Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta

A perfect place where coffee meets the art of brewing is Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta. Furthermore, they craft coffee from the finest beans imported from the world’s premier coffee-growing nations. Besides it’s made sure that a sip you take gives you a reason to pick up the same coffee again from the store.

But not just that it’s a coffee spot for everyone, not just coffee lovers. Next up is that they also have handmade pastries in-house. The single manual brew of the coffee place is what gives the treat and the push an original caffeine flavor can give. Likewise, they have a variety from rich espresso-based drinks to perfectly crafted pour-overs, the skilled baristas transform coffee into art.

The Atmosphere at Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta

Address: 33 Peachtree Pl NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States

Phone: +1 404-600-6547


Dancing Goats from inside

What keeps the customers coming back to Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta is their presentation. The place is spacious and also has a very cool decor. In addition to that there are low lying seats and other wooden accent pieces used in the interior makes it a good place to sip and talk. Therefore perfect for a good catch up with friends and family for a chill morning or evening coffee or for professional ventures. For example while working on a project or simply choosing a moment alone, the place is wholesome.

While you are at Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta Do Try

There are many things to delve into while you are at Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta.

Espresso-Based Drinks

The place has some classic crafted espresso-based drinks including cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and Americanos, prepared with expertise by their talented baristas.

Pour-Over Coffees

As they are very good at manual brewing hence they choose the single-origin pour-over coffees method for their processing. Moreover it allows each coffee bean’s unique flavors and characteristics to shine, providing a personalized coffee experience.

Cold Brew

Cold Coffee at Midtown Atlanta

A hot day calls for some cold iced coffee. This coffee is prepared by soaking coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period resulting in a smooth, rich, chilled coffee beverage.

Locally Baked Pastries

Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta makes in house as well as they partner with local bakeries to present to you freshly baked pastries as a perfect company to your cup of coffee. Some yummy options are croissants, muffins, scones, and cookies that perfectly pair with coffee.

Seasonal Specials

coffee blends from Dancing Goats

Limited-time offerings at Dancing Goats are their seasonal specials that showcase unique flavor combinations. For example: Flavored lattes, specialty coffee cocktails, or creative twists on classic drinks.

Community Engagement at Midtown Atlanta’s Dancing Goats

Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta goes beyond serving exceptional coffee by actively engaging with the local community. Regular events, such as coffee-tasting sessions and brewing workshops, where coffee lovers and visitors worldwide can deepen their knowledge and appreciation for the craft are organized. Additionally, they partner with local charities and organizations, because they believe in the commitment of giving back and making a positive impact in Atlanta.

Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta’s Merchandise

Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta is known for offering high-quality products that have gained popularity among its customers. That’s not all as they have something extra like their shop gear and merchandise that lets you bring a piece of their coffee experience home. Here are some shop gears you can find at Dancing Goats:

Coffee Beans

The signature coffee beans. A bag of freshly roasted beans from Dancing Goats to enjoy the same sips at home.

Brewing Equipment

coffee maker for home

Next up are the brewing equipment like manual pour-over devices and French presses to espresso machines and grinders to brew your favorite style of coffee at home.


A range of mugs, tumblers, and travel cups that feature their logo or unique designs. Not only are they durable but are visually stunning.

Apparel and Accessories at Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta

T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and tote bags that have their logo or distinctive designs is among another favorites.

Gift Sets

Dancing Goats gift gallery

The sets have the finest coffee beans and items like mugs or brewing accessories. This all in one is a thoughtful and unique present for any coffee lover.

So if you’re looking for the best coffee shop in Atlanta, you’re at the right place.


Dancing Goats Midtown Atlanta is more than just a coffee bar; it’s a story that spans over 30 years of passion and dedication to providing exceptional coffee. Dancing Goats is committed to sourcing, roasting, and serving high-quality coffee correctly. Also, the roastery powers itself with 100% green energy, returning power to the grid and minimizing landfill waste. So the next time you are in Atlanta, try Dancing Goats where every sip and bite celebrates flavor and craftsmanship.

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