroturf, making it look exquisite. 

The rooftop shack is one of the better-known ones in the city of Atlanta and, consequently, the perfect spot to give you a great view of the skyline. Also, this is probably one of the very few spots that can give you a great taste of exquisite street food. Hotel Clermont Rooftop restaurant in Atlanta is quite a good name in the field and is perfect for you to try. 

Address: 789 Ponce De Leon Ave NE

Phone Number: +1 470-485-0485


Wrapping Up

When we talk about excellent Atlanta restaurants with a rooftop view, these are the ones you should certainly try.  Atlanta is known to have an amalgamation of lovely cuisines; consequently, these are their top selections. If you love to try some amazing delicacies and ambiance, these rooftop restaurants in Atlanta are ideal for you.

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