Explore Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar)

Are you on a quest for the best quality beef chops and lobster in Atlanta? Well, Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar) is the answer! Is your mouth already watering with the thought of it? Then read on, you foodie!

Moreover, when you visit this Chops and Lobster bar in Atlanta for an out-of-the-world taste, be assured that you will keep visiting this place for the rest of your life to satisfy your hunger.

Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar)

Address: 70 W Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, 

Phone: +1 404-262-2675


Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar) – A Perfect Escape

Located at 70 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, this place serves exquisite seafood and USDA-aged beef on your plates that will knock your socks off. With a rich and woody interior, Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar) is perfect if you are in the city for a business meeting or a night out with your squad. Moreover, the service and food at this place have acquired certification from A5 Wagyu, Nova Scotia Lobster Morsels, and the Genuine Holland Dover Sole. 

What’s on The Menu?

Moreover, there are three different menus for lunch, dinner, and wine & cocktail. Further, you can choose a dish as per your taste and appetite. 

In addition, the dinner menu has appetizers, salads, on-ice dishes like a selfish tower, side, Japanese-certified beef, USDA-approved beef, and live lobster dishes. In case you don’t have a taste for chops and seafood, you can try the chicken. 

Chops Atlanta Menu

Furthermore, the lunch menu is filled with tasty and healthy dishes that will serve all the nutrients for a complete meal and take you to a food come. With meals so good at Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar), you will need an hour or two of rest post-lunch. Additionally, the menu consists of appetizers, single sides, and entrees. Further, if you want to get tipsy in the afternoon, they offer a whole list of beverages you can order from.

The wine & cocktail menu has some premium drinks; order the best from the menu and enjoy. For large groups, they offer half and large bottles of wine from some esteemed vineyards from all over the world. In addition, if you are with someone who likes a hint of sweetness with their drinks, the mixologists will surely assist you. Seize the day by ordering from the endless dine-in and wine menu this place offers. 

House Specials 

House Specials: chops atlanta

 Here are some special dishes on the menu that you cannot miss:

  • Maine Lobster Bisque 
  • Classic Steak Tartare 
  • Whole Lobster Tail or Cut into Morsels
  •  Mediterranean Octopus – Char Grilled

What’s New?

Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar) has expanded their services by including a patio, a new dining area, a bar with comfortable sitting capacity, and five-star services. Furthermore, this place continues to serve the best dishes, even after a setback. 

Wrapping Up

Chops Atlanta (Chops & Lobster Bar) is a foodie’s paradise. With the weather getting cooler, let the warmth of this place ignite your soul. Have a good time with your family or friends, and cherish the memories created in the fall. 


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